Extra Jobs for a Worn Out Nanny

So, I know a lot of nannies experience job creep, but this is a little different. My MB is always asking me to do very un-nanny-like jobs, like driving her sister around when she was injured and couldn't drive, organizing her arts and crafts room, cleaning out her car, picking up dog poop, mowing the lawn, etc. She always says I don't have to do any of these things, and will pay me extra for doing them, but I feel like if I say no, it will create animosity. I'm a nanny, and I take extra babysitting jobs for extra money, but that doesn't  mean I will take any job for extra money. I do some housework, but I am not a housekeeper. I always state clearly what extra chores I am willing to do, (dishes, childrens laundry, light cooking, general tidying up), but a few weeks after getting hired, MB asked me to take care of her sister while she was recovering from surgery. This is not what I do, I'm a nanny, not an adult caregiver. I had a family once ask me to return phone calls for their business while the kids napped or watched TV. Why do so many people assume that a nanny will do anything? Do you ask your doctor to change the oil in your car? Do you ask your gardener to fill your cavities? Would you ask a gas station attendant to tutor your child? Of course not. So why do you think a nanny should do other people's jobs? Don't parents realize that asking a nanny to do something, even if it is "optional" puts pressure on the nanny? I can't think of a way to say no without seeming rude or lazy or just a bad employee. I've been hinting around, but that often doesn't ge the point across. I'm just too chicken to come out and say no.


NerdyNannyC said...

This was absolutely hilarious but true. This is something you have to address though missy! Although I'm new to the Nanny world I have experience in setting clear expectations and being concise. "I'm sorry MB I know that I can be a little hesitant when you ask me to go outside my role but I want to set clear boundaries so we can stay within the nanny contract that we signed together, so although I may not mind, I just want to stay on task with what is already expected so that I dont lack in any other areas, does that make sense, MB?" or in your words! Good luck <3<3<3

Leah said...

I read this when you posted it on Facebook.

I agree 100% w/you.

Would you ask your hairdresser to groom/clip your poodle??! Of course not. Then stop asking your nanny to walk your dog!

postsomethingnewplease said...

This same story was posted here not even a month ago.

Why are you recycling recent material?

Is blog traffic that low?

Nanny S said...

I completely agree. It is ridiculous. When I started out as a part time nanny five years ago, I was way too "nice". I was a push over. I said yes to everything and got walked all over. I've found that there are two kind of parent employers--those who stick to the boundaries, and those who will treat you as poorly as you let them. For the latter group, saying no and being assertive goes a long way. These kind of people will push and prod you as far as they can. Then they will inch up to that line with a smile on their face. So you must kindly let them know where the boundary is. Right now, you're letting your boss know that you are willing to do anything she asks. She doesn't care you're unhappy about it, she cares about the bottom line, and the bottom line is that you will do it.

I have advice, but you're probably right--with this sort of person, it will likely create resentment.

This sort of thing is why I would really like to get out of nannying. Children are wonderful. Their parents, not so much.

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shamwow said...

This exact same question/rant was posted on February 26, 2013.

Please post new material.

Denvernanny said...

Parents will continue to ask as long as nannies say yes. So, say no.

neva_eva_always said...

I've been a child care provider since I was 14 and a nanny since my early 20's. Between jobs my mom got sick and expects me to take care of her. The cheapest parents pay per week what she pays me a month. That was just tending her needs and ironing which was full time but she's my mom. Now everything in the house is supposed to be my responsibility for same pay but there are 3 adults I have to take care of. I'm looking for a new LIVE IN nanny job just to get away from her.