Madison Square Park - NY, NY

Madison Square Park, Tuesday July 24th, 2012 at 10:45am 
(During concert in the park) 

Nanny: African-American, short curled hair. Wearing a blue and white gingham shirt and dark jeans.
Son: 4 or 5 years old, curly red/blonde hair. Wearing an orange and navy stripe shirt.

Incident: He had to go to the bathroom, so the nanny told him just to stand to one side of the playground and pee on the fence. He was peeing on a row of strollers, including mine! Then afterwards, he wanted a snack and she handed him a granola bar WITHOUT EVEN WIPING/WASHING HIS HANDS, which had just been touching his penis and had some pee on it. So not only was she having him do something illegal (yes, it is illegal to pee in public like that), she is unsanitary! There is not only a public bathroom at the south end of the park (costs $0.25), there are also free bathrooms in Eataly, right by the park, as well as at several restaurants around the park. This nanny should be ashamed of herself for what she is/is not teaching this child, as well as for how disgustingly filthy she is.
Flaming the OP's of Sightings will not be tolerated. Thank you!


MissDee said...

I am speechless. Maybe because I just woke up. lol

My school age class will ask me to go potty during grouptime or when we are outside (these are the only times they have to ask permission). I smile and say, 'I will think about it' and pretend to think, or 'Pee in your pants' or 'pee on the floor'. They know me well enough to know that I am kidding, and I am careful to use my sarcasm with certain children.

At this age, they have trouble aiming. Yes, they like to pee outside of the toilet. However, they are aware of what is right and wrong, and this is just downright disgusting.

I am curious to know what happened after she allowed him to do this, and did anyone observe this?

Lyn said...

Did anyone say anything to the Nanny about the little boy peeing on their strollers? I am a pretty calm and passive person but I don't think I would have kept my mouth shut about that. Yuck.

I cannot fathom the thought process behind telling one of your charges to pee right there in the open with goodness only know who around. Terrible.

Devils Advocate said...

I'm going to take a huge leap of faith here and guess that maybe she didn't realize he peed on the strollers.

Come on we all know that at that age when you gotta go you gotta go. I have my own son pee in public (on a tree or in a bush) when it is either too far to get to a bathroom or he REALLY has to go NOW! We used to live in a house with one bathroom and the were countless times I sent him to the backyard to pee on a tree because the girls were taking too long in the bathroom.

And the granola bar...big deal. It's not like he pooped and wiped and didn't wash his hands. Urine is sterile. A drop of his own pee isn't going to kill him.

I'm a parent and a nanny and I think this post is ridiculous. (Assuming the nanny didn't realize the kid peed on the strollers)

It's hard to be on an outing and be fully 100% prepared for everything that may come up. Sounds like this was an attentive (for the most part) nanny. She took her charge to a fun concert and came prepared with a snack for him.

Lyn said...

Okay, maybe she didn't notice what her charge was peeing on. But to me that means she isn't paying enough attention to him. IF I were to ever have a charge pee out in the open like that (this is a VERY hypothetical question as I can think of no instance where I would deem that appropriate) I would at least stand up and guide him to a bush or tree or somewhere of the sort. I wouldn't just send him off to relieve himself wherever he felt best. I want to know why she let him pee on the strollers or wasnt paying attention to him when he had his pants down. I don't think either of those things should be dismissed.

Also, peeing in your own backyard (fenced) or out in the middle of the woods is totally different.

BKmommy06 said...

While its not awful, it definitely raises the question of is this nanny paying enough attention to her charge and does she care enough about her job to make better choices. The bathrooms at this park are pretty close to where the concert is held, so if the nanny had chosen to take the responsible route, she could have walked him 10 or so feet to the restroom. I agree, its not a good idea for her to encourage her charge to pee in public since it is illegal. I'm sure if she continues to allow this she'll eventually get a ticket (yes, I have seen people get ticketed in NY for letting their kids pee out on public) and maybe then she'll get it. A $50 fine for not walking few feet to use the restroom will likely get the point across.

Pee-lax About It said...

I'm with Devil's Advocate. Strollers? No. But the rest of it is uptight overkill. Relax.

Just My Two Cents Just Now said...

This sounds like a lazy nanny to me.

I wouldn't want someone like her watching my kid.

Nashville Nanny said...

OMG I remember growing up in NJ and taking road trips with my mom & little sister. I can't tell you how many times we would be on a long ride home, out in the middle of nowhere, and have to pee. Poppin a squat on the side of the road saved many a pair of pants back then. Gross? Maybe. End of the world? Nah. As for the granola bar.... kids pick up more germs on playground equipment than on their own genitals. Relax.

AussieNanny said...

I just wonder why none of the stroller Mums stopped the little boy? If some kid came along and started peeing on my stroller I sure would not ignore it!!

Other than that I think there are times when you can't avoid a quick weewee in bushes or behind a tree but it does sound like there were toilets close by and they would certainy have been my 1st choice. As a PP said I would def get up and try to hide my charge and take him further away so she does sound lazy.

As for the not washing hands I would prefer it done but again there are times when kids eat without hand washing and they live!

Logical Skeptic said...

Yeah, I'm going to call BS on the OH GOD GERMS hysteria. Healthy urine is sterile, and for sure that kid had a bath in the last 24 hours. Calm down, please.

We can debate about whether the nanny *knew* he was peeing on the strollers, but I agree with the above posters--little boys can't aim for sour apples. And if he's 5 years old or so, I'm betting he wouldn't tolerate his nanny monitoring him midstream.

gypsy said...

I'm such a hippie the only thing that bothers me is the possible contact with the strollers. Lol But that would've really ticked me off majorly. However, Id be scared to say anything for fear of the child taking the blame.

I'm a germaphobe but how dirty do you think his penis & peepee is? Not much. Certainly less than the playground equipment and shopping carts, etc. Kids touch some nasty things. I can not even tolerate thinking thinking about it!

Some kids have small bladders & can not wait. Maybe this little guy has a bladder problem.

♥ Amy Darling ♥ said...

Since the OP stated there were both free and paid bathrooms near by, I would say this nanny was just too lazy to walk the little boy over to them. There definitely was bathroom access, but she chose instead not to use them.

That is wrong.

Fire her!!

♥ Amy Darling ♥ said...

You guys are missing the point here.

There were restrooms near by for the nanny to take the boy to.

Instead she chose to let him pee on other people's strollers.

I don't know about you all, but I would be pissed (no pun intended!!) if someone let their kid pee on my child's stroller.

This nanny was lazy and obviously not doing her job.

Don't listen to all these haters.

gypsy said...

Amy, Just because someone has a different opinion than you, it doesn't mean they've "missed the point" & are a "hater." Lol....

Lyn said...

I agree with Amy. If there were bathrooms close by the Nanny should have gotten up and taken him there. Like I said before, at minimum she should have guided him to a bush and shielded him from prying eyes.
If the kid had a bladder issue then the Nanny should have sat closer to the bathrooms.
I really think this is just a very lazy Nanny.

Nashville Nanny said...

Amy isn't so "darling" with some of her comments on here. Just sayin'.

gypsy said...

We all have our lazy moments. Parents & nannies are no exception.

UmassSlytherin said...

I'm sorry. I can't get over the fact that you have to pay a quarter to use the toilet. It makes me really glad that I don't live in NY.

Devils Advocate said...

Where's the like button Gypsy?

Bethany said...

Gross. Yes healthy urine is sterile, but we have no idea if he was healthy. Kids can carry nasty germs to.

If she was going to let him pee outdoors she should have made sure he was peeing on others property. How about a bush?

If he has a bladder problem nanny should have stayed closer to the toilets.

Checking in with him at regular intervals to see if he needed the toilet.

If it's that bad he can walk a few feet to the toilet perhaps he should still be in pull ups.

Nanny is inconsiderate and lazy.

Good sighting.

dixie or death said...

Once I was at the park with my 4 young charges (all under 5). We were in a fenced private neighborhood park that also allows small dogs and I brought my nanny families young puppy with us occasionally.
Well I was getting youngest a snack out of the cooler when I looked up and saw the 3 year old boy peeing on the dog!
Sometimes things things like this happen! Boys like to pee outside-they've probably seen dad do it 1000 times.If this boy was anything like my charge, he was probably proud of himself.
Needless to say, I didn't bring the puppy after that lol

Katydid said...

The nanny told him to pee so this wasn't a fluke.

In our society we've decide that pulic urination is not acceptable.

It's part of a nanny's job to teach proper sociable behavior.

Having your charge pee outside when there is an available alternative just means you are a lazy nanny.

And we wonder why people have such a low opinion of nannies.

Well gals here's why.

leftcoastmama said...

I'm pretty earthy crunch, but I would not be pleased to learn my nanny was having my child pee outside when there were available bathrooms.

Not acceptable in my opinion.

It's one thing when no bathrooms are available and a little one has to go and cannot wait.

It's entirely different thing when there are bathrooms and the nanny can't be bothered to go in.

Also even though many adult men don't wash, you should still teach a child proper bathroom hygenics.

Bad nanny indeed!

gypsy said...


Brit nanny said...

You reminded me of the British phrase "going to spend a penny" because we used to have to put one of the old uk Pennies in the door to open it( public loos )

Chelsea said...

I'm with everyone who has said that, really, the biggest deal is the strollers.

Even if this is a TOTAL stretch for this particular situation, I have allowed my charge to pee outdoors in public before, due to circumstances.

It was maybe my 2nd week with him, and I'd already checked with mom to see if he was the type of kid that needed bathroom reminders (he's 6). She told me he could handle himself.

We went to a park that was totally new to me, and I live almost 30 miles from where I work, so even the surrounding area was unfamiliar enough that I couldn't pinpoint potential public bathroom locations.

My charge came to me almost in tears, with NO warnings prior to that very moment, telling me he had to pee NOW. I scrambled to figure out where a bathroom may be, and when I failed to find anything, and noticed he was actually crying that point, I allowed him to pee in the bushes--and it was truly an emergency. He ended up having an accident anyway, because he couldn't hold it long enough to even get his pants down.

The park was across a large field from an elementary school and across the parking lot from a library, nestled directly between a miniature zoo and a community room. Were there likely bathrooms within a totally reachable distance? Yes. Did that matter when I had all of 2 minutes to figure out which of the 6 surrounding buildings would contain those bathrooms? Nope. It just wasn't happening.

So, bottom line--in my opinion AND experience, letting a kid pee in public doesn't make you a bad nanny. Being negligent enough to not realize that that kid is vandalizing someone else's personal property might, though.