National Nanny Training Day

National Nanny Training Day will be taking place on Saturday April 20th. Here is the link to the complete list of events. http://www.nannybizreviews.com/nntd


420? said...

I have to laugh. National nanny training...on 420 day?? Whose idea was that??

Hahaha said...

Yeah that is kinda funny. Everyone associates that day with smoking pot, Hitler's bday, or the Columbine shooting. Not exactly nanny related subjects!!

talesfromthe(nanny)hood said...

Isn't it fantastic that there are so many opportunities for nanny training out there these days that sometimes dates have to be chosen that might have other relevance?

The reason NNTD is on 4/20 is because it is deliberately coordinated with the NAEYC's "Week of the Young Child", which runs from 4/14 - 4/20 this year. Upcoming dates for NNTD are:


For more info about NAEYC and the "Week of the Young Child", cut'n'paste this link:


P.S. If you're a nanny in the Atlanta area, you have 3 opportunities to attend NNTD 2013, one of which I am coordinating. Hope to see you there!