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Hi Nannies! My current family is moving out of the country come Feb 1st, they have given me their notice so I will be moving on as well. I have started looking/applying with other families and right now, I am in the process of writing up a Nanny Agreement. I have never written one up before or had to sign one until I was with my current family. I am using that Agreement as a template to write up a new one. I hear it is good to write these up so all your bases are covered, in writing, signed, etc. My question to you is... Is there anything I should most definitely add? Anything you think should most definitely be in there to protect me? Or maybe you have a great Nanny template already written up that I can borrow? I just want to make sure I do this the right way... Thank you so much for your help!! :) - Anonymous


VA nanny said...

nyc mom has an AWESOME contract that she has posted in the comments of other questions. It's too bad there's no way to keep certain things bookmarked because that would definitely be one that I would love to see again. Unfortunately I don't remember which post to search for. Maybe someone else remembers.

MissMannah said...

I don't have a template but I always say you can't be too detailed when writing out a contract. Make sure you put in every single duty you plan to carry out and how much you charge hourly and an overtime rate. if you don't mind doing extra work, put in what chores you will do and how much you charge for each.

MaryPoppin'Pills said...

ISYN used to keep everything archived but when the Blog started getting really busy it was difficult to keep up with so I apologize there are no references available for those that need Templates. You could try the Search Box using specific Key Words (WA/work agreement/nanny contract/etc...), maybe that will help drag some of them up.

A few Readers on board have some wonderful examples, hopefully they will see this and C&P one to this thread for you. Good Luck, OP!

Nanny 123 said...

Try seaching A-Z Nanny Contract. I've used that, and it's great.