Barnes & Noble on Post Road in Milford, CT

Bad Nanny sighting at Barnes & Noble in Milford, CT
To the auburn haired nymphomaniac with the sweet blue eyed girl at Barnes & Noble in Milford, CT,

I don't know if you're a nanny, but I think you are. It's hard to tell, well, cuz your right & so the little kid. I sensed no connection or affection between the two of you so I figured you had to be a nanny or an evil stepmother. They're basically the same, aren't they?

Well, I just wanted to tell you a couple of things. Little kids like to recognized. When they ask you to look at them spin in a circle, watch them. I mean, especially if you've taken them into a store and ignored them for the better part of an hour. You do know some nannies (but probably not evil stepmother do take their children to story hour here. It's on Thursdays at ten). A three year old in the bookstore is going to gravitate towards other kids and the children's area. But you specifically forbade her from going in that area. It was off your path. No, you walked around the store looking at books of sexual positions, astrology and Jack Kerouac. Well, mostly you walked around so you could be seen walking around in your jeggings and four inch stiletto boots. Maybe that's why you were so mean to the little girl? Because every time you had to go after her (usually five minutes longer than she should have been allowed to roam) you ran and looked ridiculous as you did. I know you noticed this as you constantly sought out your own reflection everywhere.

If you have to take a child to the book store,
I wouldn't:
1) ban child from children's area
2) refuse to watch her when she finally finds a way to amuse herself at your feet
3) screech at a child for asking you to read her a book
4) dress like a mall cosmetologist on the prowl, in fact, be on the prowl

You're just wrong. All wrong.
"Adult": Between 5'7" & 5"9", white, slim, super tight jean leggings, black turtle neck out of a thin fabric, black boots with skinny heel and two side buckles, auburn hair worn straight and shoulder length with bangs.
Child: Female, white, dark brown hair, purple dress with one large white flower on the front of it, wore pink, glittery tennis shoes, 3-3.5 yrs. old.

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KiwiNanny said...

This woman sounds like a terrible nanny but I don't think we need to resort to judging people on the way they dress. It should be mentioned as a way to recognize and identify her but not in such a slut-shaming manner. It's unnecessary

RBTC said...

the sighting is a valid sighting but the tenor of the name calling takes away from the importance of the facts ;( IMO

nenanny said...


a couple of the things in your post have merit.

However your name calling, judgmental attitude of ( nannies and stepmothers, and borderline "slut shaming" takes away from that.

I honestly question your observations based on your bias against nannies. I don't think it's possible for you to have observed the situation objectively and report what you saw accurately.

OP said...

I was doing you a favor by posting.
Did I give a description? Yes
Was it to your liking? Who cares
I don't need to tailor my opinion to suit your needs. This was my observation

Anonymous said...

This was written like a bad romance novel. Like the OP, is trying to be witty but can't get there

AMom said...

Personally, i take offense to all the "evil stepmother" comments. As if anyone who could be ignoring a child must be an "evil stepmother". So, you lost me there. there was really no need for all of that.

AMom said...

Agree with RBTC

nannykat said...

Agree with other comments. And no, nannies are not the same as evil stepmothers. Most of us are proud of what we do for a living, and enjoy being good at it! It can be a thankless job, and seems easier than it is! Your rude judgments overpower the facts.

katydid said...

My what a nasty attitude you have OP!

Your purpose for writing should have been to help a child.

Not to do anyone favors.

Instead your purpose seems to be badmouth nannies and stepmothers and create drama, and not helping a child.

Wednesday said...

Damn this op sounds mad about something but I can't quite tell what it is!

something about step mothers and sex books. Not a good combination.

ok, this is a bad nanny siting but that part seems gets pushed to the back burner while she's describing the differences between a nanny and "evil stepmother" coming to the conclusion that there is none.

stepmoms rule said...

Stepmom Awareness Campaign
**Tomorrow is Parental Alienation Awareness Day. If you're fighting for your daughter wear pink. If you're fighting for your son then wear blue. This is just a small way to show our love for the kids we are fighting for. ♥

MissMannah said...

Wow that was incredibly, unnecessarily bitchy...both your post and your reply. If you want a sighting to be taken seriously, I suggest you check your attitude at the door. This potentially could have been really helpful for this little girl but instead just came off as gossipy.