I think it needs to be said that everyone should be allowed to have their say on your blog. I haven't seen certain people in over a week (I don't know if I can list their names?) that just up and disappeared, and sorry, but I don't think it's fair that some of the other people that were always bitching about specific posters being bullies, somehow muscled their way in, and made THEM leave! Hypocritical much? I mean, I'm not trying to start a war here, but even though certain posters upset others, there still offering their opinion! I think it would be great if everyone could get along but life isn't like that. I just wanted to put my two cents in and say I think the posters that left should be allowed to feel welcome back here, their comments are just as important as everyone elses. I know there's bound to be hurt feelings sometimes and I wish that didn't happen but if everyone could remember that this is just the internet and these people don't know you, maybe some posters wouldn't be so sensitive. - Anonymous


bostonnanny said...

It's been a week, ever think ppl have other things to do besides always commenting on this site? After reading for 3years it starts to get mundane because the same stories/questions just keep popping up.

These rants about who should/shouldn't be allowed to post at ridiculous and becoming annoying.

ks said...

Are you bored? Missing the controversy? I'm loving the lower level of conflict on the blog--but that's just me.

curious said...

Who's missing? Was there some epic flounce I missed?

RaleighWorld said...

Agreed w/ BN. This is so last week... Get off your high-horse and get back to real life.

The most it was to me was entertaining. Reading all the comments people posted and if the targeted people were sitting right next to them they wouldn't have ever said such things. That's the joy of the internet, people cowardly sit behind your computer or phone's keyboards and call people horrible names that you would never call them to their face. I didn't write anything because I didn't feel strongly one way or the other.

*shrugs* so leave it alone. Stop trying to start it up again. We all have other things to worry about.

RBTC said...

on a thread of this ilk - at the end - mpp made the point that the OPs who post here have a chance of saving kids from abuse - that in fact there are parents and others who contact her privately to gain more info about the dangerous nannies/caretakers, we just don't always know about it

lives may have been saved by this blog

so - any posters who gain fun by verbally attacking the Ops by assassinating their character and making false accusations - which has been proven - scares some Ops away --

i am going to give my opinion when this happens because i want kids to be safe and saved !

Great rant Op!

gypsy said...

I think as long as everyone is mature enough to discuss the topics & not the posters, this blog will thrive. It doesn't take much immaturity to scare off posters & that's a shame. All opinions are valuable.

katydid said...

I wish they'd come back.

I don't always agree with their opinions.

I don't always agree with how the phrase things buts that's how the world goes.

I think the vast majority of posters here like to be told they are right. If you don't agree with them they will follow you around post after post and have a go at everything you write.

The best way to deal with those that annoy you is to ignore them.

They feed off the attention in the drama.

Ignore them and they will go away.

Village said...

I got a new iPad 3 and fell in. I have no idea what this post is about.

Did ISYN run off a bunch of people with critical spirits? Is that a problem? Some people, (and politicians, imagine that), are going to criticize no matter what. You found the cure for cancer? WHY DID IT TAKE SO LONG?? You can't please some people and it's soul sucking.

If ISYN ran off some (*)(*), I'm all for it. People come here for positive reasons, not negative crap.

OK? said...

I second Village! What are you complaining about if the people that left were the ones starting trouble in the first place? Looks like someone misses the drama. The posters that come here to start shit and judge what everyone has to say could care less about anyone but themselves, so chances are they haven't run off, they just have a life outside of ISYN unlike you OP.

Penny said...

Boston Nanny said it very well! I agree people are busy have lots to do & second of all this is a sound board to for parents & nannies to recieve advice, learn, rant, or shed light on situations TO HELP others! So if there is not enough drama for you then read Cosmopolitan or watch one of the many Real Housewives shows to get your fix!

On a lighter note, I'm trying new sunscreens for my charges who have eczema any good brands out there I might be missing?

Nashville Nanny said...

I think that Phoenix and Mannah (who I'm assuming are the "run off" ones being referred to) should return.

Regardless of your personal feelings towards them (which is laughable because this is the internet for God's sake.. why is anything personal??) they bring some excellent points on some of the threads that I've read.

BN, I normally find you endearing with the things you post, but your reply was equally as annoying as this post, IMO. Are you having that crappy of a day that you needed to be snarky to the OP?

Nanny Linda said...

Just because someone doesn't visit this blog weekly means they have taken a trip to the moon.

People have jobs, lives, families, hobbies, etc.

Let everyone enjoy their summer.

If you really miss the drama, I can guarantee there are many reality shows on T.V. right now that are screaming your name Honey!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

RBTC said...

Ha ha - the idea that anyone or anything could "run off" mannah and phoenix!

They are strong women, capable women, at their best they are very great!

Of course they are like the little girl in the rhyme with a curl in the middle of her forehead - when mannah and phoenix are good they are great but when they are bad they are horrid LOL!

We know they can give the heat and it stands to reason they can take the heat also and they will be back in the ISYN kitchen before long!! betcha!

nynanny said...

Good or bad, I love all you guys! Yes- Miss Phoenix, Miss Mannah, Umass, and all the other great ladies with strong personalities!

Tales from the (Nanny)Hood said...

RBTC, could you possibly wait until the posters you love to dislike and complain about are actually here to defend themselves before discussing them?


RBTC said...

Tales - i did not mention their names - nashville nanny did - and then i responded to nashville nanny's post

so - it's ok for NN to say their names but not me

how odd.

but - i have the right to respond to the posters and the names they use- and you have the right to be odd ! LOL

erica said...

I agree with the PP's OP, people have lives. Being gone a week isn't that big a deal. I've been around a long time and commonly disappear for days at a time (and no one misses me!) lol

tired sleepy tired said...

RBTC, lol, bad girl!

Tales from the (Nanny)Hood said...

RBTC, this is what was said by NN:

"I think that Phoenix and Mannah (who I'm assuming are the "run off" ones being referred to) should return.

Regardless of your personal feelings towards them (which is laughable because this is the internet for God's sake.. why is anything personal??) they bring some excellent points on some of the threads that I've read.

BN, I normally find you endearing with the things you post, but your reply was equally as annoying as this post, IMO. Are you having that crappy of a day that you needed to be snarky to the OP?"

Don't see anything much that could be insulting in what she wrote about the missing people? Me neither!

This is what YOU wrote, RBTC )hint for you - look at the ****...**** portion!):

"Ha ha - the idea that anyone or anything could "run off" mannah and phoenix!

They are strong women, capable women, at their best they are very great!

****Of course they are like the little girl in the rhyme with a curl in the middle of her forehead - when mannah and phoenix are good they are great but when they are bad they are horrid LOL!****

We know they can give the heat and it stands to reason they can take the heat also and they will be back in the ISYN kitchen before long!! betcha!"

I find people who insult others (especially while pretending to "praise" them) behind their backs to be somewhat cowardly. And I'm not a huge fan of anyone who has been declared "missing" (don't know them IRL, can't truly say I like/dislike them), so feel free to skip that portion of your defensive response. OK?

Sugar Thief said...

People are too sensitive.

RBTC said...

ok, tales - i have said it before and i will say it again because i think you read posts selectively - i have said before that mannah and phoenix { you are attacking me while using their names so --sigh--to respond to you i will have to also}

i have said the two ladies have a side to them that is very competent, professional, great advice given, i have praised them to the skies - BUT - and if you read the posts related to this issue - you will see that each one of them has another abrasive accusatory side that has garnered many many posts by people that are quite simply - tired and concerned with seeing this blog represented by 2 or 3 people in a bad mood saying false things/accusations or as one poster said "making trouble"

this behavior results in Ops being not willing to post - those of us who believe in this blog and are entertained by it want MANY Ops, not just nannies writing in about money

As i mentioned on another thread - when i was an Op - you flamed me implying that i am incompetent with children and a pedophile supporter

You might say - why take it personally when someone acts like you and the negative side of the 2 ladies

well, we have a right not to like it and we have a right to stand up for ourselves to you and the others if we want to

i have been a contributor to this blog for about 3 years now and i am much more comfortable responding to you tales

I know you hate compliments from a horrible so and so like me but i feel the same about you as mannah - you have the capability of artculateness, sharing valuable experience, you love your charges and have the potential to be a very positive person

but when you attack people and falsely accuse them that is not your finest moment

so - flame me for complimenting you!

***rbtc sees a flamethrower coming over the fence***

AAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!! ...splat..

rbtc will rise from the ashes later

workingmom said...

Well, nobody mentioned that they missed me, but......I haven't been posting because I haven't felt that I have had anything better or different to add than other posters did before I got to the post. (well, I did want to say something about the husband who got his wife a job to go back to work and was eager to put the baby into daycare, but I figured if I can't say something nice {with what limited info we were given on him} then it's better not to say anything at all.)

If that makes any sense.

We have had some really good feedback lately, by some really good posters. It's that simple.


RBTC said...

welcom back working mom - of course you were missed !

Sophia said...

I bet Phoenix and Mannah are still using this site...just under different monikers.

RBTC said...

sophia - thank you for your support of this blog

I have been on the blog for 3 years and i do not think the negative elements are being fake- i think it's just the way they feel - they need to express extreme negativity - i do not know what to say

i think the blog is growing, the members and owner are looking at what can be accomplished as re: children, helping them not die and be killed
mannah and phoenix and tales are very wonderful nannies and the members of this site will always value them and their views - they are amazing strong wonderful women

for reasons we are trying to understand they all make untrue accusations false untrue statements,going for the juggular - it's a little weird, but those of us who care are dealing with them- and trying to help them and work with them!

the negative posters have their view - and those of us who wish they could be different have out view!

\what a country - i'm happy with it!!

Lyn said...

I think bringing Tales into this again (re: the comment from Sophia that didn't mention Tales) is a bit much.

Can't we all just get along? *innocent face here

RBTC said...

please be aware that Tales has used the term Pedophile towards me in the past - it does matter - i seriously do not understand her saying things like that but she does - i am going to stand up to her and her friends - no prob at all - but - i hope she will keep her promise and - "ignore" me !!!

Lyn said...

I totally get standing up for yourself. I just think we should be careful not to "add" people to comments like above.

I still want to ride your camel! :)

frack said...

bostonnanny, if this blog is so mundane and you've got better things to do, then why do you keep popping your head in? Maybe your a hypocrite and like to stir up trouble yourself? And as far as I can tell, the comment the OP made about who posts/doesn't post, certainly hasn't been a topic for discussion around here. If it has, then take a few minutes out of your exciting life and provide the link, please.

Misty said...

Cripes, some of you people are being so mean to the OP! Not once did she/he say it was all about the drama. To me, I understood the post to mean that they think everyone should have a fair say, including the ones that seem to have left. I'm not sure what this is all about but I did see a bunch of you people jumping down miss mannahs neck last week and her name is mentioned here as one of the stronger voiced ladies. Personally, I don't care for the drama, but I DO agree with OP in that EVERYONE should have a voice here.

devoted reader said...

workingmom, your one of the "outed" moms (excuse the expression, lol) like nycmom, who have "mom" in your title. So many people on this blog are taken for granted to be nannies, so of course! your opinion is important! and yes! we missed you! Theres been SO much drama the past couple of weeks on here it just seems that the posters that were considered trouble had all the attention. (which by the way, I miss them, too!) as one other person said, everyone counts! :)

Dave the DB said...

Tales from the (Nanny)Hood, it seems you're vying for a position with the beloved missed posters of isyn (phoenix, mannah, & others)- you're very smart, articulate, helpful, etc- but it seems your following RBTC around other threads and just riding her (and her vagina!) really hard. Do you not like her or something?

RBTC, you're one of the funniest gals here, I love your vagina, too! (just don't tell my wife!)

world's best nanny said...

There will always be drama queens on this blog. Just wait a bit. "If you don't like the weather give it a minute."

bostonnanny said...


Your still around? Damn I was hoping you were one of the ones that "disappeared". Actually this topic has been brought up in comments on about every other post for the past few months and it's quite annoying. People are taking everything others say to personally and then become hypocrites by bashing the other pps for...bashing pps. You can disagree but don't start bitching, just move on past the comments you don't like and give the OP support.
I have submitted many times and have never taken the negative comments personally because it's not personal. People don't really know me.
I continue to comment because 1) I'm bored and am lacking adult conversation at work during naps ( kids nap about 5hours a day) 2) I feel I can provide the op some insight on the topic. Unfortunately, there is a lot of repetitiveness in the submissions and Ive become tired of explaining my views on the same subject over and over again. So I don't comment as much as I did.

I also enjoy reading Phoenix, mannah, umass, nycmom's comments and find that I agree with most of what they say. They may not be tactful with some of their opinions but honestly they don't have to be because it's their opinions. If people took more time to read between the line they wouldn't be so offended. After reading this blog for so long you tend realize that the way they express their opinions is just part of their personality. So you can sit here and bitch about ppl you don't know or grow up.

With that said, I forgive you frack for your rude comments that you post regularly.

Susannah said...

Seems to me that the people complaining about drama and nastiness are acting just as dramatic and nasty under the guise of protecting themselves or defending the purpose of the blog.

As I often tell the kids I care for just because she did it first doesn't make it right for you to do it. You are both in the wrong.

You are either above it all or a part of it.

I agree with Lyn and Katydid here grow up and get along and if you don't like what someone has to say ignore it. All patrons are supposed to be adults here.

Nashville Nanny said...

Frack: I could not agree more.

Dave: Your "i love your vagina too" made me LOL. For real.

BN: You've just solidified my opinion of you. I agree with Frack. If it is so repetitive and annoying, find somewhere else to troll around. Otherwise accept that with NEW readers comes some of the same topics. They're not going to go through the archives for answers. Who has time for that?? And quite honestly, MPP runs this blog. Not you. So if you don't like the content piss right off.

bostonnanny said...


You and frack are two peas in a pod. I don't comment of subjects I'm not interested in unless I'm completely bored ( like now). I never said that new readers shouldn't post, I just gave a reason why some of the regular posters might not be commenting as much because the same topics have been brought up a million times. MPP should and has encouraged all post but there only so much we can talk about in the nanny world. I would love to read more articles/posts about child education, Daycares and different approaches to childcare from around the world etc. I get tired of ranting about silly things like this particular post. So while I enjoy this site, I find myself going to the naeyc website more often and when I want drama I go to DCUM.

I don't have the energy to write a post but would you okay with submitting an article related to child development that I've found on a different site? I would like to hear the opinions from our regulars on the topic.

ks said...

Oh my goodness all took a post about drama, and managed to turn this into drama. Ya'll must be really bored.

Legal ninny said...

I agree with op in the sense there are bullies on here. I myself have been labeled a child abuser by some. I'm anything but.
This is meant to be advice not ask and get slated its tiring.
Oh and maybe those who do bully on here should remember cyber bulking is ILLEGAL and mpp can get a summons to give your ip address which the police can use to find your address/location.
Think twice before the attack!

RBTC said...

dave dad - thank you for the support

this situation reminds me of the greece bullies - so many people said - why did not the lady on the bus stand up for herself to the bullies?

notice why on this site - there is risk to standing up to them - people will call you one!

Those posters we are discussing were very ugly to me when i was an Op - it made me feel bad at the time and if i see them doing it to someone else i am going to say something
it's the way i was raised

there are numerous people on here that are tired of it - the posters in question have been doing it a long time, over and over

many people on this thread say we all should have a voice - yes !

all our opinions matter - yes!

the behavior i will not agree to is falsely accusing the Ops and belittling them because that makes people afraid to post here

if people want to call me names for that - ok!

Cynthia said...

All of you need to grow up!

Susannah said...

But it's appropriate to have discussions about vaginas, and your favorite vagina?

Because that is about protecting kids and making people comfortable posting here.

It's not.

This is not aboout protecting people from bullies.

This is about wanting to be one of the "popular kids" and have your own cliquish following.

I echo the PPs in saying grow up!

Lyn said...

The vagina thing was funny and flowed naturally from the conversation. Vaginas are good abbout flowing naturally.... Man, my sense of humor is so corny lately.

You're right, this site isn't about being "one of the popular kids". But as long as we're here anyway it's nice to have "friends" with similar ties in their life. It's incredibly difficult to balance work and family life and then have any energy left over to go out and make Nanny friends in "real life". There is nothing wrong with bonding over the posts that we've all been through ourselves.

I wonder who will play Phoenix, Mannah and UMass in the movie of ISYN? ;)

RBTC said...

susannah - sense of humor is a very subjective thing, but basically what we were all doing was utilizing satire to provide comic relief in the discussion

satire is always risky as it can be very easily misundeerstood - but those of us who do have a "gallows' or ironic sense of humor can't get rid of it - it's literally genetic

and - if you are uncomfortable with the body function thing - geez! when phoenix comes back - watch out! She brings soliloquys on female and male body functions and fluids to an amazing art form

lindsey lohan for phoenix! shannen doherty for mannah - tales, i am thinking about it - funny lyn!

ps - this is also satire for comic relief!

Tales from the (Nanny)Hood said...

"please be aware that Tales has used the term Pedophile towards me in the past - it does matter - i seriously do not understand her saying things like that but she does - i am going to stand up to her and her friends - no prob at all - but - i hope she will keep her promise and - "ignore" me !!!"

RBTC, that is a nasty lie. I used the WORD pedophiles in response to a post you made ***18 MONTHS AGO***. I never called you anything. And, to pull your nasty comments from another thread over here, you don't have to pay me to ignore you, you just have to leave me out of your gossipy, bullying, smear tactic campaigns.

Spread lies about me, and I will do what I have to do to prove you are a liar (and a drama queen of the highest order), as I have done in my response to you referenced below.

I have responded to your complaints about the post from January 2011 under "A Message from MPP".

RBTC said...

tales - i greatly regret the emotional response garnered from you right now

I think you were very brave and a good character to apologize for your past behavior

it's clear that your behavior and a couple of the others is hitting some buttons around here

i wrote the above post before you apologized actually and i would not have wrote it after your apology

but - it's not a false allegation - you yourself quoted yourself from the past - you accused me of helping pedophiles create porn pics of kids !! LOL!

You did apologize for doing that and i appreciate it!

BTW - this whole drama started because mannah hurt a Ops feelings by accusing her of something false that her mean DB and MB accused her of - and i stood up for the Op because it reminded me of what you and mannah did in the past

you guys dish out some harshness dudess!

I greatly regret that discussing your own words and behavior is so upsetting but trust me - you WILL be the better for it when you calm down

Susannah. said...

You were not attempting to provide comic relief.

There is a vast difference between finding friends on a blog and looking for your own group of mean girls.

It stops being self defense when you are no longer being attacked. The people you dislike are not currently posting. So what are you defending yourself from?

Whaty of anything you have posted here on in the last few posts has contributed to the stated purpose of this blog?

You are doing exactly what you complain about others doing.

Open your eyes and you will see it.

Again I say just because they did it doesn't mean you are justified in doing the same.

OceanBlue said...

I was with you RBTC until I read the post from January 2011 and I hae to say no one was extremely harsh with you. Bullied you or called you names. If they did the post must have been heavily edidted.

Your actions were extremely inappropriate and that nanny should not have allowed you to photograph the kids.

You seem to have a huge problem with people not agreeing with you

You interpret any level of disagreement as an attack.

I now tend to think your actions of the last week have less to do with protecting OPs and the blog and more to do with you wanting attention, and dare I say a clique of your own.

I have to say I am extremely disappointed in you. I thought you were one of the better posters and above such childish and tack behavior.

It's unfortunate you are not.

unepetitefille said...

How many monikers do you have RBTC?

nycmom said...

I think the absence of Miss Mannah is concerning (not like, legal or health concerning, but blog-based interaction concerning). I am not going to go back and re-read the thread, but she was repeatedly attacked (including being mocked for having admitted to struggles with mental illness in the past). Mannah herself then said she would no longer contribute if the consensus was overwhelmingly negative. I think that is awful.

MM: The consensus is NOT overwhelmingly negative. There is a group of vocal critics, but I don't think they represent any sort of majority.

Was there similar drama with Phoenix?

I agree with workingmom that if I get to a topic late, I don't always post unless I can add something useful or different. I take vacations, get busy, as does everyone.

But bullying regular and long-term posters off this blog is unconscionable. We aren't talking racist, homophobic, evil people -- just outspoken women whose opinions are strong. Without the outspoken, educated, experienced posters, these discussions would get pretty boring pretty fast.

Lyn said...

I don't remember some particular insistence that would have scared off P. I assume their personal lives just are keeping the ladies busy. It is mid summer and they could be on vacation.

Bethany said...

There haven't been that many new posts the last week, and most of what's been posted doesn't require a ton of answers.

It is also mid summer, many people are probably taking vacations with their families before school starts again.

That's probably what has contributed to things being so quiet the last week.

gypsy said...

Bethany, that's what I've been up to. Getting the house & clothes ready for vacation. My husband & I need to get out of the house. So he rented a new car & were going to be travelling until school starts in September. I'm so excited!!!!!

I bet a bunch of people are traveling this time of year.

Bethany said...


A road trip sounds lovely!

Are you going in place in particular?

Beezus said...

I have to ask a lame question...
I've heard you bring it up before in some other threads but are you really a gypsy? Like the ones on TV or is that just a name you picked? Just curious! lol

gypsy said...

My fathers line is gypsy, my mothers not(big ole scandel back in the day!!). So technically Im half gypsy. Irish, not Roma. I'm nothing like the gypsy on tv, except we do travel an awful lot. And of course I have black hair, pale skin & green eyes. I married a gypsy. What you see on tv is staged. Its like any other reality show. They find the most extreme people. Were just like anyone else. You probably know gypsy, we just don't like to announce it bc people have sterotypes about us. I'm very proud of my traveler history & to be an american born gypsy.

Were going to see Beverly Hills. We've never been. Were going to see family, too. Aside from BH & seeing family, were just winging it, happy summer, Beezus!!

RBTC said...

susannah and ocean blue - you guys have the right to your opinion

one of the things i have learned during this latest kebbie lebbie is that there are differing views of what is harsh or inappropriate on blogs, and what is too sensitive and not

it's very clear that there are people on this blog who enjoy abrasiveness and verbal jabbing

but - please realize there are people who are AFRAID or have distaste about posting on this blog - they have written in many times because of these women who say extremely rude things to the Ops - so you have the right to feel the way you do and other people have the right to feel the way they do

this WHOLE thing started because i stood up for an Op who expressed shock and hurt feelings by an attack by mannah

What happened to "if you don't like what RBTC says ignore her?"

there is a BIG double standard here - a few negative women are allowed to attack the ops and me also - but we are not allowed to talk back to them?

not buying it

Write this down and tell a friend - bully or not,bad peerson or not, kiddie porn queen or not, bad sense of humor or not -----If i see someone treating an Op bad - i am going to say something - and drama threads be darned! You guys can ream me till the cows come home !

ps - about the moniker - in the past it would register me as something different, i don't know why, but it seems to have settled on rbtc

********rbtc stands up on the hill, fist in the air, sunset in the background - and declares "and ! I will never be hungry again!!"**********

as the camera pans out and the music swells - hopefully the curtain will now close we can all get in cars and go home !

Lets hope they're gone!! said...

Who Cares about mannah being scared off. She has no excuse to abuse her issues and be OK with insulting others. Metal illness or not. Every action has a consequence. So I hope her disappearing is not just part time but hopefully full time. It's pathetic she tries to justify being rude due to her 'illness'. So, if I'm a kelpto or a junkie, should I be excused too?!

Beezus said...

That's awesome! I loved the gypsy show, even though I knew it must have been staged. Some of them were just nuts but VERY entertaining nuts! I thinks it's great that your proud of your heritage and get to travel around! %$#@ the stereotypes!
Have a great vacation, I myself have yet to explore Beverly Hills!

Bethany said...

That's cool gypsy! I'd love to visit California.

American Gypsies is one of my favorite guilty pleasures.

I figured they went for the extremes.

But I still wondered about things like marrying and havind kids young and the strict gender roles.

I am ashamed to admit that before the show I didn't realize there modern day gypsies.

RBTC said...

ocean blue - my hope would be that you read what "let's hope they're gone" said

there are many people who feel these abrasive women are abusive - you may not, and that is ok but just try to realize that those of us who have had enough of it have the right to express ourselves

this issue has been brewing for a long time - it's not just an overnite thing- and the owner of the blog has been concerned about it also

just try to realize the overview ;)

OceanBlue said...

So who were you defending in the post about SOs?

OP seemed to be fairing just fine and receiving good advice.

You have crossed the fine line between defender and offender.

Perhaps it's time for you to take a break from the internet.

Speaking as someone who has called certain posters out on their misbehavior before I hope Mannah does come back. She did offer good advice at times.

Nashville Nanny said...

I like Mannah and I think it is complete bullshit that she gets the grief she does. Plenty of people make up a nonsense moniker to hide behind, and change it every time they post. Manna owns what she says. She puts her picture up there and doesnt hide behind her intenprnet muscles. Say what you want, but this forum needs educated, articulate, experienced nannies like Mannah. I miss her.

Nashville Nanny said...

Internet muscles....damn you IPAD....

OceanBlue said...

Let's hope they're gone it was your beloved RTBC who used Mannah's mental illness as justification for her behavior, not Mannah. Just something for you to consider.

RBTC your condescension is beyond annoying.

I'm honestly tired of discussing this with you.

You may want to examine yourself and your self appointed position of blog defender.

You are not without fault when it comes to bullying, harrasment, and a nasty attitude.

Just try to look outside yourself and take a good look at your actions the last week or so.

Really think about your actions and not try to justify them with the behavior or as the case may e the misbehavior of others ;)

RBTC said...

ocean blue - this is an example of a false accusation on your part - if you go back and look at the thread with the name "red flag" you will see that i did not mention mannah's medical condition,which i know very little about - i did tell the Op, who was frustrated by mannah's accusation to try not to be offended because mannah is sometimes in a good mood and sometimes in a bad mood - this was a bad mood day

now - here is what has happened this time and before - mannah has offended a great many people and ANOTHER POSTER then brought up some kind of medical condition that mannah discussed on a thread in the past

then - other people mannah has offended chimed in, not being nice about the medical condition and she got more and more frustrated

i made ajoke she seemed to like about dr jekyl and mr hyde to which i said something like come back jekyl and then she became emotionally distraught about "being made fun of being mentally ill " and said she was taking a vacation

so - i was not privy to the thread mannah talked about her illness on, i do not know what her medical condition is and i have not commented on it

all i have said is that she seems to have 2 separate peersonalities and i like the nice one very much but i do not like it when she flames the Op

so - when you say i used her mental illness you are making a false accusation - i am sorry you are of that ilk

and - wow - telling that poster i am their "beloved rbtc"

that's kind of weird but - ok

i know i am getting these barbs and etc because i am being vocal about the situation - so - that's the way it is!

i do not comment on many threads - it's just people harrassing the Ops is a pet peeve - make of it what you will !

RBTC said...

also - replying to the issue on SO

that was a thread about prospective employers asking about spouses/SO's and then as dave dad poster noted - tales followed me there reaming me a new toosh and no - i am not obligated to ignore her or you when you say false things or express yourself abrasively to me

i totally agree that mannah when she is in a good mood is wondeerful and brilliant and gives good advice - i have said that to her and she has thanked me - but i am going to respond when someone flames th Op

i am really amazed at some of the posters who feel they can say any rude abrasive pouty even false thing they want but if you talk back to them it chaps their toosh!

MaryPoppin'Pills said...

I don't have the energy to write a post but would you okay with submitting an article related to child development that I've found on a different site? I would like to hear the opinions from our regulars on the topic.


I welcome any Article Readers feel may benefit or be of interest to others on this blog. Just send a link of the Article to my e-mail so I can review it before Publishing. Thanks!

gypsy said...

@Bethany..California is great, except I miss the rainstorms we used to have when we lives on the east coast. If u ever get the chance to come to CA, Ill take you to lunch & you can then say you've officially met a real gypsy!

Have a good night, Beezus. <3

OceanBlue said...

So in the original thread that caused Mannah to leave it wa not you who brought up her illness?

Cripes we have a short memory!

You and Tales are registered members you could have sent her a message addressing her misbehavior.

You could have ignored Dave.

If you had to respond a simple not in this thread guys would have sufficed.

But instead you chose to carry on in that thread and in others. That is not defense that is attention seeking behavior.

I'm really starting to believe you don't have the ability to see beyond yourself.

Nashville Nanny said...

OceanBlue, your snarky comment has brought me to the realization that you're an ass. Thank you for taking the time to show your true colors. RBTC isnt my "beloved". And you're a troll for continually wishing other people "gone". Yours is not the only opinion valued on this blog, and quite frankly, the more you post, the more I wish you would just go f*** off.

RBTC said...

Nahsville nanny - get ready for something funny --

{ ok, ocean blue is going to ream me but i really don't know the message feature and don't care about it - i work on my own computer LOT but am not computer savy }

anyhoo - nashville nanny - i have come to the conclusion that an interesting name for the abrasive group of women on this blog is ---ready?...wait for it.....

THE HABANEROS !! When you call them to account and compell them to digest their own words and behavior - they act like they have eaten a peck of habanero peppers washed down with fresh jalopeno juice

here is some stuff i have learned about them -

1. If they do not agree with you or you challenge them - they want you annihilated - one of them said i should extricate myself from the ENTIRE internet - not just this blog, just above, one of them said i shoul get off the blog and relegate my comments to approaching these abrasive people privately, im sure that will go over well, and on another thread one of them apologized to me for overboard behavior but ensconced in the apology was the exhortation that i should NEVER have participated as an Op in the 1st place, i should never have posted a nanny sighting or pictures on this sight called I SAW YOUR NANNY, so yeah - the habaneros have an agenda of annihilation

2. The HABANEROS generally do not like the purpose of this blog - they are generally nannies and they detest the idea of a blog that posts nanny sightings and they want to discourage nanny sightings on the blog by bashing the Ops on a regulare basis. The habaneros like this blog being a forum for nannies to give each other advice and are usually nice to other nannies but not always, sometimes they bash nanny Ops.

3. The HABANEROS bring hypocrisy to an art form. They thrive on negativity and here is the crux - they are allowed to say any God Awful thing they want and they require you to bend over, grab your ankles and "ignore " them, go some where else, do not talk about it, do not disagree. If you confront them - watch out !

So - as long as they are duking things out amongst themselves that's fine but when they actually hurt someone's feelings then i will say something

habanero souffle' anyone?

I need some icewater fast !

grow up said...

Good lord.. just sgut up alrready.

Manhattan Nanny said...

Strong opinions pro and con can make for a lively discussion, if you can disagree with someone and put your point across without resorting to insults and name calling.
Lately it seems the threads often deteriorate into petty personal attacks back and forth that aren't addressing the original post. This endless bickering between two or three people is tedious to many of us, and one reason some of us are drifting away from the site.

RBTC said...

grow up - the habaneros need to take their own advice and stop getting in my face accusing me of everything from trouncing mentally ill people to being a kiddie porn aficianado

you are an example of the hypocritical aspect - the habaneros have been after my butt for the last few days over and over again - yet you are not telling them to shut up

you can see above that ocean blue could not let it rest - she had to make false allegations including character attacks also which yep- i am gonna respond

so - if we can move her and you along to another thread to go bug other people than me then maybe we can put this one to rest!

RBTC said...

manhattan nanny - let me ask you a question - you are a reasonable person

this small group has been after my butt for several days - JUST for standing up for an Op - that's all i did

i have watched for almost 2 years how this group drives people and posters away by vicious verbal attacks on them - and that's why for the past few days i have just not been able to bend over grab my ankles and take it silently

so - here is the dilemma --if the abrasive group drives people away by attacking them

and kebbie lebbies standing up to them drive people away - then what is the answer?

OceanBlue said...

Nobody told you you were a kiddie porn afficianado.

They told you it was easy for a pedophile to steal the images of the kids you put online.

Images you didn't have the proper permission to post. It is my opinion that a nanny doesn't have the authority to authorize those actions.

The told you it was easy for a pedophile to find those kids thanks to the images and information that you posted.

They were correct.

I'm certain you intentions were pure when posting what you did, but none the less ill advised.

They were correct to point out your error.

I think you have trouble with people pointing out your errors or disagreeing with you.

You interpret any level of disagreement as an attack.

Ocean Blue said...


I never said my opinion was the only one tha mattered.

My whoe point all along has been that you and RBTC and any others that continue to bring up past isssues and carry on drama from post to post are no better than the posters you despise.

Pot meet kettle.

Also you may not like what I have to say, but at leat I always post under my own moniker and don't hide behind a new screen name each time I post.

Anyway I've made my point many times over so I'm done.

Feel free to carry on.

grow up said...

I have never posted on this blog before! I've been following for months but haven't posted before because of squabbles like the one above me. It's pointless and childish. No one is defending the OP's anymore. No ones defending ANYONE anymore. There is just needless babbling that is one step above name calling. Do you understand how badly you are making yourselves look by continuing. There will be no "winner" here. You are all regular posters and commenters and the more you post this stupidity the more your "reputation" is tarnished and the less weight your advice and bitchyness will carry in the future when it MIGHT actually matter.

RBTC said...

i am going to respond to ocean blue-- about the kiddie porn situation

i think it may be possible that you and the other people who made similar accusations are ignorant of how seriously insidious child porn is

to drag my name into kiddie porn in any way is a reprehensible act - if you think that is "disagreeing" no it's not, it's a character assassination

one of the habaneros followed me around to another thread to accuse me of breaking labor laws and inply i need to be sued by laborers

so ocean blue - if you think all that is "disagreeing" then go ahead and think that way - we will just have to agree to disagree LOL

another aspect of the kiddie porn connection is that virtually every person on this site has facebook with pictures,websites with pictures,email pictures of kids etc - so - the question would be - why did the habaneros target me personally as the kiddie porn connection?

very specifically because their agenda is to flame nanny sighting posters because they disagree with the premise of the blog

special note: nashville nanny disagreed with me vehemently and we came to an agreement so yes, i can discuss things reasonably and make agreements

another note: if anyone thinks objecting to have your name linked with kiddie porn is an example of not being able to be disagreed with - google " shasta groene" -- i wanted to find out how she, a kidnap victim was doing and the description of the porn her captor created with her and her brother would make the strongest angel in heaven cry

also - you can watch the adam walsh movie online - that actor does an incredible job as john walsh as he learns what probably happened to his kid

grow up: eventually this will peter out - we are keeping it to this thread since a couple of the habaneros have done with their sport and are no longer following me around to other threads - hopefully that will continue

please post an OP - maybe no one will be mean to you!

DC nanny said...

Wow. I find it really hard to believe that all of the PP's are grown ups at this moment.
I love this site. I have gotten great advice many times, and I've seen great advice given to others.
But the personal attacks, bullying, and cattiness in thread make me sad.

yay said...

I'm glad mannah and phoenix left. They were especially bitchy for no reason. And mannah attackedd an OP. She said she was a terrible employee and accused her of lying about over using the dishwasher. How would she know OP was lying? Was she there? She's so rude. If someone treated her the way she treated people, she couldn't handle it. She's mean & she's a hypocrite. Phoenix is just not smart, arrogant & nasty.

Lyn said...

This is just embarrassing now. "Grow up" said it best. I couldn't agree more. Each post just gets more and more pathetic. Let it be over. Be adults. Move on.

Also, I re-read the post RBTC keeps mentioning. The person in question made a valid point. In a bitchy way. But still a valid point. And then she APOLOGIZED for her bitchy-ness. No one ever called chick a pedophile And even if someone did some how accuse you of child pornography most of us would have forgotten in the past, 18-19 months since the original post. So why keep bringing your own name and child porn up?
This is crazy. Even if Mannah or Phoenix were around still I have a hard time believing they would keep this thread going this long past it's much needed death. And if they did at least it would be interesting to read. What I'm reading here is much worse than anything either of them have said in months.
RBTC, I get it, I really do, BUT you can't accept ANOTHER apology from Ocean Blue on another thread and then continue to be angry about things this vocally. You are just making yourself look 50 shades of cray-cray. You are being exactly what you hate so much, a mean girl. If I were you I would apologize to Ocean Blue for trying to fan the flames. If you're mad, (and once again, I get it) then just let it go and start fresh. But dont take it upon yourself to police every thread. MPP does a great job of that on her own.

I'm posting this at the risk of being picked apart myself. I've survived High School and College without ever being called a "mean girl" but apparently the name calling never dies.

OceanBlue said...

I'll give it one last try.

Nobody said you were making child porn.

I believe people wanted to make you aware that it isn't wise to post photos of children to a very public blog because anyone could access it.

I think people took bigger issue with your actions because you did all this without parental consent.

No one was making light of it.

If people didn't take the issue seriously I doubt they would have mentioned it to you.

I can't speak for everyone else but I don't post pictures of kids online even if I have permission to do so.
I'm not willing to chance that my innocent photos could end up in the wrong hands and be misused, or worse that the photos could be used to some how track down children and harm them.

To sum up:

The photos you took were not porn.

But posting them and the info you did was not wise. You gave all sorts of info to potentially dangerous people even if you did not mean to. Thankfully those portions of your post were edited.

I would say the same to any poster making a similar post.

I've already given you my opinion on how you could have dealt with the other poster who followed you into another thread so that issue doesn't need to be revisted.

I've said more than I needed to say and I'm starting to feel ashamed of myself for involving myself in all this.

I'm officially done.

OceanBlue said...

No apology needed.

Although I will apologize to Nashville. I didn't mean to offend with my beloved comment.

I only wanted to point out how no one in the situation was blameless.

Porr phrasing.

As for RBTC I'm not attacking you and I apologize if it feels that way.

I can't think of another way to explain my position so as not to offend.

Now I am done. I think I will take a much need break from ISYN becoming too invested.

RBTC said...

lyn, with very much due respect to you -

you may have not had the time to read the post above yours

if i am cray cray - why do so many people keep chiming in about the habaneros?

also - after i accepted the posters' apology,which was counched in terms of calling me other names, annoying, bad behavior etc( it was not ocean blue and notice i am not repeating the name ) she went bat do-do on me on another thread - however - she has calmed down now - is attending other threads and is leaving me alone and i am doing likewise - she had to get the bug in her bonnet about me out of her system - i'm glad for that

about the horrible Original post from 18 months ago - i find that REALLY interesting - there seem to be numersous people who remember the nastiness of the various habaneros - yet the habaneros throw out their outrageous comments that are untrue and vicious and then - forget all about it - they don't even remember - it's just what they do

but BOY are you NOT allowed to bring their words and actions up to them - they go - well what's a good word - "cray cray?"

lyn - do you really want this thread to die? i do. I hope after this post nobody else says anything untrue/insulting etc - and it will die

even you lyn - a reasonable person just made a false allegation - you accused me of "policing every thread" which i am not doing

but i will admit to being concerned about the Ops - if i see one being attacked or belittled i will say something

now - several of the habaneros have moved on to other sport - why don't we do the same lyn? - best wishes

RBTC said...

apology accepted ocean blue and i ap0logize also if the stubborn aspect of my personality has caused you frustration - i do not expect a response -- but -- i have not seen this question answered yet --

this blog is called I SAW YOUR NANNY and the owners of the blog ask for nanny sightings and pictures of the kids and nannies --so why do people become members of this sight and then flame the Ops for sending in sightings and pictures?

it makes no sense

i should not have been put to all those accusations for following the instructions of the blog

and - neither should any othe Op

Lyn said...

I totally see why so many Nannies don't like to force their kids to hug each other after issuing an apology now, haha.

RBTC, sorry for making a "false accusation". My intentions were not to imply that you were policing currently, but rather that it would be very easy to misread your words in this thread that make it sound like you were. :) Let's all go eat some chocolate and take a shot. That always makes things better right? :)

RBTC said...

said...see everybody? there are some people that just want to keep this up so we will keep it up on this thread if they wish ;)

said...The reason i brought it up is because we were discussing a group of women on this blog who say nasty things to Original posters and other posters

I have taken a stance that if they falsely accuse an Op/ attack the character of Ops or other posters the rest of us who wish to have the right say something about it

i cited their words and phrases to myself ( about the subject you mentioned) to bolster the point and illustrate how unreasonable their reparte can be

one of them who did it and applied the term you wish not used went pretty ballistic - did not like her rudeness from the past brought up and caused a bit of a kebbie lebbie - so - that answers that

best wishes said!

whaaaa? said...

Who is "said"?

RBTC said...

lyn - if you will accept it - i am now offering you my favorite starbuck - acaramel frappocino with 2 shots and whip cream

yes i can understand i am stubborn - i have a successful company because i will not compromise - sometimes when you will not comrpomise that gets people mad


Lyn said...

Accepted of course! I assure you I won't remember this by morning and hope you feel the same!

And once again, I still want to ride your camel. :)

RBTC said...

i will tell george about you - so you will be in the heart of a camel ;0) - good dreams !

Nashville Nanny said...

Ocean Blue... that's huge of you to apologize and you are redeemed in my book. I apologize for calling you names and telling you to eff off.

This thread makes me sick and I feel ashamed for my (how ever small) role in it. We are no better than those we complain about at this point.

RBTC said...

maybe it's possible we can end it all here on a positive note - that would be my wish!

That's all folks said...

I think a huge part of the problem in this thread and in other posts is that many of the posters on this blog demonstrate a severe lack of reading comprehension.

Couple that with a need for attention and need to always be right and have the last word it's disaster in the making.

RBTC said...

folks - pretty wise - very good - maybe we can put it all to rest !

gee said...

Don't you think it should be up to the OP or MPP to decide if this thread should be closed or not?

That's all foks said...

I'm glad you think so RBTC, and just another coin for you bank of life from one ceo to another.

Sometimes, and in my experience success and the mark of good leadership is not absolute control, being stubborn and refusing to compromise.

It's not in sarcasm or verbosity.

Those things are often a sign of weakness and inadequacy.

It's leading by example. Knowing when to give in and truly admitting when you're wrong, and apologizing sinceerely when you've made a mistake.

Have that and you are a true succes and leader. Find a person like that you are blessed. Become a person like that you are a head of the game in many ways.


Nashville Nanny said...

This is the thread that doesn't enddddddddddddddddd yes it goes onnnnnnnnnnn and onnnnnnnnnnn my frienddddddddddddddddd.... some whackjob started typing it not knowing what it was...... and we'll continue spinning it forever just becauseeeeeeeeeeeeeee this is the threadddddddddddddddd that doesn't endddddddddddddddddddddd..............

RBTC said...

nashville nanny - i would like to say on behalf of "that's all folks" that you must be a very weak person to engage in such loquacious verbosity utilizing sarcasm in your ringing musical soliloquey!! LOL

j/k of course - really funny!

here's what i think - when mpp get's some really good new threads going the p-nut gallery will move on from this one

new threads ! new sightings ! - come to us !!

traveling-gypsy said...

This is one loooong thread. 102 comments, woah. I don't mean any disrespect to those who hve their feelings invested but..this is what I hear.....

That's my banana!
No, that's my banana!
That's my banana!
I saw it first!
I saw it first!
That's my banana!
Its mine!
No, its mine!
That's my banana!
No, that's my banana!


RBTC said...

cool gypsy - i am one of those who would love to hear your traveling experiences !

very good use of poetry/alliteration/irony !

i got one, i got one

To the tune of the BARNEY song:

ilove you
you love me
ISYN's a happy family
sightings and yes pics of nannies
let's all stop smacking each other in our fannies

i challenge someone to come up with a haiku!

RBTC said...

guysy - i had to look this one up - good use of anthropomorphism ! - a literary device where you apply human qualities to animals or objects!

just curious said...

RBTC, I was going to leave this comment in the "significant other" thread but didn't want to dirty it up with yet another comment that has nothing to do with the original post. But the comment in that thread to Umass: "thank you for your interesting contributions"? That and a few other comments made in this "synergy" thread make it sound like you've designated yourself "isyn hall monitor" or rather "blog monitor".I'm not trying to offend you but is seems you've somehow become drunken with power. Since when did you appoint yourself to run things around here? And standing up for all the OPs of posts that get flamed? Its so bizzare.

Does this moniker make my butt look big said...

Wow, it has been a while but I see not much has changed on this blog....I left years ago because of the insane fights and name calling...witch hunts if you will. I miss it dearly but allowed it to get under my skin...had no choice but to give it up. All I can say is...keep posting...despite the fights ..if even one child is spared from a rotten ,neglectful's all worth it!