Separating Siblings for Special Outings

I work for a wonderful family where I care for three kids ages 11 months, 10 years and 12 years. During the school year it was just me and the baby so she of course got to go different places with me like the zoo and so on. With the older two, I never get complete one on one time. I enjoy concerts and love the water. The older two are old souls in my opinion. They are very mature and practical kids. I enjoy talking with them about my hobbies and hearing about theirs as well. My question is: would it be inappropriate for me to offer to take them to a concert one night minus the baby? I would also love to take them snorkeling or something like that. I usually do everything I can to keep home at home and work at work but I also normally work with kids who are similar in age. I don't want the older ones to miss out.


Taleia said...

It would totally depend on your relationship with the parents. If it's a good one, I say go for it! :) ( and have fun l I l)

Bethany said...

I agree that it depends on your relationship with the parents.

If they view you as an auntie or big sister type it won't come across as strange.

If your relationship is more formal they might be weirded out by the suggestion.

You seem very thoughful.

I woudn't stress yourself out over it, unless the older ones are showing signs they are resentful of one on one time with baby.

If parents say no, try and do stuff with the older ones when the baby is napping, but I"m sure you are aready doing that.

nannytothree said...

I enjoy doing things with my charges outside of work hours every once in a while. While all three of them are close in age, they have completely different interests. I just took the oldest to a water park. The other two would have been too scared to go on the water slides, so it's not something we'd ever do during the work week. I'm going to do something special with the other ones in the coming weeks too. I think it's nice to have some one on one time with them, and I don't think the parents will find it weird at all.

NannyPants said...

I was a nanny for 4 boys for a few years and I always got to do more with the youngest two while the older two were in school all day. I talked to my MB at the time about it and we actually came up with that very idea..I take the older two boys either together or one at a time on an outing of their choice when MB was home to watch the younger boys. They loved it and it was special to have that time with them! I think you should definitely talk to you MB about it!

MissMannah said...

I say definitely! But, like PPs said, only if you have a comfortable relationship with both kids and the parents. It would be ideal if one of the kids' birthdays was this summer so you can do it as a special treat for them. I also think you should frame this as your treat, not expecting the parents to pay for the kids' tickets when you are the one inviting them.