How to Exit Stage Left

So I have a very difficult and stressful situation that I am agonizing over. I plan on leaving my current Nanny job. I love the job and my charges. I have been with the family over 4 years and I am their first Nanny and started when their first child was a newborn. I have never had an issue with them and they are truly wonderful people. But I feel that it is time to move on. I want to move to a different city and their youngest is starting pre school this fall.

I started meeting with agencies and have decided to move in October. However, my MB just told me she is pregnant. The job would be changing to a mothers helper role which I would never do anyways. I was planning on giving my notice the first week in August. I honestly have no idea how to tell her. Do you have any advice how to quit professionally? I have always had the kids grow up and it be a mutual parting of ways. I've never left if I was still needed and I feel this is just going to be awful. - Anonymous


gypsy said...

Have a sit down. Ask,"Do you have a minute? I need to talk to you about something important." Then sit down & talk. Start with the compliments,"You know I love child A & I enjoy spending time with him, nuturing him & watching him grow." By this time she has figured it out what's happening. Then say," I'm so sorry to tell you that I have to give you advanced notice that I've decided to relocate & will be persuing other opportunities." Hand her two things, a from the heart letter & an official two month notice. Remember to request reference letter in your departing notice. Make sure you get it well before you leave so nobody forgets. I wouldn't offer to help her find another nanny btw. That can lead to resentment & a ruined relationship. Should you refer her a lazy or incompetent or worse a dangerous nanny. Good luck on your new adventure!

RBTC said...

you are doing nothing wrong - you are moving! That is completely reasonable - maybe shed a tear and say how agonized you are even though you must move. They sound so nice they will not be like some of these other weirdo people on here who look upon the nanny like a slave

Lyn said...

You could do just as gypsy says. That's probably what I would do. It's always tough to have "the talk". Good luck in your move!

Wendi said...

If you are not leaving until October, but will give her notice the first week of August, you will be giving her plenty plenty of time to find someone else.

Anyway, just let your MomBoss know you will be moving in a few months. You don't need to tell her you are moving on, etc.

I am sure she will understand. She will also be grateful that you are giving her a good amount of time to find someone else.

One caveat:
There is a remote possibility she may let you go earlier. In the event that she finds a nanny sooner rather than later, she may need to let the new nanny start earlier.

Be prepared.

Chelsea said...

I disagree that you need to give her so much notice. I wouldn't give more than a month. You run the risk of ending up jobless earlier than planned, and a month is generous as it is--in any other working environment, only 2 weeks is required.

Like everyone else has said, you've done nothing wrong. Simply tell her you decided to relocate. It's nothing that should offend her or hurt her feelings, so don't stress about it too much. It's not like you could have predicted that she'd get pregnant when you made your decision or anything.