Marina Park in Kirkland WA

Hi, I'm a nanny and recently observed another nanny while out with my kids that totally shocked me! I was at Marina Park in Kirkland WA when I saw this. There were 3 children who looked to be about 4 years, 6 years and 7 years. I couldn't figure out who they belonged to, I was there for 20 minutes and never saw them interact with an adult and there wasn't anybody nearby. They were playing somewhat dangerously near the edge of the rocks that lead down to the water. And of course behind them was the road.

I was about to go up and ask them where their parents were when they ran off to a young woman laying in the grass about 60 feet away from where they were playing. I'd seen the woman laying there but never imagined they were connected as the woman was laying in the grass facing away from the children and playing on her phone. I never once saw her turn around to look at the kids and she was quite far away from them. In 20 minutes she never interracted with them, checked on them, or even looked at them so far as I could see. As a nanny this surprised and even angered me a bit, I couldn't believe her! The nanny was young, maybe about 23 years old, with dark brown hair. She was wearing a tank top and shorts. I believe the kids were all blonde but I can't quite remember.


♥ Amy Darling ♥ said...

This is a true horrible nanny sighting. Probably just a young college girl looking for "easy money."

This one is quite dangerous since the kids could have either slipped in the water off one of the rocks or been kidnapped from the road.

I really hope this nanny gets caught.

Great sighting OP.

MissMannah said...

That's really scary. Hope the parents see this one!

RBTC said...

thank you Op for taking the time to watch over these kids and take the time to write about it - if you learn anything new - let us know

shrug said...

Hey, I wonder why my post was deleted. I was joking that the nanny was paid a few dollars an hour and had simply agreed to not set the kids on fire. My point is that you get what you pay for. And I bet this is one of those $2-$3 an hour gigs. Seems like an apporpriate comment to me.