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Hi! I'm a little new to ISYN, but I love it! Just need a quick little bit of advice, which I see everyone is very helpful with! I've been a nanny for nearly three years now through a reputable agency, and I was wondering if it is worth registering with the INA. The agency has no real certification process, and I would like to see what the INA has to offer! Is it worth the registration fee? Thanks! - Anonymous


Lyn said...

In my opinion it isn't worth it. Sure you can list it on your resume but it isn't nearly as valuable as finding new things to be certified in or take classes on. I took a 2 hour life guarding course at the Y a couple of years ago and parents LOVE it. It's always commented on with a smile, especially when they see my cpr and first aide certifications and a list of every child related class I've taken for my degree.

INA= not worth the money in my opinion. Find some free/cheap classes and seminars in your area and list those instead.

MissMannah said...

I don't have too much experience with it, but I would think that INA would impress nanny agencies but not parents. I'm sure most boss-parents don't even know what the INA is.

bostonnanny said...

Not worth it. The INA means absolutely nothing to anyone, it's just fluff to put on your résumé. It cost $35 and all they do is put you information on a list for other members to see. You can pay to do a childcare test but its worthless. Take child development courses at a local community college, CPR/first aid and lifeguard certifications, get servesafe certified which teaches you how to properly handle food( get if u decide to waitress too), take a newborn specialist course, volunteer for horizons for homeless children, or just get a degree in early childhood.
I'm a member of Ina, zero to three and naeyc. Last two at least give great information about child development and education via newsletters

Anonymous said...
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A Nanny said...

I signed up as a member for one year- went to the conf. and took the Nanny Cred. Exam. The conf. was Ok- but too pricey- but they do have different contests you can enter to win a free conf. trip. If you want a more affordable conf. check out NannyPalooza- which is only geared toward nannies. INA includes agencies too-which is good if you want to network and get your name out there.
As for the INA Nanny Cred. Exam- since I don't have any ECE credits- and don't have time or the money to attend college- I took the exam to show I was a serious minded nanny (not the basic exam- the 90 questions in 90 minutes exam that really covers childcare from A-Z. And was glad I did it for my own satisfaction. Some parents were impressed- and saying I passed the exam was an easy way into some of the top notch agencies- so my resume got put to the top of their pile.
If you only want to be able to list being a member on your resume- I'd say it's not worth it- you really need to get out there and be part of the nanny/childcare community. Try contacting your local chaper of NAEYC- they have seasonal workshops that cost nothing if you are a memeber or only $20 or less. I've also attended two of their confernces and they were WONDERFUL- so many different workshops to chose from! Also look into your states nanny support groups. If you list what state you are in- I can tell you which one to contact.
Also if you are looking for other nannies to chat with on-line try Nanny Island and read Be the Best Nanny blog or Regarding Nannies. There are also FREE or low cost webinars that are put on by NannyBiz Reviews. Good luck!

Anonymous said...
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Wendy in Colorado said...

And OP,
I've never found a use for INA. But I'm in a pretty small city in CO and get most of my jobs through word of mouth and recommendations.