Hiring in Oahu

Hello! I am not a Nanny to others, but I am Nana and Nanny to my grandchildren. I am considering finding a Nanny to replace me and wondering how much it would cost. I need to be working for salary now:( We... daughter, grand-kids (3 and 5) live in Oahu, HI.


Lyn said...

I'm sorry, my reading comprehension SUCKS this morning. I just want to make sure I have this right: You are not a Nanny. However, you take care of your daughters children and therefore sort of work as a Nanny? Right? You are looking to go back to work, to pay for a Nanny for your grandchildren? Is this correct?

lexeael13 said...

im not sure exactly what you are asking as Lyn said but i think you are asking how much a nanny would cost to care for your grandkids? I would say depending on hours, experience, and other responsibilities (driving, laundry, tutoring ie) somewhere from 12-18 dollars an hour. I would suggest looking for a nanny through or sittercity both have helped me

hawaii said...

Nannies are the most expensive of child care options. Because you're monopolizing the nannys time & the children get so much attention.

Personally, I don't like the idea of a nanny so much because the children do get so much attention from an adult. Id rather my children be with their peers. A nanny is great for infants. But once preschool starts, that's when I believe a child care is better. That's just something you're going to have to figure out. What do you want to get out of child care? What can you afford?

For two children, three & five, I believe you would be paying around $250 per week. But I could be wrong. Call local child cares & see what they charge. A nanny costs more. Call a nanny agency & see how much they pay nannies. Then you'll have some idea what you can expect to pay. Also, you'll need to be very specific as to what you want in a nanny. Outline everything. Don't expect her to do housework. But make it clear that she is responsible for picking up the toys, putting their dishes away, etc.

Please let us know how it works out.

Bethany said...

I hope the salary for nannies is better than $250 a week in Oahu!


You can look online for nannies and nanny agencies in your ares and get an idea of the going rates.

Flip1 said...

Bethany, pp was saying how much daycare was as a starting point. Nanny will earn around $15-$20 per hour.

Bethany said...

Oh! Well that's a good thing! That sounds about right for daycare

Flip1 said...

Yeah. For a decent one, although I must say in sick and tired of parents saying "your rates are too high that is what we pay in one week at day care" all I ask is $10 an hour (for older children) don't really need the money as my husband has a good job so I choose to nanny as I love working with children only want to work 2-3 days a week to be independent.