Rooting for Tennessee

I'm looking to move to Nashville or TN in the next year or so and was wondering what the nanny scene is like and what are the "prettiest" areas to live in? We went on a mini vacation there this summer and I fell in LOVE! I'm up in WI and I need to go make my own roots. Thanks ladies :) - Anonymous


Lyn said...

I was in Knoxville TN for half of my college (before transferring to William and Mary) and the Nanny market sucked. I got my first job there through one of my Professors but they other available jobs seemed sparse.

My parents live just out of Nashville so I has actually looked into the market there when my Hubs and I were deciding where we wanted to live long term. Postings seemed to be far and few between on Sittercity and but there are several agencies in the area so I think you would probably have better luck going that route.

Nashville Nanny would (obviously) be a perfect person to offer you advice here! She is doing quite well for herself in Nashville and seems to love it!

Nashville Nanny said...

If you are moving to TN and want to nanny, your best bet is Nashville.. Franklin.. Brentwood.. Green Hills. Areas outside of that aren't going to pay you a living wage. Look up Nannies Of Green Hills if you want to register with an agency. Andrea Tilley is the owner and deals with a lot of high end clients (athletes, musicians, doctors, lawyers, etc). I've been here since December 2011 (moved from NJ) and currently work for 2 country music artist families. Nicest people to ever work for.

Welcome to TN!