Nanny Share Specifics Needed

I need some advice in a Nanny Share situation that was presented to me a few days ago. I have been working for this family for 2 months now. Little B is 8 months old. I was referred to them by my previous employer. I worked for my last family for 3 1/2 years. They are out of the country on vacation and when they come back N will be going to school full time.

So my new MB just told me that one of her friends is due in September and they talked about doing a Nanny Share. I guess it would start around December, not sure. They just started to talk and MB did not go into too much detail with me (she was leaving the house to go to work). Both moms work shifts at a Hospital, so I guess they can work their schedules so they can both work at the same time. So, my question is have any of you been in a Nanny share situation? (both as a Nanny and as a Parent). How did you work out the details? I don't have a contract right now (I know, I know.... don't tell me). Should I present both families with a "contract" with the specifics of the situation? I know I will (if I do) start in December, and it is still July... but I really would like to think this through very well and see if this will be the best situation for me. Any advice will be appreciated! Thanks :)


bostonnanny said...

I'm on my second nannyshare and have had a great experience. You MUST get a work agreement written up for both set of parents detailing every thing from how to handle sick days/ vacations to what you should if a child is sick. Write the agreement yourself if you have too. You need to figure out your new pay arrangement, benefits and vacation time. Ideally, everything is set anew when the second family joins meaning to treat it as if you started a new position so any vacations you have already taken are reset.
You need to figure out how your going to set up the routine for the the babies and who is going to host. Will the children share food, diapers, toys or will they bring their own?

You need to take control of the situation or your going to get fucked over. Start writing every question you need answered and have a sit down with both families. Most families dont really think through the process and end up having a lot of issues. If you need a sample contract I can send you one. Also where are you located?

MissMannah said...

I haven't done a nanny share but my current job had the potential to turn into one but it fell through, so I'll explain what our logistics were going to be and you can decide if you want to do something similar.

It was going to be my MB and her friend, they both have infants but her friend decided at the last minute to send her baby to daycare. The friend was going to bring her baby over to to my MB's house every morning and I would watch both babies there. (MB is a WAHM) They would share my charge's equipment but the friend would bring diapers and food for her baby. MB wrote up our contract (with some input from me) and it states that I will get $x for one baby and $y for two babies. We wrote that before we were positive if the nanny share was going to work out. If we had done it, the friend was going to pay MB for her half of the share and I get my paycheck via direct deposit from MB. Also, if MB's family went on vacation, then I had the choice of watching the other baby at the friend's house or she could find other childcare for that time. Basically, I still was going to have one main boss but two babies.

I really hope that didn't confuse you!

Handynanny said...

You definitely need a contract. Also, do a salary. Calculate your hours multiplied by your new rate, and whatever that number is, that is your weekly salary. Let the families hash out who pays what percentage. Get a free acct on PayPal, and every week have them direct deposit your paycheck into your PayPal acct. it's amazing, free, and cuts out trips to the bank. You deserve at least 2 weeks paid vacation, of your choosing. You also must make it clear that you are salaried and therefor require a paycheck 52 weeks per year, no ifs ands or butts. You should also have a 3 month review just to go over the situation and touch base, and then again at the 1 yr mark. Nanny shares should provide you with more income than you would make with one family, so make sure you are making that extra bit for sharing with two families. This is my advice as a nanny who has done many a share!

gypsy said...

If you want your position to end in resentment & missunderstandings.....work w/o a written agreement. Works like a charm!

gypsy said...

Gosh, that sounds a wee bit harsh. My apologies.

nycmom said...

Just as a guideline, when I considered doing a share the salary breakdown was roughly as follows:

If one db in one family would pay: x/hr (let's use $16/hr just because the math works)
Two dbs in a share and nanny earned: 1.5x/hr ($24/hr)
Each Family paid a bit less so each family had a $ benefit: .75x/hr or ($12/hr)

I think the key factor in a share is that every participant gets a financial benefit because it is quite clearly more burdensome for all involved on a practical level, despite the potential social benefits. And the nanny should benefit the most because she will be dealing with a greater proportion of the practical challenges by having to deal with the expectations, demands, parenting/discipline styles and quirks of two families instead of one.

However, I also really like Miss Mannah's suggestion of having one family be the point person at all times. This removes a lot of the burden of "working out" the silly stuff to the families and gets you out of the middle of the potential drama there. For example, instead of you having to ask: "if one db is sick, how is it handled?" You can say in the negotiation/temp Work Agreement (then write the decision in the final contract), "Both families will agree as to how Nanny will handle it when one db is sick and Family A will be in charge of presenting and updating that information to the Nanny in writing."

OP said...

Thanks everybody for your answers.

Bostonnanny, I live in SD.
How can you send me the sample contract? should I post my email here? Thanks :)

I do not have a per hour salary. They pay me $x for the full month. Some months I work more hours than others, but it's no more than 5-8 hours difference.

I guess if we end up doing the Nanny share, it would be easier to do a $x/h salary, right?

I haven't talked to my MB more about the share. I think I will try to ask her a few questions (like if one kid is sick, or who brings food, etc) to see where she is at.

I am her first Nanny, and I have to educate her a little. The other mom is also a first time mom, so they have no idea how Nannies work... I do not want to sound pushy or needy when I ask them for things.

Thanks everybody!!

NannyBrandie said...

It is very important that you set up a contract. I would not suggest a salary, but guaranteed hours each week (if the children are sick and don't come, grandparents want to care for them, etc) many families try to save money but just stating that they don't need care that day- that should not be an option!

Agree that if you need to buy a double item, such as a stroller, the families will split it 50/50.

State the hours that each family needs care, and the hours that overlap. If you are in SD i would suggest a pay of 20$ for shared hours- each family paying 10$ which is very reasonable.

State if the families want you caring for sick children, and who is responsible for your payment if they do not want to bring their child that day.

Also if you get paid vacation, make sure that this is in the contract so you don't end up on vacation with one family while working with the other *this is the worst! been there, done that*

Good luck!!!!