4yrs. Experience Rate Range

Based on your opinion and the region of the USA you live or other countries what is a fair hourly rate range for a nanny with 4 years of experience caring for children from newborns to age 6 including twins. No degree.


nycmom said...

Depends on the kids and other duties you are being asked to do. In a major city, $15-20/hour. In a less expensive area, I could see $12-15 being the norm. But again there is a vast difference between newborn twins with laundry, errands, and crazy hours vs one 3yo in preschool part-time with no household responsibilities apart from leaving the home as you found it.

Chelsea said...

I don't think you provided enough information about the nanny to estimate that. Years of experience with different age groups is wonderful, but it's not all that the rate is based on--certifications, any form of extra childcare-related education, degree or not, number of children being cared for, ages of children being cared for, and actual duties (particularly if there is extra work around the house) really matter.

I'm in the California Bay Area, and I've made anywhere from $12-$19 an hour. I have about 4 years of full-time nanny experience, 8 years of childcare experience in general, CPR and Pediatric First Aid Certification, no degree or college credits, experience with most ages, and I've never cared for more than 2 children at a time in a nanny situation.