Fair Rate on Four?

Hi everyone! I have a question for all of you because I want to make sure that I am charging a fair rate. I'm a nanny and house manager for four children, full time (ages 14, 11, 8, and 4) and my normal rate is 25/hour. The parents were going out of town for a wedding so I had them Friday my regular shift, plus overnight, then Saturday and Sunday. Sunday night they called and asked me if I could stay all the way through Thursday so they could make it a much extended trip. I agreed. One child will be gone at their mom's house, and one may or may not go as well. So that means I will have had all four children for three days, and two children (possibly all four) for an additional 4. What do YOU think a reasonable rate is for that? Thanks! - CleaverJune


Sarah NY said...

A whoolllleeee lot lol, you are better than I!

Anywho, Id say since you most likely already have an overnight rate and a day rate that you were charging for the weekend I would continue to charge that until thursday, possibly a bit more since they have taken over your entire week.

MissMannah said...

Do you regular rate for all hours awake and a flat rate for sleeping hours. Don't let them try to lower the rates because one or two of the children aren't there. You sound like you're working your butt off for them and deserve your full amount!

CleaverJune said...

I have a flat rate for nights, and i charge my regular rate for days. what I'm wanting to know is an actual amount that you think is fair. What do You think is a fair night rate for this situation? If you would do a flat day rate as opposed to my hourly rate... What would be reasonable?

Manhattan Nanny said...

I think your regular rate of $25 an hour for all hours they are awake, and $100 for an overnight rate is fair. I take it your question is what adjustment to make for one or two not being there. I think since this was a last minute addition of three more days, and you have to change your plans, etc. you should charge the same rate for the whole time. If your employers thought they would save $ by having you care for fewer kids, they should have discussed that before you agreed to do it.

Nanny S said...

This question mostly depends on your area. First, your regular hourly rate, then a flat rate for overnights. You can factor in the inconvenience of whether or not you're a live-in nanny and how far away you live. Plus, the inconvenience of last minute notice.

Also factor in how wealthy they are and the market rate in your area. To pay someone $25/hr gives me a clue of both.

Do not factor in which children are there and gone.

Secondly, always agree BEFOREHAND. As awkward as it would have been, you would have been in a better position to negotiate before the job was done. Now it's finished and they're in the position of power.

Either way, that sounds exhausting and I hope you're properly compensated.

More 4 More Fun said...

Whether one child or fourteen, and I didn't choose that number out of the blue, I've always charged the same amount.

They're paying for my time and if we mutually agree that I can handle it, it's their time.

On the other hand, I would never accept my rate being reduced for any reason whatsoever. Even at night, you're still responsible for the children and you're not free to be elsewhere.