Toting Twins

This probably sounds silly, but how do you nannies that care for twins carry two babies at once? Or lift two at once? Or lift one then the other? I've cared for babies before but never two at once. I'm about to become a nanny for a set of twins and I'd like to know how you tote two around. - Anonymous


Nanny of many said...

Hopefully they will be on a schedule where one happens before the other. Ie one eats, burps, diaper sleep then start all over again with number 2.
That said I once watched twins who woke up at the same time hungry I sat on the floor crossed legged baby placed on my leg feeding whilst feeding the other on my arm wiith one hand free was hard. But once doing it you will breeze

P&P's Nanny said...

I take care of 10 week old twins. They are on the same feeding and sleeping schedule right now. We often end up on the floor with one on my legs and one in my arms. When I need to lift both, I pick up one, the slide my arm under the other, supporting their neck with the fold of my elbow. This works for now, but honestly it is getting way harder as they get heavier (10 lbs each now). I also will wear one in a baby carrier while carrying the other one. Good luck! Twins are a lot of work but also a blast!

OceanBlue said...

I'm a fan of a carrie for one and the other in arms.

Wheny they are both on the floor or a fat surface I sort of swoop them both up. The twins I care for are on the lighter side, so it;s not too bad.

It gets a little easier when they can hold on back to you.

Nc nanny said...

I cared for twins from birth until 2 and believe it or not you will be able to carry both. It wasn't always easy, but you will be amazed at what you can do when both babies need you ;) I personally thought it was easier when they were infants than when they are older babies. That's when it gets tough. Good luck!!! You will absolutely love caring for them. The twins I kept definitely stole my heart!

I love twins said...

Don't feel bad about asking the mom how she does it with her babies. I nannied for twins & due to different strengths (one baby had more truck/neck strength than the other) and mannerisms (one baby laid content in your arms no matter what while the other liked to buck & fling herself back), the mom figured out a specific way of lifting the babies that worked well.

Magen said...

Hey OP,
I was a nanny for twin boys for almost a year. I started when they were 9 months old but they were born at 25 weeks so they were very developmentally behind, more like 5 month olds. My strategy was to use the "safe" places until I could get them situated exactly where I needed them. Safe places were the pack n play, cribs, stroller (locks on), and high chairs. Another safe place could be the floor/play mat/baby gym if they are not crawling or rolling very much, if they are mobile the floor could be a safe place with an enclosed gate. If they both woke up from their nap at the same time, I would take one from the crib, change his diaper in the room with his brother (to minimize his alone time) and then bring him down and put him in the high chair with a toy (NOT FOOD) and then go get the other, bring him down to change his diaper and then put him in the highchair for lunch. If it isn't lunch time, I would put one in the play area (it has gates) while bringing the other child down. Similar protocol at bath time. I would bring one to his crib (where the video monitor was) with toys to play with while I got the other twin undressed and in the tub, keeping the monitor with me. Then once one was done, I would switch. Their schedules were very similar, with only 15 minutes between going down for naps and having meals at the same time. This allowed me all of their nap times to have personal time and to get done my household duties. Use your best judgement. Never leave a child alone with food because they can choke and you'd be too late, or somewhere they could fall like a changing table, couch or bed. Even if you've never even seen them roll over yet, better safe than sorry. I did the best I could with my twin charges. I almost never carried them both at the same time. I found it helped to be very vocal- telling them where I was going, singing songs, anything to let them know I was coming back to them. Even when they became upset, using the safe place method meant that they would be okay. When you have twins, "you gotta do what you gotta do!"

NanonymouslyYours said...

First off, do not feel silly for asking. If anything feel good for thinking to ask. I am currently nannying for twins and a four year old which I document about in my nanny blog. The twins are now two and I started with them when they were 10 months. I too used safe zones when they were little as much as I could. l would place one twin in a high chair/pack and play, crib with a book do get what I need done.

Now that they are older, they know my technique and are really good and siting and waiting their turn for something..like if I am loading the car. I will have one sit on the step in the garage to wait until I come back (I can see them from my car so they are not at all out of my sight) - you'd be surprised at how much they learn to do just from your routine and technique.
Ask your MB how she does this, try it out and if it doesn't work - try, try, try until you see what you're comfy with.

Good luck!

Ohio Nanny said...

I care for twins who are 3 months old. When feeding them together, I do what one of the other posters says she does -- sit on the floor, with one propped on my leg and the other in my arms.

Rarely will I keep one in the bouncy seat while holding the other. I don't like to do that, tho, because I like contact during feeding.

As for carrying them, when I have a need to carry both (which isn't often!) I use a Moby Wrap.

Google it!