A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

What is a good going away gift from nanny to bosses and nanny to children? I have been with my family for 3 years since little one was 3 months old. I will be starting a graduate program in January and the family will be moving cross country. Do you think a photo book is an appropriate gift for the parents? I have tons of pictures from our time together, some they don't have and was thinking to put one together. If I go with a photo book should I use Shutterfly or Snapfish? What is a great and thoughtful gift for a 3 year old that has basically everything? I want something she can use now but have in the future. Thank you in advance. - Anonymous


Nay The Nanny said...

I really enjoyed making a scrap book for my first nanny family when it was time for my little guy to start school. It was very time consuming but I love how it turned out and so did they. :) I'm not artsy but its really not that hard to do.

Bethany said...

I think a photobook is a great and thoughtful idea!

I don't know about Snapfish, but I've had good experiences with Shutterfly, you can choose an option where they do all the arranging for you. Service is quick.

As for your charge, I like to give books.
One of my favorites to give is There's Only One You by Linda Kanz

anon poster said...

mmmm I am not sure they will really care about that. Some people like those things, of course, but you never know if it will matter in a year from now.
Why not just give the child a handmade card saying how much you'll miss him?

Please update with what you did. I am curious as to what you gave them and what you received.