Winter Wonderland

Message from ISYN reader: The PTO of the neighboring town of Newtown Ct are asking for people to make snowflakes. The children will be attending school in a different location in January and they want it to be like a winter wonderland when they walk in. Would any of you be willing to make some snowflakes and send them? The school needs them by January 13th so we are a little bit tight on time. Be creative... glitter, sequins, etc. How cool would it be if they opened a big box and hundreds of snowflakes came flying out? If any of you could help, it would be greatly appreciated! Thank you so much to those of you who are willing to help! - Do you mind sharing that on ISYN?
For those interested in participating, please ask for more details in this thread. Thank you!


Manhatan Nanny said...

I would love to do this as a project with my charges. Where do we send them?

Ann O'Neemus said...

Please tell us where we can send snowflakes for the Sandy Hook children.

nannymegan said... <email this person for address! Thanks for your help!

Amy Darling...I just gave my hearts to the children of Newton, CT.....☺ said...

Absolutely wonderful idea!!

♥ ♥

No Response, Disappointed said...

I emailed this person 2X and never heard back. :( Kind of annoying considering I mentioned it to people in my Citys Recreation Department and ended up looking like a fool. Apparently many schools are doing it but the deadline is past. What a bummer.