Overnight Logistics

I have just recently discovered your website and love it! Very insightful, 
informative & the responses offer different perspectives on important topics. I 
am writing to you as an experienced caregiver hoping to get some feedback 
regarding contracts.

I am a 24 year old live-out nanny from Massachusetts with 6 years nannying 
experience, CPR/First Aid certified, a bachelors degree in Psychology with some 
daycare experience. I currently work for an amazing family, and I have been with 
them for a year and a half. I love their (3) children and feel very appreciated 
by MB and DB.  We agree on practically everything regarding their children, 
discipline, sleep training etc. and because I respect them so much I always try 
to go above and beyond my cleaning/laundry duties when time permits. The family 
had a baby 3 months ago and MB has stressed that she would love to keep me for 
another 1-2 years if I were willing to commit. (I am!). However I do not have a 
contract with them. After reading extensively on ISYN, it seems like I should 
put one in place. My question to you is what specifically should be in there?  I 
currently work Tues-Friday 8:30-6pm and am paid an hourly rate.  Do you think I 
could consider salary as opposed to hourly if this situation will essentially be 
staying the same?  What should I be asking in terms of vacation time? What is a 
reasonable overnight and/or weekend rate? Any insight would be greatly 

Bay State Nanny


MissMannah said...

I personally think hourly is best for regular hours and then a flat rate for overnights. HOWEVER, if you'll be doing overnights with a brand-new baby, you may want to still do hourly because you may not be getting too much sleep. I think you should possibly sign a year-long contract that raises your hourly wage (because I'm assuming you haven't been taking care of the baby yet) and basically discusses everything you already do. If you want vacation time and haven't been getting it, you'll need to discuss that with the family. They may not be so keen on giving it to you, but then again you can use it as a bargaining chip because the mom seems like she really likes you. You can google "nanny contracts" and there are a lot of good examples out there.

nenanny said...

Here are the basics of my contract

1. I am paid for my full 40 hour work week every week, even if parents decide not to use me all 40 hours. This includes additional holiday and vacation time taken by parents.

2. All hours over 40 are paid at time and a half.

3. I have 2 weeks vacation. My employers choose one I choose. Both are paid.
4.If I am required to transport their children on the job using my car they are to compensate for mileage.

5. I receive all federal holidays off and paid.

6. If I agree to work a federal holiday I am paid a holiday rate. Which is double my normal rate.
7. Overnight and weekend care depends on what will be expected. But generally, go with a flat rate. What is reasonable depends on your area of Massachusetts. Also what kind of overnight care, if you are going to be acting as the night nanny for the newborn you can easily command $15-$20/hr overnight just for the infant.

8. You should be asking for a raise for the new baby caring for 3 children is not like caring for 4 especially when one is a newborn.

9. Be careful what contracts you select to model your's after, much of what you will see online heavily favors the employer and not you. Be selective ideally you will find one that is fair for both you and your employer.

Good luck to you and congrats on finding a family you love.

Bay State Nanny said...

Thank you! Much appreciated.

writeitdown said...

Right on, nenanny!