Midways Through the Year Raise

Is it ok to ask for a raise after 5.5 months of employment? If it is how would you go about doing so? As of right now my only duty is childcare. I'd be willing to take on additional chores to go along with the raise. I have looked for part time jobs, but none would fit with the hours I have with my current family. I've looked at non-nanny jobs as well  but the hours, wages, and my experience, wouldn't be enough to cover what I need covered. I do not want to quit this job, but unless I get a raise or part time job, I don't see another alternative. - Anonymous


MissMannah said...

Short answer: no.

Explanation: you knew how much this job paid when you accepted it and it sounds like you've made a poor choice. You *might* be able to ask the parents if you can move into a nanny/housekeeper role and be paid more, but I think you'd be better off trying to find a new job that pays more.

EastBayNanny said...

While I don't assume your choice was "poor", I do agree with Mannah that it sounds like you accepted a wage that was too low. With so many parents nickle and diming all over the place, it's understandable. Time to speak up. Talk straight- "I can't pay my bills, and I need to know if you are willing to increase my salary soon, because I'm facing some tough choices."

If you are let go by simply trying to communicate, accept it as a blessing. A new door WILL open- you'll see!!!

Do you mind sharing how much you are paid? It may help those who are considering what is fair pay for their nanny?

melissa said...

Actually, I totally agree with Miss Mannah- you knew how much you'd be making at the beginning. It's way too soon to be asking for a raise. And I would never tell someone I worked for that I can't pay my bills. It makes you look irresponsible. Look for a better fit.

katydid said...

Well I don't know your life or your situation so I'm not going to assume that you are irresponsible, planned, poorly or are greeded.

I know first hand how situations change and you need more money.

If you can I would try to wait until the 6 month mark. It is not unheard of to have contract negotiations and raises after 6 months of employment.

I would discuss the extra duties or see if they can offer more hours.

I would also consider a part time weekend job.

Good luck.

MissMannah said...

I meant poor choice as far as salary goes, meaning she didn't take all her bills into consideration before accepting it. I'm sure the job itself is probably not a poor choice.

♥ Amy Darling ♥ said...

OP, I wouldn't ask for a raise now. It is much too early. I wouldn't ask for a raise until the year mark, but since it seems you need the extra money NOW, your only option would be to quit and find a new job...something that either pays more or is full-time.

You do run the risk however that you may be out of work and luck for a few months as jobs are hard to come by. However, since it is Fall, perhaps many college nannies are going back to school and you can find something now.

I wish you the best of luck.

Tough situation, I know.

EastBayNanny said...

Wow- if not being able to afford our bills making what- 12-14/ hr?!- is irresponsible, then clearly we are a nation of deadbeats. LOL!

I don't think explaining that your circumstances have changed and you've realized that you need a higher income reflects poorly. I think it demonstrates open communication skills and helps determine whether a work relationship is going to work long term. Don't let fear prevent you for looking out for yourself and being honest!

ericsmom said...

Why not ask them if any of their friends are looking for side help. Like on the weekends, etc.

Alot of restaurants may need servers now. Especially, since alot the college kids are heading back to school

pro-nanny mama said...

Is your contract for a year? As a mom I would be annoyed if I was asked for a raise before a year. I would never do that at my place of work, unless I was promoted or directly told to take on additional responsibilities. Asking for additional chores sounds to me like my kid will get neglected in favor of scrambling for extra cash. I have always paid for childcare and housekeeping separately for that reason.

I do agree with the PP suggesting telling your family to get your name out for possible nighttime childcare jobs. I don't agree with the server idea, restaurants can be open late you won't get enough sleep and it could affect your ability to do your childcare job.

well said...

Why not? The worse thing they can say is no. I actually asked for a raise after 4 months and got it. Be specific and ask according to your job performance. Do not say that you need the money even if you do. That is a sure way not to get a raise. Raises are given b/c of job performance not need.

nannywithanightjob said...

Lots of nannies have night time jobs and do just fine caring for the kids the next day.

A job waiting tables or something might be better than a night job caring for kids. OP could make descent money and be in bed by midnight and not have to get burned out watching more kids. WHich in my opinion is more energy draining than moonlighting in another profession.
Honestly I would go for an evening job at a grocery story or as a server. Bartender if you're old enough.

I have found that friends of employers tend to think they deserve a discount for childcare. I have also found that nighttime baby sitting jobs are unreliable and it sounds like you need something reliable.

It doesn't hurt to ask the worst they could say is no. Present it based on your job performance and responsibilities.

I wouldn't up and quit like pps have suggested as that does not solve your income problems.

Keep looking for a job one might come a long. GL.

Hope things work out for you.

op said...

I get paid $400 a week for 35 hours. and $25 cash a week for gas caring for twins. All I do is care for the babies.

Maybe I should have gotten more, but I had looked for a job for months, and needed work and this was the best offer I received.

When I accepted the job 6 months ago, the wage coverd by bills and left some for fun & savings.

I've had a few things come my way the last few weeks that have goled up my savings and my weekly paycheck. Things like getting a car and helping my parents out. My dad is out of work so I am helping him pay bills and my mom is working, but barely enough for part time and caring for my grandmother which is another expense.

It's pretty much a perfect job, and believe me I know caring for the kids comes first and I wouldn't want to take on too much and stress myself out. I figured if I ask for more I should e willing to do a little more. It wouldn't e too much for me to wash the clothes for the kids or fix a meal , or grab groceries.

I thought it would be too soon to ask, and I have been looking for other jobs. I've had no luck and I have looked into everything that I'm qualified for.

Thanks for the tips.

Susannah said...

Less than 6 months is early.

It's not unusual to give raises every 6 months, but that's usually only with longterm positions. If you're contracted for a year asking might not go over well.

Thoguh they might be ok with a small raise since you are willing to do more.

Maybe you can see aout adding more hours with them or their friends/family .

Don't give up on hunting for the second job.

I sincerely hope things turn out better for you and your family.