1) Need someone fun - (Tenn) Would like someone to come to my home at 9:00 am until 4:00 pm 3 days a week and take care of my 2yr old. She is for the most part independent. Doesn't require much attention. Just potty training stage right now. Just give her food and make sure she doesn't crack her head open. She is a climber and runner. Forever running around. Let me know what the rate per day or week you're asking. ________________________________________________________________
Submitted by Felicia. Thank you!

2) Overnight babysitter - (Iowa) I am looking for an overnight babysitter two nights a week in my home starting in November. I would need someone from 9 pm until about 645 am. My 4 year old daughter goes to bed at about 9-930 and will still be asleep when I get home. I will be paying you to come over and sleep. I am willing to pay $30.00 a week. Please e-mail me and write overnights in the subject line if you are interested. Thank You!
Submitted by nannytastic. Thank you!

3) Live-in Nanny needed! - (Colorado) Childcare needed 5 days per week. Looking for Nanny to reside in our basement + groceries and $200 per month cash in exchange for childcare for our two young children. KIDS: 1yr and 6 yrs. US: Married Couple - Dad away 27+ Days per month, Mom works FT, and then some. YOU: Non smoker, no drugs, no drama, NO PARTYING, CLEAN!!! Willing and able to take kids to park, on walks, etc. RESPECTFUL A MUST. Great with kids! NO HOUSE CLEANING (aside from your area) REQUIRED!!! We are willing to pay your rent (in our house), utilities, and $200 a month cash to care for our two amazing children!! Schedule is fairly set in stone, with slight variances. EVERY SATURDAY off!!! MUST BE WILLING TO SIGN SIX MONTH CONTRACT!!! Email me with interest and background in caring for children/infants! Setting up interviews for this week!!!
Submitted by COnanny. Thank you!

4) NEEDING childcare in MY home for 6mo old baby - (Tenn) Hello. I have a 6.5-month-old baby girl that I need a babysitter for starting asap. We need someone to be able to come to our home, everyday, Monday through Thursday. We have had terrible luck with babysitters so far and I really need someone we can rely on. My husband and I both work full time and we really do not want to put our baby in day care. She is very sweet and easy going. We have a very comfortable home and we are very easy going as well. We have a black lab and a cat, both are friendly and like people, so you must be an animal lover as well. We are able to pay $100 per week and pay cash every Thursday afternoon. The hours will be as follows: Monday 8:30 to 6:00 Tuesday 8:30 to 6:00 Wednesday 8:30 to 6:00 Thursday 8:30 to 6:00 I would really love to have someone who is already a mom with a child close to the same age as my baby so the toys that I have will be age appropriate. Of course, if you do have children, they are welcome to come with you. If you don't have children, I will need for you to have a lot of experience with them. References will be required. I need someone with good work ethic. My little girl is my whole world and I will only trust her to the right person. There are other details that will need to be discussed upon interview. I would like to be able to interview as soon as possible. Please contact me if you feel like you would be a good fit and we will go from there! Thank you for taking the time to read and God Bless! Need someone to start as soon as possible!
Submitted by Anonymous. Thank you!

5) Need Infant Childcare - (Tenn) Hi, I will be needing childcare for an infant and a 5 yr old when not in school and some days after school. I will need someone mon-fri from 6:15am - 5:30pm. The times could vary slightly with you getting off around 4:30 most days but some days could be till 5:30pm. I would like someone to watch them at my house if possible but I'm open to taking her somewhere provided the location and cleanliness. Caregiver must be a non smoker and be able and willing to pass a drug and background check. Person must also be reliable and responsible. If this sounds like something you would be interested in please send me an email with your rates and a little about yourself. I'm not looking for someone who considers themselves a 'nanny' and charges ridiculous rates. If I could afford that I'd be staying home with them myself. This would be an ideal job for an older person looking to supplement their income. We would prefer someone that wouldn't need to bring a child with them unless it is an infant. I'm looking to find someone wanting to do this long term so my child can get use to you and be comfortable with you. Please put 'infant childcare' in the subject line so I know it isn't spam.
Submitted by Anonymous. Thank you!


Calanna said...

Soooo... the person looking to pay a nanny to sleep...? Really?

So when the 4-year-old wakes up in the middle of the night and needs the nanny, said nanny can feel free to ignore the child's needs because she is being paid only to spend the night?

No matter what emergency occurs or what tending the 4-year-old might need during the nanny's 9+-hour shift, the nanny is free to ignore it all and continue sleeping, because that's all she is being paid to do?

Jesus wept.

ericsmom said...

Wow, thanks! I can actually live in your basement for free!! Lucky me! I hit the jackpot an extra $200 a month. What a great job!

Lyn said...

"I'm not looking for someone who considers themselves a "nanny" and charges ridiculous rates" Oh I'm SO sorry! You're right! I don't need food this month! What do you want to bet she pays $3 an hour?

Anonymous said...
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ericsmom said...

Caring mom

The sad thing look at all the parents that DO hire caretakers for such low rates.
There will always be someone willing to take the job. Even if they only last a month.

MissMannah said...

CMAD, I can't tell you how many times I've thought that! My husband says that anyone who doesn't pass an intelligence and logic test should be put on mandatory birth control.

Calanna said...

While I, too, shake my head too many times over the types of people who procreate and how horribly they parent, the thought of creating any type of official "Review Board" to screen people and dispense or withhold permission to have children is even more repellent to me.

The potential for abuse and prejudice is just way too high. Abuse would be rampant.

Interracial marriages used to be illegal. Gay marriage will (hopefully) be legal soon. Do we really want to devolve back to living under a government that decides who can and cannot be parents based some sort of a subjective test written and evaluated by some sort of task force?

Traditional IQ/logic tests have no correlation whatsoever to how well a person can parent. An entirely new kind of test would need to be created, and who is to say who is "in charge" of writing said test and evaluating its results?

As much as I would love to figure out a way to prevent irresponsible procreation, I see no way to do it without creating a bureaucracy with all the inevitable corruption.

Lyn said...

CM, out of respect for mpp's time, my (nearly completed) adoption journey, and the women on here who struggle with infertility or a strong desire to complete their family (for whatever reason) via adoption, do not mention negative views on something so many of us find to be a beautiful and wonderful thing. I know tone is hard to read over the internet but I do hope you know that I am asking this calmly and out of respect for others.

Anonymous said...
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slb3334 said...

adoption can be good or bad. I am adopted as are my 3 brothers. I believe that our mothers gave us up so we could have a better life.

Melanie Raye Castor said...

#1: so your child is toilet training, and she is a climber and a runner, and yet she "doesn't require much attention"? oookkkaaayyy...

caring mom all day said...


There is no question in my mind that your guys mothers gave you guys up for adoption because they were convinced that it would provide their children with a better life.

Adoption agencies repeatedly tell expectant mothers that adoption is..

*A loving option
*A choice
*A selfless act
*A logical choice
*Giving a gift
*A chance for the mother to start over
*A chance to make someone elses dreams come true
*A way to solve the temporary problems of; being young, single, poor, unmarried, unprepared, unstable, and having a low social status

Adoption provides a child with a different life, not neccesarily a better one.

Open adoptions are a myth. No judge will enforce an agreement if the adoptive parents change their minds. Most often, the adoptive parents will decide its just easier not to deal with the adopted childs natural mother, natural father, extended families & siblings. In 80% of open adoptions, the adoptive families close the adoption. There is NO such thing as a mother having any parental rights, regardless of any "open adoption" agreement. However, this only delays the inevitable. Many adopted children will seek out their natural family. And often the adoptive family does not want to acknowledge the adult childs natural mother, natural father, extended family and siblings. They feel jealous and protective. But adoption is how they choose to grow their family. When they choose adoption, they are choosing to forever connect themselves with someone elses child. Its an unavoidable fact. Its like agreeing to be part of a divorce. Its a divided and broken family.

The opportunity for a mother to change her mind is also a myth. Unless the adoptive parents agree to return the child, she will be entangled in a lengthly legal battle. She will never get her child back because once the decision is to be made, years later, the adoptive family will claim the child should stay where she is. Any judge will agree.

Adoption.com is a wonderful, non-biased web site to learn about how adoption affects those within the adoption triad & their families.

Adoption isn't all sweetness & light. There is a reason an adopted child is seven times more likely to sign over her own child for adoption. The lack of connection of her adoptive family to her own child is very real. And reinforced by the fact that its simply easier for an adoptive mother to encourage her adoptive daughter to sign over her child. Because it has no genetic link to her. To say the lack of a genetic link does not matter would be disproven by this fact of "seven times more likely."

By thinking of adoption only in terms of what it can for you, would be doing yourself and your future children a huge disservice.

caring mom all day said...

Oh, I do have some good news! After four years of secondary infertility, I got pregnant out of the blue. After that baby, I realized why I hadn't got pregnant any sooner. So after that baby, we took a month long break. The next time I ovulated, I felt implantation cramping three days later. I got a positive pregnancy result three weeks later. :) Were planning on having two-four more children.

Were also possibly going to foster & adopt. It depends on our childrens needs.

I sincerely hope that other women don't have to deal with the traumatic loss of a child whether it be via misscarriage, stillborn, adoption or the loss of the dream due to infertility. Were all women and we all matter.

Future Nurse :) said...

I'm sorry I don't think this is an appropriate topic based upon what the OP submitted. Lets get it back on track PLEASE.

Lyn said...

Considering that your views on adoption are what started most of the drama on isyn it's disrespectful to continue to hijack threads with them.

My issue is not that you disagree with how myself and millions of other choose to grow our families, it's how disrespectfully you disagree.

Lyn said...

I have good news as well! As many of you already know, I have potentially been matched with another child today!!! Words cannot express mine and my husbands joy!!!

Anonymous said...

#3 thinks she's offering a REALLY, REALLY GREAT DEAL!!!!

She's not.

#4 wants you to be very experienced if you're not a mother. But if you're a mother, then experience doesn't matter. So as long as you've made a baby, clearly you're qualified to provide childcare, because obviously there's no such thing as bad mothers.

Melanie Raye Castor said...

Congratulations Lyn, that's wonderful! I pray that everything goes well for you, your husband, and this potential new member of your family!

caring mom all day said...

That's awesome, Lyn. Color me confused-I thought you had just foster to adopted. Maybe that's another Lyn. I'm thinking it can't be u bc ur usually not allowed to adopt back to back. I am happy for you tho. I hope things turn out for the best. :o)

Lyn said...

CM, hmmm, I've mentioned having completed all of the classes/certifications required to become foster parents. But we have put ourselves on "hold" for accepting placements until after our move in the spring.
I think the required time between adoptions is 1 year. If I am remembering correctly. We are planning on adopting several more children after this one. But probably will put more than a years distance between this and our next adoption. We want our daughter to be our one and only center of the world for a little while. Especially after she has spent the first year (most children are 15-18 months when adopted from korea) of her life in an orphanage that has had one caregiver to every 9 infants. So sad!

But thank you! We are so full of love and joy for our children and cannot wait to hold them!

Melanie, Tjank you so much for your kind words! I am overwhelmed by the love we feel!