Sneaky Send-Off

Back in August I accepted a non typical nanny position where I worked anywhere from 24-100 hours at a time just me and my two charges who are both toddlers. You think that sounds rough? I once worked for a family for a year straight (live in) 7 days a week minus one weekend a month off. Anyway I'm going to get straight to the point... I cared for them solely for days at a time for about 3 months and everything was going great. The children were well cared for and I made myself very available to the parents who needed extreme flexibility. Everything was going great and then I opened an email from the website they hired me at (I still get job posts for the area and nannies are not at all in demand here so I was curious) low and behold it was the same ad they hired me with. I was so shocked and confused. They never once came to me with any concerns or treated me anything but kindly.

Long story short, I lucked out and found a new position to interview for the same day and got the job. Which I look at as things meaning to happen because really, like I said, there is no demand out here. I didn't quit on the spot with the family I work for now (as of this week) and the new family didn't need me to start for a few weeks at the time, so that gave my old employers time to keep looking and I did notice they closed the ad right before I quit (via professional email) so I don't feel bad about it. My question: is there something I am not thinking of that would cause them to try to and find a replacement so sneakily? There was literally no issues addressed ever. And they seemed very grateful. The mom did seem like she was very unhappy with her job though and would text me sad things about how hard her job was (traveling). But why a new nanny? Things are going amazing with the new family and it feels right but I am still so curious. Please don't just say ask them! - Anonymous


♥ Amy Darling ♥ said...

It is kind of hard to figure out unless I have more info from you.

It was sneaky of them to start looking for someone else behind your back and not try to work any issues out w/you first.

Ask yourself a few questions.
Were you habitually late? Did you call in sick often? Pretend they were secretly filming you over the course of your job....would they have seen anything on film that would have disturbed them? Also, have you recently asked for a raise? I could go on and on, but I think you get the point.

Anyway OP, I am so glad that things ended up working themselves out for the best.
It obviously was not meant to be w/your previous family and I am glad you are happy now. ☺

Village said...

Are you sure no one plagrized their ad?

Bethany said...

What village asked?

Unfortunately, some employers don't communicate their issues with their nanny, they simply let her go.

If you are positive there was nothing on your part that could result in a dismissal

Maybe they could no longer afford you and were looking for a cheaper replacement?

Maybe mom decided to stay home and was looking for a part time helper a few times a week.

I wouldn't worry too much over it, especially if you don't want to ask.

I would be cautious of using them as a reference in the future.

Enjoy your new job!

MissMannah said...

I was thinking the same thing Village said. One time I was very secure in a nanny position and I noticed on CL an ad that was identical to the one I had answered. I am a lot more confrontational than you are so I asked MB if she was looking for another nanny and she was completely confused. Turns out someone had copied and pasted her ad. I always advocate asking if there is a problem, even though I know you didn't want to hear this. But it shouldn't matter anymore anyway, so good luck at your next job!

old-timer said...

OP, I can't tell you how many times I've seen an ad on CL copied, because it was well-written or the parent was just too damn lazy lol, and then right there on the threads, a confrontation toward the thief! People usually end up flagging those, but like the PP's said, you never know. It could've been something simple and stupid as that, or maybe MB needed to get someone cheaper and was too embarrassed to tell you. Unfortunately, all of these are assumptions because you don't want to ask. But it's all moot now right? I wouldn't dwell on it, just be glad you have another job and it's working out well for you. :)

Anonymous said...

OP here!
Amy: Never late! Not once and never called in. Also I dont have to prtend i know they were at the very least watching cams while away which I'm fine with. Wasn't my first rodeo lol. And no nothing on film that would be a rational reason to try to replace me with out addressing it. Didn't ask for a raise I has only been there three months. Trust me I've thought about all the questions myself and came up with nothing which is why I came here to see if maybe there was something I wasn't thinking about from a parents or nannies who have gone though this before perspective
Thank you for the well wishes!!

Village and the rest...
It wasnt a copy cat it was infant her profile and same exact ad salary and all except with ages updated.

Thank you guys though for the thoughts! It is moot but it left me disappointed and stumped because I've never had a MB who didnt like me. Oh well!

Anonymous said...

OP sorry for all the autocorrect!! Quick typing during naps! Haha :) take care everyone!

Texas Nanny said...

They could have just been "shopping around". A few times at my last nanny position I posted ads looking for a new job, not because I wanted to leave, but because I was curious how many bites I'd get and what salaries I could get as my experience and education had changed. I'd even post in other cities to see what happened. I never took or even interviewed for another position - I was just curious. I imagine bosses might do the same thing on occasion.