Breaking Boundaries

I have a rule that work is work and home is home. I am debating breaking this rule in October. My MB and DB are planning a vacation for their anniversary and plan to leave their kids with the grandparents beginning on a weekend. The kids are 8, 13, and 8 months. It was mentioned to me that the grandparents might need some relief on the weekdays for a couple hours at a time (I'm salaried so yes, the pay would be worth the commute for such a short time) and I happily agreed. However, the weekend that the parents are set to leave, my husband and I have a camping trip planned with his parents, brothers, uncle, and friends of the family. There would be about 8 kids that are 4-15 years old. And its a themed weekend that kids would really enjoy.

I am curious.. should I offer to take the older two kids camping with us? Or is this crossing the lines? I have a pretty good relationship with the family I work for and they have met my husband. I wouldn't expect to get paid or anything either. - Anonymous


travelingnanny said...

If you are comfortable with bringing them then it doesn't hurt to ask. I'm sure the kids would have a great time. My previous family and I were super close, therefore I constantly blended work and home.

♥ Amy Darling ♥ said...

What a nice and considerate nanny you are OP!

I bet the kids would have a great time, however would the Grandparents be okay with it? How long exactly would you be gone?

I say it wouldn't hurt to ask.

Just make sure you don't ask in front of the kids, because I am sure the kids would love to go in a heartbeat!

Why not said...

I run a overnight camp once a week in the summer for my church. The kids I nanny have attended the camp for the last two years and they love it! I think if the parents are ok with it then it's a great idea.

Susannah said...

It's not crossing the boundary lines , but I fear you are setting yourself up for future troubles.

This is your preplanned vacation time correct?

While it's nice foy you to want to lend a hand this can easily become an expectation when you are supposed to be having personal time.

vacation said...

I wouldn't. This is your vacation. I wouldn't want the added responsibility. I would tell the parents I'm not available when I am on vacation. What's the point of vacation to you? To me its to escape responsibility. So this would not work well for me.

Karli said...

It's not that big of a deal in my opinion, just ask! That way you can still do what you want, be with family, etc, and she'll still have child care, and the kids will have fun!

I have a previous charge that I'm still very close to and she has sleep-overs with me, sometimes I take her with me and my neice who's the same age to movies, etc.

This isn't your average job. Lines do get blurred. Sometimes this can be a problem, but sometimes it can be fun and work to your advantage (and theirs) too. :) Nannying can't always be as cut-and-dry as an office job would be. It just comes with the territory.

ericsmom said...

The problem may be with the grandparents. I worked for a family for many years. I take the kids to a park and out to eat not even three miles away. The grandmother was all nervous telling me I had to be back at a certain time or she wouldn't feel comfortable.

I don't know you may be close, but you usually are not as close as you think.

Good luck!
P.S. why take on the additional responsibility. Enjoy the time with your hubby and friends

Also, I never understood parents going on vacation without their kids. Seems kinda of mean to me.

OP said...

Thanks everyone...
And ericsmom this is a work trip as they both work for the same company so no kids allowed...until today I wasn't aware of that I just assumed it was a personal trip
I'll give my husband a couple days to think on it as well

never gonna tell said...

@ericsmom: the parents are planning a vacation for their anniversary, don't they deserve the time away? Anyways, I think the nanny is nice for thinking about offering to take the kids, but personally I would want some time for myself, everyone deserves that.

ericsmom said...

Yes, all parents deserve time away. My own thoughts I couldn't go away for a straight week. Maybe, for a weekend.

Yes, OP is very sweet to think of the kids. I agree with Never Gonna Tell that I would want my own personal time

Does this moniker make my butt look big said...

I am always blending work and family. My charges join us for movies,dinners and family parties. My children have made wonderful,lifelong friends and it allows me more time with all of those I love! Invite them camping...sounds fun.