Cross Town Bus, 79th and 1st ave - NY

* Nanny wearing a black puffer coat and a knit hat w/ an appliqué (I think an owl or bird).
* 7-12 month old boy in a baby bjorn type carrier, baby had a grey snow suit type jumper and a blue and white striped hat w/ a red P on it.
* Cross town bus 79th and 1st Ave.
* Monday, December 10th, around 9:30am.
* Disgruntled nanny on the phone speaking loudly about how she is treated like a slave, is overwhelmed, works 14 hour days and was pissed off over the fact that her employer called her on her 1 day off. There was mention of 3 kids, the fact that she can't do it anymore, her asthma is acting up and "they" need to get more help. Sounded like she was referring more to the father but did mention the name "Martha" as well. The nanny was not harming the baby at all, she nuzzled him a couple times and he seemed happy (and adorable) but it was clear that she was unhappy and could care less about airing it for all to hear on the bus. It was very uncomfortable and inappropriate. I'm not trying to get anyone in trouble but this nanny is clearly unhappy and overwhelmed (maybe rightfully so). Hopefully this gets to the right person and the issues between nanny and family get resolved.
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