Roosevelt Island Tram Square - NYC

Today I watched this nanny sit in Roosevelt Island Tram Square on 2nd ave between 59th st and 69th st. for almost 3 hours. Between 1230 and 330pm. She was "watching" a 3 year old boy, who against his obvious wishes, she kept in the stroller the entire time. What makes this a sad sighting is the fact that this is one of the busiest traffic locations in NYC. It sits at the entryway to the 59th street Queensboro bridge. There is constant horn blowing, loud trucks, motorcycles and other insanely loud vehicles all around this location. In addition, the smog from these vehicles is barely tolerable, even for an adult. Whats worse is the the fact that there is a beautiful park along the easy river just two avenue blocks away. Its not far, but it's far enough to escape the air and noise pollution. Moreover, this child could have been playing on the playground or in the sprinkler, instead of being confined to a stroller. It was a very sad sight to see and I hope the parents find this and fire this poor excuse for a nanny.

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RBTC said...

thank you Op for taking the time to notice this little boy and let us know!

blurp said...

I really do not think this is a fire-able offense. Maybe the kid is a runner and that's why the nanny kept him in the stroller for so long. Maybe the parents told her to. OP said that it's a high-traffic area.
Maybe the nanny was told to wait there, or maybe the boy really loves watching cars. If it's such a horrible area why was the OP there for three hours?

Sorry, but this is not a bad nanny sighting. Questionable maybe, but not definitely bad.

♥ Amy Darling ♥ said...

I respectfully disagree.

I think this WAS a bad nanny sighting. Didn't you read the part where the sighter wrote "against his wishes" when pertaining to what the child wanted to do. Besides, it is just mean to leave a 3 yr old in a stroller for three hours. Kinda barbaric if you ask me.

Anyway, great nanny sighting OP and great pic to prove it.

I have seen a lot of nannies at playgrounds, etc. who just seem to be "killing time" with their charges. They may not interact at all and the charges as well as the nannies seem bored.

ericsmom said...

Amy its not just nannies that take kids to the park to pass the time. I take my son to pass the time alot. Yeah it does get boring at times. That is normal. If you are not a parent or nanny you don't know how boring it can get.

well said...

I agree with ericsmom. There is nothing wrong with "passing time" at the park. As long as the children are playing, happy, and supervised...what's the problem? Do they have to be micromanaged every minute...geesh!

DC nanny who is no longer in DC said...

It seems like we're talking about two separate things here.

Yeah, I agree that it's perfectly fine to go to a park to "pass the time". The kids like it, and while it may be boring for the nanny or parent at times, getting out of the house and getting a change of scenery is nice for everyone.

But this post isn't about whether it's okay to find various ways to pass the time with kids, be it at the park, at a book store, etc. It's about whether it's okay to keep a 3 year old strapped in a stroller for 3 hours in one spot.

Of course we don't know the situation. Maybe the parents did tell the nanny to do this for some reason. Maybe the child runs away (still no excuse for sitting in one spot for 3 hours).

But we don't know the situation, so I think it's a very "good" bad sighting. If the parents didn't tell the nanny to do this, or give their okay, it's totally not appropriate. If it were my kid, and my nanny left the house for 3 hours, I would be appalled to find out that she sat on a bench while he struggled to get out of his stroller for those 3 hours.

That's the thing about most of these sightings. We don't know the circumstances, so it's easy to say "Oh well I bet that nanny had the parents permission." "Maybe the kid cries all the time no matter what the nanny/parent does." "That could have been a parent just as easily as it could have been a nanny."

OF COURSE all of those things could be true. Because we don't know the situation. The point of these postings is to alert a parent that something questionable is going on with their child/caregiver. If the behavior was authorized, then no problem. If that child happens to cry 22 hours out of the day, the parent already knows that. But the point is, that if it isn't something that is okay, the parent should know about it.

Maybe "bad nanny sighting" is the wrong phrase to describe posts like these. Maybe it's more like "questionable nanny behavior sighting". Because we, as outsiders, don't really know.

RBTC said...

the smog is an issue also - it could result in copd if - combined with other toxics is done over a long period of time

Beezus said...

NYC = Smog.

nannyinmanhattan said...

Yeah, I know that exact location and it is hot, heavy traffic,congested, loud and generally "bad for a kid" area.
I too cannot understand why she didn't take the child to the nearby waterfront much more relaxing there for her own sake and of course for the child's. She seriously could not have enjoyed sitting there for three hours. Makes me wonder if she was told to wait there, but for THREE HOURS?!??! Come on!
I agree with the OP. Barbaric! I couldn't dream of doing that in a million years!
Definitely a bad nanny sighting.

MissMannah said...

I am interested in knowing if the OP literally sat there watching the nanny for 3 full hours.

Student Nanny said...

Nannyinmanhattan- I agree, I can't imagine why any adult would want to sit on a bench for three hours! I feel like these type of sightings pop up all the time, where the nanny is just sitting in one place with the child for hours, and I'm always so tempted to ask why THAT is their preferred activity? It would be just as easy to sit inside an air conditioned Barnes and Noble and let the kid look at books/play with the toys they have there.

And Mannah, that was my first thought too!

♥ Amy Darling ♥ said...

I just wanted to clarify in my previous post that I completely understand how boring childcare can be as both a parent and a nanny.

When I see nannies at my local park, it seems they just want to pass the time. They have their charges in their strollers while they have an empty look in their eyes.

This nanny left her charge in a stroller for three hours which is very barbaric to me.

Call me an extremist, but this is just mean.

nannyinmanhattan said...

lol@ MissMannah. You have a point there!

RBTC said...

Op - again - thank you for taking the time to look out for this child - let us know any other sightings and update us as you will and you can. You are very brave !! keep it up!

happy nanny said...

RBTC, thank you for encouraging the OP's of bad nanny sightings. I'm sure so many go unreported out of fear of being flamed or at the very least criticised on here. Thankfully, the new policy of deleting troll-ish or rude comments on sightings helps, too!

Nadia said...

DC nanny who is no longer in DC, EXCELLENT COMMENT!

oh well said...

Maybe this was a weird nap time routine? In any case this is exactly the thing I would want to know as a parent. Thank you OP for watching out.

hmmm said...

that is one of the nastier, noisier, bird shit covered locations in all of manhattan. i used to work near here, and I'm willing to bet a hand no parent asked their nanny to hang out there. There is a totally safe cute park in any direction. Totally crappy nanny sighting.

Mrs. Billy Lamar said...

I remember when my son was younger, his nanny kept him in his playpen for hours. She didn't want to pick up his toys and watch him constantly, so she felt it was easier this way. He used to get bored, but she didn't care and since he was such a good child, he didn't throw huge fits over it.

Anyway, love this pic. It is SO clear. This barbaric nanny needs to be put on blast and fired. God...someone just HAS to know her and let us know.

unejeunefille said...

I won't call her bararic or say she needs to be fired.

I will say this sighting warrants further investigation.

Kloe said...

The worst offense here is that this nanny's hair color matches her shirt. LOL. J/K.

No really, thank you OP for caring enough about this poor child to do something about it.
Young children need advocates in life.

RBTC said...

thank you happy nanny - we should all encourage the Ops - this blog can save a child

and there is no question that there are Ops who are not inclined to post because they lurk 1st and see the negative element do the flaming

we can definitely change that!

Manhattan Nanny said...

I assume the OP passed her again 3 hours later, and she was still in the same spot. There are tons of places where the OP could have been eating and shopping in the area including Bloomingdales.

I can't think of a more miserable place to sit for 3 hours on a hot August day in all Manhattan, and I bet the farm no sane parent told that nanny to go sit there.

Good sighting OP.

Someone gets paid to do this? said...

As a parent and grandmother there is no way I would tell my Nanny to take any child to that place and sit for 3 hours. There is smog in CA too but added with the emissions from all those cars and the heat someone would have to be nuts to do that. I don't care if the OP sat there for 3 hours or came abck 3 hours later and saw said Nanny sitting in the same spot with a 3 yr old kid held hostage in a damn buggy in the heat and smog and cars going by . I hope this kids parents see this and do soemthing about it. Excellent post OP

Roosevelt Island Resident said...

OMG, I live on Roosevelt Island and I take the tram every day...they have RATS in that park...once I counted 12 of them at 10 pm (no kidding). Plus come on, you cannot really consider it a park...What the nanny did was obviously wrong but at this point, better having the kid in the stroller than having him playing in such a place!!For godness sake, go somewehere else with that poor kid and let him play!