Chase Park - Chicago, Illinois

Where: I Saw Your Nanny at Chase Park - Chicago, Illinois.
When: Every Tuesday and Thursday during playgroup.
Your son: Jimmy, around age 3
Your nanny: Blonde, long hair, heavy set, wears a lot of plaid.
What happens: The nanny sits in the bleachers the entire time on her phone. She looks up once every 10 minutes or so. She has long, loud conversations lasting about 20 minutes. The rest of the time, she is texting/browsing the internet. Your son gets hurt quite a bit, and when she hears him, she just yells at him (that's how I know his name). He also hits other kids and takes their toys away. However, it's not his fault. If his nanny would correct him, he would be fine. When I see them on the playground, she is sitting on a bench using her phone and he is off somewhere, usually trying to escape the park. Other nannies/parents are always getting him to come back in while your nanny is completely oblivious.
Chase Park in Chicago, Il
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What Boy said...

My understanding is that James is a popular name at this time. Top ten.

So I have to ask, is there a description to be had of this Jimmy?

ExcitedForThisWeekendMissDee said...

I wonder if Jimmy's parents would like a new nanny to start in June?

Great sighting OP.

anonymous mom said...

Great sighting, OP. Would it be possible to get a little description of Jimmy please?

OP said...

Jimmy has very light brown/blonde hair. He's around 3ish. There's not much more I can say about him...