Fair Fee

I work 5 days a week as a nanny to a 6 year old child. My job includes cleaning (very messy every day). Shopping for food. Shopping for child's clothes and shoes. Teaching basic reading and math, writing etc. I organize play dates that include 7 kids with their nanny's and parents. We go out of town which takes a lot of planning. I cook child's food. Give child a bath. Brush teeth, etc. I play actively with child. This child has only one parent. I want to know what is a fair weekly rate for these services. Thank you. - New Nanny in NYC


Dr. Juris said...

Well this depends. Are you cleaning the entire family's mess and shopping for their food? If so, then you are both a nanny AND a housekeeper/personal assistant, and you should be paid at least 20 bucks an hour. However, it sounds like you're already receiving a salary and if you demand twice of what you're already receiving or something like that, you'll probably be terminated.

Bethany said...

I don't know the rates in nyc or your previous experience.

But if I'm reading this correctly

you are

1. Housekeeper
3. Household Manager
4. Private tutor/teacher

Which to me means a higher end salary, but as Juris said it's unlikely your employers will be willing to up your rate especially if you've just started this job.

FashionMama said...

I am cleaning up after the single parent & child. I buy food for parent and child but i dont cook for parent.I have been working as a nanny for 1 year and this is my first nanny job. All friends of this family say they should thank god for me. Their words not mine. Thank you for your feed back,
The new nanny

♥ Amy Darling ♥ said...

You are doing too much. I understand you are working for a single parent, but sooner or later I would think you would get burned out.

Regarding salary, I do not know your area however I would command a salary that both a housekeeper + nanny make.

JC said...

If I were in your shoes, I would expect to be paid about 800/week + overtime.

Ask for more said...

At least $800 a week. Sounds like you do a TON of work!!

FashionMama said...

Due to your comments I have decided to cut down on all the house cleaning that I do. I will have more energy for the child. I will clean once a week and straighten up the house the other 4 days. I have also cut my hours at this house. I receive a base pay. If I can't get more money then I do less work.
Thank you all,you are live savers.
The new nanny

no name said...

Take a look at the bonus survey and look for the answers of nannies in NYC. One nanny makes $1200 a week working 45 hours!
├Łou should be charging at least $20 an hour.
I live in LA and here the ok level is $15 an hour. Below that is pretty much welfare!

anon opinion said...

Fashion Mama, I suggest you tell the single parent to get a tutor for the child. Tutors make around $35+ an hour and a child that age needs someone to pretty much TEACH them not so much tutor them. It can be really stressful, specially when the child isn't cooperating or is cranky.