1) I am looking to take care for kids for just room and board - (Nevada) I am 34 years old male. I am looking to watch kids for just room and board. I am moving back to las vegas next week and if I don't find a job I will be stuck on the streets. I can help with house cleaning and even do yard work. I have great ref. from a family that I lived with for 2 years caring for their kids why they was at work and went to college. I enjoy kids very much. I am a smoker but only smokes away from kids. I drink maybe 3 beers at night once I am off from caring for the kids. I do not do drugs and All ways make shure I am clean and honest with everyone. I know this is a long shot but if you are willing to except me into your home and care for your kids and not have to pay me but room and board I would very much enjoy being a part of your family otherwise I will be stuck homeless. You can email me if you would be interested in knowing more and would like a photo. I am a honest caring person.
Submitted by NevadaNanny. Thank you!

2) I need a babysitter for 7yr old.. overnight this saturday! - (NY) Hello! I am a young single mom (26) of a beautiful and very well behaved 7yr old boy. I would like to find a babysitter who can be available for night outs or work events that i have scheduled from time to time. For overnights, I would put him to sleep myself around 8:00-8:30pm and would just basically need someone to be in my house while he sleeps. I have internet access and wii with netflix, hbo Go, and hulu plus you can use if you like... I should be back before he wakes up but some breakfast preparations may be needed if not. Other than that im pretty chill. Would need to be in my home but maybe after awhile I wouldnt mind doing yours if needed. I do have a car so if you live fairly close i dont mind negotiating a ride to and from also. I live in a small (but cute lol) 1bedroom. I dont go out too often but if you need some EASY extra cash from time to time this would be great for you! :) Please contact me with your wage (keep in mind im a working single mom lol) and we can go from there. I need someone this saturday if possible.Thank you!!
Submitted by Anonymous. Thank you!

3) Nanny/In-home Caregiver - (Iowa) I am currently looking for a Nanny to watch my daughter in our home. She is 7 (almost 8) months old. She is a very good baby. She will play quietly most of the day by herself. You will pretty much just need to make sure she's not hurting herself, change her diapers, and make her bottles. My work hours are 8 to 4:30 M-F. So I would need you to be at my house around 7:30am and I will be home around 4:45pm. The ideal candidate would be: -Female -Good with babies -Fun and outgoing -Patient and Kind -Flexible -Must have own transportation and own cell phone. (we don't have a home phone) If you have a child of your own you can bring them along but they must be well mannered and respect my home. I prefer you only to have one child as the reason I am not putting my daughter in day care is I don't want her around a bunch of chaos all day. My daughter has a schedule and when there are multiple children she gets woken up from her naps and can not stay on her schedule. Her sleep is very important to her schedule. I am looking for someone to start this Monday, November 5th. I am available to meet you in person tomorrow (Thursday) or this Saturday or Sunday. I will be making the final decision by Sunday afternoon. The pay is $125 a week or $25 a day. My price is very firm as I am not made of money so please do not call unless that will work for you. If you are interested in this position please email me from this ad. We also have satellite TV and Wi-Fi internet you may utilize while in our home. Thanks! :-)
Submitted by NannyTastic. Thank you!

4) babysitter for my 1 month old - (NY) I will be returning to work next week and will need someone to take care of my 1 month old daughter. My husband works night so he will be home during the day but will be asleep until about 3ish. It will be no earlier than 830am and no later than 4pm. We are a young couple so I am looking to pay $50/week. I am looking for someone with experience with infants, knows how to sanitize bottles, burping, bottle feeding, change diapers, bath time, and tummy time. If you are interested or have any questions please email me and I will address your questions. Thank you, Kayla.
Submitted by SarahNY. Thank you!

5) Live-In Nanny: Rent and food free! - (VA) Hello! We are a military family looking for a live in nanny to live with us long-term and to move with us if needed! This woman must be available Monday to Friday, about 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. She is an amazing baby who is learning quickly and a joy to be around (she only cries when I'm here!) Live-in nanny for us will only be required to care for our baby and keep the toys picked up during the day, after that you're free! She naps about once a day, sometimes twice if you're lucky! We are looking to fill this position as soon as possible as I have quite a few interviews coming up! You will have free housing and your food taken care of, all you need to buy is toiletries for yourself. :) Pay is to be discussed due to all that's included, if you are asking too much for a family that is trying to make ends meet, please don't contact. The one big thing I ask is you must be comfortable with dogs and play with our baby and not sit around all day, she loves to run and play "I'm gonna get you!!" :)
Submitted by Anonymous. Thank you!


Liz said...

Hahaha! You gotta love the last one!! As usual, great cl-wtf!

Lyn said...

I swear I always end up saying the same things on these haha. Bottom line: people are crazy.

Anonymous said...

The first one is kinda making me side eye it and the rest are ridiculous! Caring for a baby motr thrn full time for 25.00 a day? Really lady? I would be scared of the kind of people who would accept such a low pay.

--Southern nanny--

Rhiannon said...

I hate when people think they should get a "young couple" discount. Also, if you are asking to make enough money to make your own ends meet, then don't bother. That's how that last one should've been worded.

nina said...

It took me a second and I actually had to read it twice but number #5 is needing a nanny for a DOG!! That ones just hilarious!

Bethany said...

wtf indeed! really people? wtf?

NYCsitter said...

Rhiannon, Im with you on that one! If you are young and broke why having kids now? Especially in mad expensive NYC! How can a nanny survive on $50 per week, you idiot!

NannyTastic said...

I love how the person in #3 says she doesn't want her baby in daycare. Then, she offers day care rates.

In regards to #4, "state pay" in a day care is high that! It is sick that a good decent nanny will spend more on supplies than she is even being offered.

Anonymous said...
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RBTC said...

#1 should do very well on craigs list - there are so many room and board ads

maybe the poster who responds to those could send that guys info to all the people that think room and board is good enough to watch their kids

♥ Amy Darling ♥ said...

There is no WAY in hell I would even consider the guy in number one. He cannot even properly spell in his ad. (Perhaps he wrote it soon after downing his mandatory 3 nightly beers...LOL) He is using guilt as a way to get a job...oh poor me, if I do not get hired soon, I will be living in a cardboard box in the street.

As for the other ads, I am so tired of hearing people justify being cheap.
Like remember I am a single working mother or we are a young couple.

There is no justification for paying your nanny a sub-par wage and expect high standards of childcare. For what they are offering, their ads should also state that they are willing to hire someone who is a registered sex offender, a convicted felon, etc. who will do nothing but sit on the couch, watch your HuLu Plus, eat all of your food and if you're lucky, tell your child Good-Night before bed.