Name Brand Nanny Cams

I'm hoping to get input on nanny cams. I'd like to buy one but I'm so overwhelmed by the choices. Any opinions would be greatly appreciated. - Anonymous


RBTC said...

on this blog they are going to suggest one to you where the lens cap cannot be removed ! LOL

Tales from the (Nanny)Hood said...

Contrary to the opinions of some people, I think you have every right to use a nanny cam. Are you a new mom just heading back to work and nervous about hiring a nanny, or are you a more "seasoned" mom who feels that something about your nanny is "off"?

Either way, if your gut tells you that a nanny (or candidate) is not the right choice for you, trust your gut. Don't rely on a nanny cam to show you that abuse has already happened. In addition, check references, including googling the addresses or phone numbers to confirm the reference name you are given is the person you'll actually be speaking to about the candidate.

As far as the nanny cam itself, I don't think there are that many differences between brands. Each one shows a limited view of a room. You'll want to either place a cam in each public room nanny and child will use during the day or you'll want to move a single cam around to different locations.

If you are deciding to cam a currently employed nanny, do you have the following sort of language in your current contract?

"Employers reserve the right to occasionally use a nanny cam if they deem it necessary. Nanny understands that she may be taped at any time in any area of the house outside of the (half) bathroom."

If not, you may want to consider how your nanny might react if she found the cam without your telling her she may be taped. Some nannies would be likely to quit in that sort of situation.

If you have just started looking for a nanny, be sure to mention that you intend to use a nanny cam during interviews. That will eliminate anyone who either is afraid of being filmed or who does not wish to be filmed. Then when you have chosen a new nanny, make sure the above paragraph is in your contract.

I hope nycmom (a regular poster here) also sees your question. She's a seasoned nanny employer, and she makes a good case that contradicts mine. I think reading her POV would also be helpful to you.

MissWi said...

I don't get nanny cams
Unless you are on the look for something wouldn't it be a pain in the butt to watch it all?
Tell her you have a nanny cam even if you don't... It's like fake security cameras in stores

♥ Amy Darling ♥ said...

How about using some of that "nanny cam" money $$ to get a thorough background check done on a nanny?

This will less intrusive than secretly filming someone w/out their knowledge.

Nothing like buzz kill for a successful nanny/parent relationship than a nanny cam.

Just sayin'......

Pop in said...

Save some money and start coming home unannounced at different times of the day. Let the nanny know you'll be popping in and out on the regular. Even if it's only once or twice a week she will never know when to expect you so she will always be on her toes and hopefully be behaving professionally.

gypsy said...

I don't have a brand to recommend. But I understand your desire to have that extra layer of protection. As parents, we can not be too safe. I would be hesitant to hire a nanny who wouldn't be comfortable being on a camera. Although there are probably wonderful nannies who wouldn't be okay with a camera, there are also bad nannies that wouldn't want to be on camera, for obvious reasons. Many times, f they have nothing to hide, they would welcome the camera. Because in the case of an honest & hardworking nanny, the camera would only serve as to protect her, should she be accused of something(that she didn't do-of course). I would have the nanny sign something stating she is aware of the cameras. If you are being sneaking & hiding the cameras, when she finds out she will probably quit without notice. I know I would. That would hurt my feelings & I would feel that my employer doesn't respect me enough to be honest with me. Id find it degrading. Please think about how you'd feel if you found out you were being secretly anyone!

Bethany said...

Why get a secret cam at all?

If your goal in having a cam is to protect your child why not get one of those cames that daycares and ither facilities use and put it right up on the wall for all to see?

Bethany said...

1. There are pros and cons to having a cam. I will say just because someone does not wish to be filmed does not make them a bad or lazy nanny.

2. If you are in the process of hiring I would let potential candidates know that there is a possibilit of them being filmed and that you would reserve the right to film them starting at any point during their employment. Have this in your contract.

3. A camera should not be in the bathroom that the nanny uses and if she is a live in the cam should not be in her bedroom.

4. If she is working for you now, I would ask myself why a camera and why now? If their behaviors you do not like discuss them honestly with her and get a change Do you have reason to believe she is not doing her job or harming your children?

If that's the case I think your best bet is to go with your gut and maybe drop in unannounced. You could even have a trusted friend or family member do the same.

If you have a nanny and you do not have the use of a cam in your contract, I would go to her and let her know your intentions.

She probably will not like the idea after all introducing a camera after being employed for a period of time pretty much says your bosses don't trust you ( and they may have good reason to), but I think the situation would be much worse if you to start filming your nanny now and she finds a hidden camera.

I have found a secret camera after being with a family for a long while.

I didn't quit, but left a bad taste in my mouth.

Bethany said...

To answer your question, OP I do not have a specific brand to suggest.
As far as I know one is as good as the next.

Hope things work out for you.

Pennsylvanian Nanny said...

If you need a nanny cam you should not hire a nanny. A nanny cam is not going to show you what happens outside of your house. If you can't trust your nanny, you are not ready for a nanny.

gypsy said...

Just to clairify, I don't believe that a nanny is bad or has something to hide just because they don't want to be taped. In fact Ill retract the word "probably" before "wonderful nannies." Its an easy way, in my mind, to eliminate the bad seeds. Its unlikely a lazy or abusive nanny would agree to being taped.

I respectfully disagree PennsylvanianNanny. Because I feel you should *never fully trust your nanny. Unfortunately people can change over time. They can get hooked on rx pills, develop sleep issues, become distracted by relationship issues. Not to mention there are plenty of situations where nannies put on a show for the parents. But when they leave, they are disinterested in the children. Before these situations affect your children, you can catch & address them early on. When a childs well being & life is on the line, spending some money & time on a camera system would be a great investment IMO.

dory said...

Excellent post, gypsy! I agree 100%.

Pennsylvanian Nanny - wrong, wrong, wrong! Anything can happen at any time, nobody is perfect. And like the PP mentioned, people can change over time: BF issues can affect the care of your child, a death in the family can take her mind away from the care of your child, an injury/illness the nanny may not want to share with you can make her negligent in the care of your child, etc.

Just because it starts out well, doesn't mean it all ends well!

Pennsylvanian Nanny said...

I absolutely believe if you think you need a nanny cam you should just put your kid in daycare or stay at home. If you already don't trust the person that you need a camera to record them you should just save yourself the hassle and put them in daycare.

Are you going to install a nanny cam if your child stays with grandparents, and aunt or uncle, or other family member? Just because someone is related to the child doesn't mean they cannot hurt a child.

A nanny cam is the beginning of the end of your nanny days.

I believe people need to trust their instincts, do some research and develop a relationship with the person or people watching your children and its pretty easy to gauge whether its a show or its genuine.

Dory said...

Well Pennsylvanian Nanny, it seems as though you know everything. Regardless of that, you're still wrong. No offense.

I'll reiterate, just in case -- and irrespective of family because after knowing them your entire life, you SHOULD know who you can or can't trust -- but with caretakers/nannies, there isn't any foolproof way of ever knowing 100% something in their life won't change the quality of care they provide your kids. It can absolutely begin, and for a long time remain, a trusted relationship - but things do happen!

So even if you decide you can no longer have the nanny care for your kids and choose to now, as YOU suggest, put them into daycare -- what's to say something at the daycare won't go wrong?

So, it doesn't matter. Bottom line, go with your gut. If you think your trusted nanny is doing anything wrong, either do an unannounced visit or put up a nanny cam for a week or two.

MissMannah said...

"I believe people need to trust their instincts, do some research and develop a relationship with the person or people watching your children and its pretty easy to gauge whether its a show or its genuine."

We have had many instances here on this site of distraught MBs who thought they could trust their nannies only to find out they had been fooled. They relied on their instincts, and also had done very thorough background checks. You should be very proud that no one has ever had the opportunity to fool you, but not everyone is so lucky. When it comes to little ones, you can NEVER be too careful.

gypsy said...

Trusting your instincts is bad & outdated advice. Studies have proven that when parents rely on their instincts their children are MORE likely to be neglected &/or abused. Your instincts can and are easily fooled. Plenty of people have a clean background check......until they get caught AND convicted. Not having a nanny cam is like not putting your child in a carseat. Just because you've had the car checked out & it has a clean history doesn't mean the driver won't carelessly plow into a brick wall. There is a first for everything. Unfortunately not all nannies have your childs best interest at heart & like I said they can change over time. Just because you have a relationship with someone that does not eliminate or prevent them from abusing your child. How many kids are molested by their parents live in boyfriend & the mom is clueless? Proof that a close relationship with someone is no assurance your child won't be abused. A nanny who has nothing to hide hides nothing. Id welcome being taped. That way if a child came up bruised or something winds up missing, I have proof of my innocence, aside from my own word. PLENTY of parents have been SHOCKED to find their "trusted" & "wonderful" nannies, who came highly reccomeneded & have clean background checks were neglecting &/or abusing their precious children. If that's not proof positive that nanny cams can save lives, I don't know what is.

Fooled said...

Those moms are never clueless they are in denial which is entirely different.

Unless you plan on attatching a camera to the car and your baby, or forbidding your nanny from ever leaving your house an element of trust does come into play.

Nanny cams are one of those things that make parents feel good, but in reality do not prevent abuse.

IMO nanny cams are the result of living in a society that views nannies as low class trash that harm children left in right.

Pennsylvanian Nanny said...

"Nanny cams are one of those things that make parents feel good, but in reality do not prevent abuse.

IMO nanny cams are the result of living in a society that views nannies as low class trash that harm children left in right."

Truth. And truth.

:) said...

I especially liked it when Pennsylvania Nanny agreed with herself.

no cams said...

Penn Nanny said: "If you need a nanny cam you should not hire a nanny. A nanny cam is not going to show you what happens outside of your house. If you can't trust your nanny, you are not ready for a nanny."

Agree 100%!!!!!