Day in the Life Schedule Needed

Need ideas for a schedule for a 4 month old. Baby eats every 4 hours and starts the day at 7. Mom would like time in the schedule for outings. - Anonymous


VA nanny said...

It would help to know when/how long he typically naps. My charge is 3 1/2 months old and still sleeps almost 18 hours a day, so I know it can vary from child to child.

MissMannah said...

I personally do not think outings are a good idea for a baby so young, especially with it getting cold like it is.

Nannytotwins said...

I agree that a nap schedule would be helpful. When the girls I watch were younger they slept a ton, probably about 18-19 hours a day. That being said, their schedule looked like this:
7:00 am: wake up, diaper, bottle, back to sleep
10:00 am: wake up, diaper, bottle
10:15-10:30: tummy time, reading
10:30 am: walk, back to sleep
1:00 pm: wake up, diaper, bottle
1:30 pm back to sleep
4:00 pm: wake up, diaper, bottle
4:30 pm: tummy/ mat time
5:00 pm: back to sleep

I went home after that, as far as outings go, we went to the library once a week starting at around 6 months, but if your library has an infant story time, maybe your little one would like that, but it would depend on their sleeping schedule. The girls liked, or didn't complain about walks at that age, but since they were preemies we didn't venture out much till they were a little older.

ericsmom said...

First walk I remember was when my son was 6 weeks. We had alot of snow on the ground. He was all bundled in his carseat attached to his stroller. We needed the fresh air.

If the baby eats at 7am. Maybe, around 9 you can take him out for a walk.
Go back home within a half hour. Put on some music and do tummy time. Play on the floor, read books. Put baby in swing.
Before you know it another feeding and sleeping

Pittsburgh nanny said...

I think it's good for babies to get out and about. Even if it's just to Starbucks or a grocery store or a walk. Baby storytime at the library, Gymboree, about where you are going and what you see. Read and sing. Look for puppet shows and stuff like that, little plays for children. Church playgroups or meetups. Playtime at community centers. Rotate toys at home..

MissMannah said...

Ericsmom, I thought OP meant going to the playground or library when she said outings. A stroller ride around the neighborhood with baby bundled up is fine.

BrooklynMomma said...

Ditto what Ericsmom said. At this age, an outing is something as simple as a walk outside or maybe a quick visit to the library to get a new book.

I suggest sticking close to home since, as previously pointed out, it will soon be time for a feeding and a nap anyway.

Bethany said...

A baby that young most likely stays awake for only two hours at a time.

I would try something like this

7:00 feed
Have active time a combination of quiet play and non quiet play think reading vs tummy time.
9:00 nap
10:00If baby is up at have active time again. Now would be a good time for an outing. At this stage I would keep outings simple. A walk around the neighborhood in the stroller or carrier. Save the baby class trips until the baby is older and the spring & summer.
11:00 feed baby
12:00 nap
In my experience babies tend to take longer afternoon naps, so if he is up by 2:00 have active time again feed him at 3:00.
In the spring before the time changes, I like to do afternoon walks.
He may want a short nap at around 4.If not play.
5:00 quiet play cuddles books.
6:00 bath.
7:00 feed and bed.