Making a Connection

Parents, do you prefer a nanny leave her phone number in an ad?


Bethany said...

I'm not a parent, but I would think twice about posting my phone number in public. Especially if you are advertising on CL.

I always proide that info when they respond to my ad

If you'd really like phone calls instead of emails. Maybe you could get a cheap drugstore phone just fo that purpose.

I Hate the Phone said...

I never leave my phone number in any response, and I don't leave any contact info on nanny sites. With sites like care and sittercity, you can talk with the parents over email without giving them your actual email. I think this is the smartest way to make contact with someone you don't know.

I always try and encourage parents to communicate with me by email or text rather than talking on the phone. I think it is much easier to get all your points across in writing. And some people won't let you finish your sentences, sometimes you can't hear because reception is bad, or sometimes you just misunderstand their words.

I hate when an MB calls to check in and ends up chatting away with me about non child related stuff. Just text me so I can get back to playing with your kid!! I hate talking on the phone anyway. I would love if I could have text and email communication only.

OhhPlease said...

Not a parent, but I never leave my number in an ad. And I do not give out my number until after I exchange a few emails with a potential employer. I hate when people ask for my number right away or even worse ask for my references info before we even had an interview. I think it's ridiculous that parents expect you to hand out your references' info before you even meet with them.

nycmom said...

No, I would prefer to communicate by email first. If you leave your number, I would not call it if there was any other email option. Even if your English is perfect, I would like us both to present an outline of what we are looking for in writing before proceeding to talking and meeting. Phone calls are awkward and have the potential for tons of missed information early in the process.

I also agree that I would never check references early. In fact, I usually check references right before (if I am going out) or after (if I stay home) the working trial.

Truth Seeker said...

If I was eagerly searching for an ASAP nanny, I would prefer a phone number so I could make contact quicker.

As a nanny, I have my phone number in my Care and sittercity profile and have had parents call me directly and I am cool with that. However, I would NEVER post my phone number # on CL. Too risky.