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Hi everyone - I am going to be moving to Knoxville Tennessee from New York in January. I was wondering if anyone knows a nanny agency that I should look into. I would preferably like to move there with a job, but I have a good amount in savings so I should be fine for at least 4 months if I happen to have no luck and need to look for a job outside the realm of nannying. I am from Johnson City Tennessee but not very familiar Knoxville outside of the occasional family trip, so if there is anyone who would be able to tell me a bit about the nanny jobs here that would be great! I really just want to know if they pop up here and there or if there is a pretty consistent flow of nanny jobs. Thanks a lot! - Beezus


Nay The Nanny said...

I can't speak on Tennessee, but I moved from Philadelphia to California and was able to find the perfect match through We skype interviewed and it felt right. I had the position lined up before the move...what a load off! :)

Lyn said...

Haha, I was just talking about Knoxville in another thread!

I spent about half of my college years there for school before transferring to WONDERFUL William and Mary.

The Nanny market was pretty sparse. Few posting and far between on places like sittercity and I was offered my first Nanny position there by one of my professors. You may want to stalk the UT campus bulletin boards and the nearby post offices because they usually have ads on them for sitters.

Knoxville is beautiful! You'll love it! Especially in the fall!

But if I were you, I'd try moving about an hour away to Gatlinburg. It's less of a college town and has MANY wealthy people who reside there.

Ellie said...

I was in Knoxville for a few months this summer, and the nanny market was pretty poor. I also came from NYC, and am used to multiple positions available for pretty high pay. In Knoxville, I couldn't find a family willing to pay above $200 a week. Knoxville is a fun town, but I couldn't handle that, so I left..I'm headed to Chicago now for a nanny hob there.

Anonymous said...
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