Sex Faux Pas

I sort of walked in on my employers having sex. I'm not a live in so this isn't normal for me. Should I just prentend like it never took place? Has this ever happened to anyone else?


redridinghood said...

I'd just pretend it didn't happen. However embarrassed you might have been, trust me - they are feeling worse!

Bethany said...

Just pretend it didn't happen. As awkward as you feel they feel ten times more awkward. Sex happens as they say.

I'd say you'd only need to speak up if

1.they are knocking boots in places that regularly interfere with you doing your job. For example the playroom or the kitchen.

2. They're afternoon delights are in hearing/view of you and/or the charges

3. They ask you to join them.

Otherswise lighten up a bit. Think about it positivily, they may have just guranteed you another 2-4 years of employment!

OceanBlue said...

Haha! How did that happen?

Teah, don't say anything.

Lyn said...

HAHAHA! Do you WANT to have a formal sit down discussion about what you saw?

Bethany said...

Could you imagine requesting a sit down? Lol.

What exactly would you say?

I am also curious how this went down.

Were they not supposed to be home?

Were you snooping around the house?

Just My Two Cents Just Now said...

@Bethany...good point and funny one as well. Yeah..perhaps this will benefit you when they announce they are going to have another child so you will be needed for the next 2-4 years!! LOL.

Seriously, how did this happen if you are not a live-in? Please tell us. Do you have the key to their house and showed up early one day?

I would not do a thing. Trust me, if they know you saw them, they are probably 100x more embarrassed than you are.

If it were me, I would make a light joke about it...something like...."Hey...could you guys close the door next time?", etc.

That should ease any tension amongst yourselves and shoot the elephant in the room.

MissWI said...

Don't say anything. It didn't happen. That's the proffessional thing to do. When you work in people's homes and you are in their happens. I've almost seen more then one DB naked (baby was in the bedroom and mom was asking me to come get her). I never mentioned it and work went on happily.

But I must say that's HILARIOUS! Not at first I'm sure but once you think about it its really funny.

Katie said...

HAHAHA! Did it look like a good time? Kidding!

Seriously, it's no big deal, you don't need to call a meeting over this. Pretend you never saw them.

A little story for you, a few years back I was working for two WAHPS. I rarely saw them except exchanging greetings in the morning or night and sometimes at lunch. Dad would work out in their gym in the mornings and I would hear him make work out noises.
Anyways, one day after I had worked for them for about a year, I get back from the zoo with the kids. They had both passed out in the car so a lay them down on the couch and let them sleep. I sat down to enjoy my break.
An hour or so passed and the kids were still sleeping. I was bored and decided maybe I'd do a little housework to keep busy.
I go down the stairs to grab the laundry and hear music and dad grunting, figuring he was working out, I should add that he had been ribbing me about my choices in music for few weeks since I told them I was going to a Hanson concert, so anyway I push open the door ready with a comment about Nickleback and I see he & his wife getting busy.

I don't think I've ever moved faster in my life.

It was awkward at first, but it became a running joke between the 3 of us.

MissMannah said...

How can you "sort of" walk in on them? either you did or your didn't!

Chloe Grace said...

I said sort of because I was standing there and I'm not sure if they saw me, as they didn't stop.

And I was not snooping around. My older charges go to camp in the mornings and I drop them off in the mornings.

I get back, and check on the baby who was still sleeping so I thought I would do a few loads of laundry.

I walked into MB & DB's room to get the clothes and there they were.
I left quickly and banged the door on my way out and tripped a bit.

I guess was just taken by surprise.

We have a very formal but pleasant relationship, I do not want them to think I was snooping around.

I just think things will be very awkward between us now.

grossIknow said...

Like the nanny here who walked in on the dad wearing lingerie.....that was NO accident. It turned them on.

MissMannah said...

I would say they probably didn't see you if they didn't stop. If someone walked in on me, I would be so freaked out I don't think I could continue. Unless your bosses are super-freaky and like being watched. LOL, I just wanted to throw that in there to gross you out a little more! Seriously though, don't worry about it. Everyone has sex, it isn't worth getting embarrassed over.

Bethany said...

Lol, Mannah! The poor girl is probably in hysterics and ready to quit now.

Op, I have to tell you your name is very pretty. Chloe is one of my all time favorite names.

Sounds like they didn't see you, so nothing to worry about. I guess in the future if their door is closed, knock first. haha

Susannah said...

Yes, behave as you normally would. There is no need for you to discuss this with them.

No. I have never been in this situation.

I suspect when you are able to recover this will become a funny nanny story that you'll tell for years.

Truth Seeker said...

@Miss Mannah:

No...not EVERYONE is having sex. I am in a dry spell right now sadly. LOL. Just a joke....just a joke....

Anyway, since they didn't stop, they most likely didn't see you. However, since you closed the door w/a bang (no pun intended!!), they might know that you did walk in on them.

I think they were taking a risk hoping they would be done by the time you returned. I read in some magazines (Cosmopolitan, etc.) that some couples get off on the rush that they may get caught and that gets them off. Perhaps your family is like that. ;)

Just act like you didn't see anything. Easier said than done, I know. But what is the alternative here?

Oh..and make sure you always make eye contact during conversations...if you don't, it will be super awkward.

Phoenix said...

just pretend it didn't happen.

It isn't a big deal unless you make it one. I bet they will lock the door now though

OceaBlue said...

So they didn't even notice you.

You're making way to big of a deal out of this.

Knock next time.

foreverythingthereisareason said...

Don't feel awkward around them. Its totally not your fault. Hopefully now they will remember to lock their bedroom door from now on. I believe that everything has a reason & purpose. Maybe just maybe the reason for this is now they'll lock their door & you won't walk in on dad boss & mom boss while they're dressed in doggie costumes having sex. LMAO. Sorry. :-)