Calling Canada

I recently decided to start nannying, have little experience but not much and am working in Canada. I would like to hear from other nanny's in Canada on what they are being paid per hour? If it matters, I care for two 1 year old twins. Thanks! - Anonymous


CanadaNanny said...

I'm sure it varies from province to province. I nanny 2 hours north of Toronto. I get paid a flat rate of 450/week for 22-32 hours (usually like 25-28 hours a week). This works out to like $12-$15 per hour take home (they take taxes off). Some weeks I work less, some weeks I work more, so it varies week by week. I also get 5 paid sick days/year and 2 weeks paid vacation/year. My charge is 12 months old.

Canadian Mom said...

I'm a Canadian MB. I think $500-$500 a week take-home for a live-out nanny is standard. A really experienced nanny could probably get a bit more than this. In Toronto a lot of live-out nannies also get a metropass paid for, i.e. a pass for unlimited public transportation, which costs the employer about $120 a month.

Canadian Mom said...

Sorry, that should have been $500=550 a week!

Nor said...

Dear OP,
I really think that as a nanny, no matter where you live you should make sure that you are being paid for what your worth and for what your bringing to the table.

I have been nannying in the City of Toronto and nearby surroundings for the past five years.

I have been paid as low as $1200.00 a month take home for a live in position with four children. To as much as $19.00 per hour for a live-out position with one child.

I have received benefits such as use of a car for personal use as work use (I was able to take the car home with me during weekends etc), to vacations at beautiful vacation homes, front row seats to the hottest events in the city)

However, the one thing that can't be bought is RESPECT. So although one family may be willing to pay a bit more than another, if you get a sense of a team effort and respect from one family over another go wit the family that will treat you as family while respecting the boundaries of your professional relationship, who will work in a team effort in carrying out discipline etc.

Hope this helps!

If your in Toronto good sites to search on are and

Best of Luck,

Northern Nanny

canaidiannanny said...

Thanks for all your input!
I am currently getting paid 11.00 an hour - but will get a .50 raise every six months up to 12.50 and then we'll discuss again. I have to pay my own taxes as well, but all in all it seems like I am getting paid fairly.

canadiannanny said...

And apparently I can not spell my own country. ****typo

Twin nanny said...

I'm in the us so this might not be relevant but 1 yr old twins are a LOT of work. I was salaried at 650 for a 20-45 hour work week so my hourly pay fluctuated but I feel that 11 is low to start with twins. Just my opinion :)

CanadianNanny said...

Thanks twin nanny,
I also felt it was a bit low and that is what sent me here. When hired I just decided to take it as I was looking to get out of my other job.

Curiouser and Curiouser said...

Sorry for the hijack, but...

Northern Nanny, I remember you doing a lot of research about a then-upcoming contract negotiation. How did it go? I hope you came up with a solution that leaves you feeling respected and appropriately compensated.