To the Administrator of I Saw Your Nanny,
My name is Dr. Paula Niedenthal and I am a professor of psychology at the University of Wisconsin at Madison. An important research article from my laboratory will appear in a scientific journal in the coming year that links the use of pacifiers during childhood to emotional development. The findings are very important. It is equally important to us to collect follow-up data before the publication of the research in order to get clear ideas of the characteristics of mothers (and fathers) who encourage pacifier use in their children (and those who do not). We have created an on-line questionnaire that has received approval from the University of Wisconsin board of ethics. Our interest is to be able to distribute this questionnaire to the broadest audience possible and to recruit many parents from many parts of the country. This is why we are asking to post a recruitment message on your website. The posting is not spam and does not involve violations of privacy or the sales of a product. We thank you in advance for any help you can give us in recruiting participants in this study, which has the potential to make important insights into styles of and strategies for parenting. The link to the questionnaire is below. It contains personality scales and questions about baby behavior and pacifier use. Thank you in advance for your consideration.

Dr. Paula Niedenthal, Professor
Department of Psychology University of Wisconsin-Madison