Symphony Space, Upper West Side 97th & Broadway - NY

* Physical description of nanny/caregiver: African American, tall, large build.
* Physical description of involved child/children: about 12-15 month old, white, boy named Will.
* Address or venue of observed incident: Symphony Space, Upper West Side 97th and Broadway.
* Date and time of incident: 9:30 Music class.
* Description of what you witnessed: In class, a little girl was touching the boy's face as she did with other kids in the class. It was not hitting or was the boy crying. The nanny grabbed the little girl's hand and pointed in her face saying, "You don't do that!" The mother of the girl came and told the nanny that if she had something to say she should say it to her, not yell at her daughter. Keep in mind these children are only 1 year old. Then the mother took her daughter back to their spot (across the room from the nanny and boy). The nanny continued to shout over the music teacher saying the mother should teach her daughter better and no one will take advantage of the boy. Then the music teacher jumped in saying that she would not allow her to continue shouting across the room and to think about all the children listening. Nanny talked back to the teacher saying something along the line of "well, her daughter this and that...." Anyway, class ended and outside the classroom the nanny continued to bash the mother. This was inappropriate.
* Description of vehicle, bag, or stroller that may aid in identifying caregiver: blue stroller.


Nay The Nanny said...

Good post OP...that nanny needs to control herself! I get frustrated occasionally at classes where another toddler is taking a toy from my charge, etc. and his/her mom or nanny is texting or socializing instead of paying attention to her child. My charge is also 1 and these are perfect opportunities to teach what behavior is and is not acceptable. But it doesn't sound like this was the case here. Perhaps the mom should have been within a hugs reach of her child to remove her child's hand from the other child's face herself, but she was paying attention and for the nanny to shout at the child was awful. And shouting across the room at the mother is disgraceful.

♥ Amy Darling ♥ said...

This Nanny either has a serious case of PMS or worse, is a psycho Nanny.

Poor Will.
I hope she can at least control her temper around him.

However her behavior is a huge red flag regardless.

RaleighWorld said...

Oh my! I would have just packed up my things and left if I were the little girls mother. That poor woman. I wouldn't want to be in the same room with Ms. Psycho-Nanny after that. I know people think that's surrendering or being weak but sometimes you have to come to terms that there is no getting through to some people.

They are still babies.. they don't know boundaries: to not touch another baby's nose or eye. yes, remove her hand and say, "oops, be careful that's his eyes (ear, nose, hair...)" but for love of all things don't scold a baby.

oceanblue said...

This nanny sounds like she has some serious issues that need to be dealt with.

Not excusing the nanny at all,but I really can't stand parents and other caregivers that allow their kids to wander about doing whatever.

NayTheNanny said...

Ocean blue...I hear that!

talesfromthe(nanny)hood said...

Hopefully the teacher will contact the child's parents and let them know just how inappropriately their nanny was acting. I would think the other adults in the class might be contacting the music class owners as well.

BrooklynMomma said...

I too hope that the music class teacher reaches out to the parents. The nanny's behavior is completely unacceptable. Unfortunately, a lot of New Yorkers (not just nannies) behave this way and no one calls them out on it.

Bethany said...

This is scary. I'm sure she won't get away with it for long as pps have said the teacher or other parents will get word to the charge's parents.

It's scary to think about how she interacts with her charge during the day.

Their Amby said...

WOw, everyday I see my charges modeling my behavior, and it makes me want to be extra cautious to be a great example to them, especially in behavior or confrontation. That's why reading this makes me so sad. This baby will begin to model the nanny's behavior, and the parents and nanny both will wonder why "Will" has such a terrible temper. You really have to be so careful with who is teaching your child what is and isn't appropriate behavior. How sad