Hero Dog Saves Baby from Kidnapping

Indianapolis - A kidnapping attempt was thwarted in Indianapolis on Tuesday when a family's dog stopped an armed would-be kidnapper from leaving the family's home. Police say a man and a woman broke into the home of Nayeli Garzon-Jimenez through the back door while her husband was at work. Garzon-Jimenez was on the phone with her husband, Adolfo Angeles-Morales, at the time of the break-in.

"She started screaming and crying, and said, 'Someone just stuck their hand in the door," Angeles-Morales told WISH-TV.

"The guy said, 'Give me the money or we take the baby.'" "The man said, 'Money, money,'" Garzon-Jimenez said. "I said, 'I don't have any.'"

The woman then grabbed her 3-month-old girl and attempted to flee through the back door. "But there was something else waiting for her at the back door," WISH-TV reported. "One of the doggies," a pit bull mix, "didn't let her go through the back door," Angeles-Morales explained. The woman turned around, "threw the baby back" at Garzon-Jimenez and the perpetrators fled the scene.

The mother, who was hit in the head with a gun during the melee, was treated for cuts and bruises at a local hospital, and was released. The baby was unharmed. Indianapolis police are now searching for the suspects: "a black man around 35 years old, 6-foot-2, heavy set with light skin, a close-cut beard and acne scars" and "a black woman in her mid-20s about 5-foot-10, heavy build with braided hair pulled back in a ponytail" and "two lip piercings and an eyebrow piercing." They were driving "a 2002-2007 chocolate-brown van with tinted windows and windows that extend down the passenger side." There might be a dent in the passenger-side door, police added.
Special Thanks to Jenya Alexandrovna for this Submission.


NayTheNanny said...

What a nightmare!!! Thank goodness for protective pets!

Nina said...

Pits have such a bad rep and to be honest I'm scared of them, too. But it's really nice to see a positive story like this about them. It's very rare. Thank god this family has such an amazing pet! <3

RaleighWorld said...

I have seen the mean pits that bark and snarl with owners that just want them because they are strong, muscular, and pretty intimidating...

Then I see pits at the dog park who just go from person to person looking for cuddles and someone to give kisses to. they are nicknamed "the nanny dog" for this reason. they really are loving and amazing with children.

thanks little pup! your family is very lucky to have you

MissMannah said...

It's rare just because they have a bad rap. The reason they have a bad rap is because they can be very vicious if raised improperly. But so can any other animal--or person for that matter. Every pit I've ever met has been super-sweet and very well behaved.

xfileluv said...

Pit bulls are the BEST!!!! So happy he saved the day. <3

ericsmom said...

Awesome dog!! I hope they reward him with a nice juicy treat!! Great to hear!! I love dogs for companionship and also a little security

99centgoldearring said...

They can also be extrmely dangerous when raised properly. Sometimes its in the dog. My cousin raised two unrelated pits. One was extra stocky and looked like a typical fighting pit. The other was less stocky and more friendly. One night these dogs got into it. It took my cousin 45 minutes to end it by hitting the aggressive pit on the head with a lamp and stunning him long enough to drag one into a room and shut the door. The one stocky dog attacked the other for no reason. He ended up with his tail bit off. He was wagging the stump left when it was over. Blood was everywhere!!! She had even brought the hose inside to spray them. U bet these dogs would've done the same for my cousins family. But sadly some dogs are just plain dangerous. Both were raised with gentleness and pure love. One grew up to turn crazy and attack for no reason. It happens with any dog. Any dog can suddenly attack. What makes pits so dangerous is when they attack the damage they do is a hell of a lot worse than when other dogs attack. Pits have ripped faces off. Don't google it. Its disgusting. I'm glad this dog saved the baby. I just hope he never decides to attack another animal or a family member. Even a bullet won't likely penetrate their skulls. When they attack, they're VERY hard to stop and they don't do a little damage. They can rip off body parts.