1) Childcare Needed - (Fresno) Single Dad needs child care for my children I have 4 I need someone who is great with kids someone who is very attractive and fun!!! Email me and tell me about your self and experience and include two personal references to be considered for this position if your a good fit then this may turn into a long term position. Looking for a trade of services for compensation including generous salary must include pic to be considered. _______________________________________________________________
Submitted by Anonymous. Thank you!

2) Manny or Nanny Needed - (Oakland Hills) We are offering free room and board in a spacious family home with large yard in exchange for nanny services. Duties would include, picking up our child from school most week days, making a snack and preparing dinner for 4. Help with school work and engage in activities other than watching television or movies. Arrangement also requires someone who could be available to babysit 2-3 Saturday evenings/nights per month. Must have reliable, insured car. We will reimburse for mileage and cover regular oil changes. Our ideal candidate could be a man or a women who is bi-lingual, enrolled at Mills College, has previous childcare experience and has completed 1 or more courses on human development. Any qualified applicant will be considered. _______________________________________________________________
Submitted by Porky Pig. Thank you!

3) ISO: Nanny for older children - (Madison) My household has four children ages 10, 13, 14, and 16. Looking for someone to start July 16, had sudden job offer. Savvy and smart, but kind and loving. Get them going, feed them, restrict internet use and support healthy discipline. My children all involved in sports and activities, so need to transport. Have two fully insured vehicles. Flex hours, looking for 3-4 hours a day to start, 100 a week for two weeks, then re-negotiate. Communication is paramount to me, and I'm easy to talk to. We live six blocks from our church, and are very involved. Thanks! _______________________________________________________________
Submitted by MissDee. Thank you!

4) Military family in need of nanny/babysitter - (Chicago) I am currently looking for a sitter that's able to assist in child care for my two children ages 4 and 7 in our home. This position would be Monday-Friday 3pm-12 midnight starting Monday, July 30th and would only be a two-three month position. No need to cook meals as I would make sure dinner is prepaird before I leave, but my 7 year old would require a little homework help. Please do not reply if you're on the fence or not 100% sure if this is something you really want to do beacuse I need someone with strong dependability. I don't have much to offer other than $300 every two weeks (can pay on a weekly basis as well if preferred) Looking for an experienced sitter preferably age 21+ if interested please reply to post. Thanks for reading! _______________________________________________________________
Submitted by MissDee. Thank you!

5) Need childcare ASAP - (NYC) PLEASE READ ENTIRE POST BEFORE APPLYING. I need to find a sitter asap for my sweet boy that will soon be two. I have been a stay at home mom ever since he was born and I am going back to work this week full time. Ideally, I would like to find a sitter that has a toddler of their own for him to play with, or someone that watches another one that he could play with, but this is NOT a requirement. I just need to find someone that can start as soon as possible.
THINGS YOU SHOULD KNOW: I'm 24 years old, and a single mom. We just recently moved to the city two months ago and I have a son who will be two this September. Up until now, I have been a single, stay at home mom so this is my first time out working since my sweet boy was born and the first time I have needed the help of a sitter. Right now, my funds only allow me to pay $100-$125 a WEEK for child care and I need someone to watch him full time as my hours are long. Once I'm able to get some hours in at work and start getting paid and my finances squared away, I will be able to pay a little more. I'm in the middle of court battles with my son's father, so things are extremely tight right now. I apologize for all of the information, but feel that it's important to get everything out there that way if you decide that you're still interested in the position, we are both on the same page. If you've made it this far, I appreciate you taking the time to read this thoroughly. If you are still interested in helping us, I would love to answer any questions you may have. _______________________________________________________________
Submitted by Anonymous. Thank you!

6) Needing Babysitter! - (Chicago) my name is samantha im a single mom right now and I am in need of a sitter for my four year old daughter and 10 month old son. I have been screwed over a ton by lots of people so I am really looking for someone that is reliable and honest and dependable. I will be working at the crown point wendys 4-5 days a week, 2 days but some closes which is 4pm-1am. please call me at 219-992-**** or my cell 219-246-**** I can pay up to 20 dollars a day. This is just so I can have a little extra money on my check.
Submitted by MissDee. Thank you!

7) Childcare/Babysitter Needed - (Ocala) Looking for dependable individual to care for our toddler 2-3 days per week 730am to 500pm; our home or yours. Pay is $25 per day, we supply everything needed. Currently working on potty training, but still in diapers. Applicant must have references and be willing to submit to drug and background screening. Prefer pet free, MUST be smoke free!!!!! Please email your information including a brief narrative about yourself and we will contact you for an interview! Post will be removed when the position is filled. _______________________________________________________________
Submitted by Porky Pig. Thank you!

8) Nanny Needed - (CA) Hello, I'm looking for a nanny to take care of my 10yr old girl & 6 yr old boy. They are great kids! I'm looking for a nice lady that would take good care of my kids and keep them entertained! We live in a townhouse complex in Moraga. Ideally this person would take the kids swimming in our community pool, library, and park. I need you to be willing to make meals for my kids and do some cleaning. We don't have a big place so it won't be a lot of work. I pay $10/hour and up to 20hrs/week. The hours are flexible but I need someone dependable. I want someone to start soon. Lastly I would love it if you spoke Spanish! I want my kids to be exposed to Spanish as much as possible as we are a mixed family. If you are interested please reply to this posting or call me at 510-334-****

Letter from Nanny written to the OP of Ad: What exactly do you mean by cleaning? Its standard for us nannys to expect to do child related cleaning. Such as: picking up after the children, doing the childrens dishes, making sure toys, books, games, etc. are put back where they belong. However, additional cleaning such as cleaning up after adults and deep cleaning such as laundry, mopping, dusting, etc. are not what nannys expect. A nannys primary responsibility is always the kids. As any parent and nanny knows, kids of any age don't allow for a whole lot of downtime. Nannys, like any other hard working person expects and needs breaks to regroup, relax and recharge. As a nanny, I start my fees at $10/hour. As a house cleaner, I charge $25 an hour and give my full attention to cleaning. Deep cleaning is physically taxing and doing a good job requires not being distracted. In all honesty, I'm trying to help you realize that your dream of a nanny who will also clean your house for free is highly unrealistic. However, in todays economy you might find a desperate and un or underemployed person to agree to work under these conditions. Here is where your problems will arise, there will always be another nanny position that pays appropriately and has reasonable expectations. Therefore, you're going to find yourself in a vicious cycle of replacing nannys who suddenly quit on you, for no apparent reason. If you want a nanny by all means hire a nanny. $10 an hour is on the low end of the pay scale. Especially for the San Francisco bay area and for two children. But you might be able to find one. And I hope you will. But as long as you expect her to clean without compensation, you will never be able to retain her. Something better will always appear on the horizon for her. The bottom line is, your children won't have consistancy. Your nannys will feel over worked and underpaid and undervalued. You'll feel frustrated and dissapointed because afterall, they agreed to the (low) pay and (unreasonable) working conditions. Expecting a nanny to tend to household responsibilites that are not child related is nothing new and your not the first well meaning parents who dream of a nanny who also cleans (for free). This is referred to in the nanny world as "job creep" and its at the top of the list as to why nannys quit. Some ideas to prevent this are: pay $10/hour for child care and $20/hour for deep cleaning. Or pay per chore. $5 per load of laundry, etc. You've got to be specific as to what chores are "nanny" and what chores are "house cleaner" and pay appropriately.
Submitted by Anonymous. Thank you!


Sarah NY said...

I want to know which one of the girls here wrote the last bit and submitted it cause I want to thank them. Seriously the ads are just ridiculous and parents really need to be put in their place sometimes!

Bethany said...

#1 is disgusting!

#2 Where are these parents and others getting the idea that it's ok to ask for free labor. Seen too many of thes adds lately.

Beezus said...

Good luck finding someone who will pass a drug test and work for 25.00 a day-especially in Florida.

Adele said...

Eww...the first one sounds like a creepy father. I wouldn't answer this ad if you paid me a million. "In exchange for services??....."

It is very easy to read between the lines on this one.

UnderTheWeatherMissDee said...

I am wondering if he made arrangments to "trade services" with the nanny when he was married....

He may need a nanny, but in reality what he needs is a reality check, because what he wants is a prostitute. Gross!

Bethany said...

He's probably watched too many pornos with the dad & babysitter storyline and assumes that's reality.

Lindsay said...

I submitted number 5. The ad is actually from NYC. Forgot to add that. Sorry!

Melanie Raye Castor said...

The first one completely wierds me out.

gypsy said...

I emailed that letter to the last family. $10 an hour for two kids, that you have to transport in your own car & you have to clean the whole house??? Nuts.

Thanks, Sarah NY

MaryPoppin'Pills said...


Not sure how I got Texas, lol... I think there was a neighborhood mentioned somewhere in the link, I Googled it, and Texas came up.

Thanks for clarifying!

Dr. Juris said...

How does #2 expect their nanny/housekeeper/domestic slave to pay for gas, her car, her car insurance, her tuition, her bills, or ANYTHING ELSE if she's going to school and filling every other waking moment working for them? RIDICULOUS.

Kate S. said...

I just want to say...Samantha- GET SERIOUS!

wow said...

No wonder the lady who works @ Wendys keeps getting screwed over. She pays less than $3.00 an hour! I don't even think a crackhead would work for that much.

fed up said...

I'm sorry but the meth/crack heads who will be desperate enough to respond to these ads will even be offended at the pay and the list of responsibilities.

I have seen wayyyyy too many of these kind of ads for NYC parents. They are so completely unrealistic with their expectations and demands and they want it all on top of having a full time maid/servant to pay such a small amount. And for the love of all things cute, could you stop job creeping us nannies? Thanks! We are there for your kid! Don't just expect us to clean your house, cook, and run errands because "We are there' and we should. Yeah, because taking care of kids really is not hard at all right? Oh but wait, you want us to never put the TV on and make your kid into the next Mozart AND have all the house sparkling for a few bucks. Get real , and stop wasting our time and thinking we don't deserve to be paid well or hell even fair!

Anonymous said...