1) Adult Baby Looking for a Mommy - (Canada) I'm an 8 month old adult baby who loves wearing thick disposable diapers, wearing all baby clothing and using all baby items. I am looking for a mommy or babysitter to show me all the love and care that a real baby gets this Canada Day long weekend. I am open to ways I can repay the favor. Sorry I cannot host, but I do however have all the necessary baby items. Baby Chris. *This ad included pics (NSFW): (
Submitted by Porky Pig. Thank you!

2) Full time experienced baby Sitter/Nanny - (Lawrenceville, GA) I am seeking an experienced, dependable, responsible and respectable baby sitter to care for my 15 month old daughter 5 days a week M-F 6:30 a to 6 p in my home. Occassional weekend care part time might be needed too. There might be times when I will need you to stay with her overnight or late but that would be in the future. I am willing to pay $85 a week. Must have own transportation for outings to the park. If interested, please send a detail e-mail about yourself, location, experience and any other pertinent information with references.
Submitted by Porky Pig. Thank you!

3) Overnight Nanny Needed - (Providence, RI 02908) My work hours are crazy, from 6:30p.m. to 2:00a.m. (sometimes longer or shorter) Wednesday through Monday. I am looking for a sitter for these hours who is reliable and kind. My son is 19 months old and is very active. He is quite the ham. He has been through a lot in the last year and I want someone who isn't afraid to be sweet and affectionate towards him because he is such a love bug and really needs positive attention when I am not home. You also have to have a lot of energy and not be afraid to act ridiculous. I am able to pay $600 a month for the hours I am asking for. Granted, most of the time he will be sleeping and you can also sleep as well, and also some days I may not need you until later in the evening or at all. I am in the middle of a divorce so the amount of help I will receive from father is yet to be determined. Though this is only $25 a day which doesn't seem like much, if you're needed all 6 days (which is almost always) that's $150 a week in which you have to do very little. This is $600 a month extra income under the table. You would be coming to my home and would feed him his prepared dinner, bath him, play with him, and put him to sleep. After that you can sleep yourself or I have cable. Basic cleaning up is also required (putting toys away, sweeping up any messes, washing the dishes used - common sense stuff). I'm really looking for someone who doesn't have much going on in the evening (doesn't like to party or would have issues at home). I lost my last two nannies over man troubles, so if you have man problems in your life please don't apply. My son needs to have someone that will consistently show up, that he can depend on, that is not on the phone, or in a bad mood. If you decide to apply please realize that you are not only applying to supervise a child, but to supplement the joy that I would be giving him if I were able to be home myself. There are occasional overnights (not more than one weekly) where I would compensate you an extra $40 for staying. If you have any questions PLEASE ask, and if you have any concerns about you being a right match or not also bring those up. This would be long term, and you will be considered part of my family. Interviews will be done immediately and will be done during the day, so first come first serve. Please include a time you'd be available in your message.
Submitted by MEEBO guest. Thank you!

4) Weekend Babysitter Needed - (Madison, WI) I am looking for someone to watch my 7 and 9 year old boys from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. on Saturdays and/or Sundays for the next two months. You can come to my house (preferred) or I can bring them to you. I can also pick you up and bring you to my house if you don't have transportation. I think $10/day is fair since it's only three hours and they're pretty much old enough to take care of themselves. If you're interested, please email me. You can start as soon as tomorrow if it seems like a good fit. Thank you!
Submitted by MissDee. Thank you!

5) Nanny - (Mills River/Brevard area, NC) I am looking for a mature young lady that can be trusted and has trasportation to watch my children for the summer. This job would include taking care of my 10 and 11 yr old daughters. Light cooking and just having a fun time and taking them places while my husband and I are at work. Would prefer someone that is First-Aid and CPR certified with excellent references. Pay would be $100 a week and you could help yourself to food aand drink for lunch while at our home. If interested please send a resume or letter of interest along with reference to the above email address.
Submitted by Anonymous. Thank you!

6) Cleaning person/Nanny - (Holbrook, NY) Cleaning person/nanny needed to split duties between office and homes. M-W-F 7:30-4:30 to start. Will lead to full time with occasional weekends. Office duties include: windows inside and out, floors, bathrooms, vacuuming, garbage removal, warehouse floor, etc. Home duties include: full cleaning daily inside and outside, laundry, food shopping, lite cooking, occasional watching of children 5 and 12. MUST BE NON SMOKER!! Some English preferred. Must have clean license and own transportation. IMMEDIATE START!! Compensation: $9 per hour.
Submitted by Anonymous. Thank you!

7) Mary Poppin's Meets Aunt Bee - (Denver)
Wanted a nanny for two adorable children
If you want this choice position
Have a cheery disposition
Rosy cheeks, no warts!
Play games, all sorts
You must be kind, you must be witty
Very sweet and fairly pretty
Take the children on outings, give them treats
Sing songs, bring sweets
Never be cross or cruel
Never give us castor oil or gruel
Love them as a son and daughter
And never smell of barley water
If you won't scold and dominate them
they will never give you cause to hate them
they won't hide your spectacles
So you can't see
Put toads in your bed
Or pepper in your tea
must be able to cook well,
light cleaning, flexible schedule.
Possible overnights, clean driving record, must pass background check.
Hurry, Nanny. Many thanks!
Preferably above age of 50 
Submitted by MEEBO guest. Thank you!

8) Nanny/Housekeeper Needed - (Chicago)
Hi! We're looking for a super nanny to care for our 14 m.o. son and newborn son (not arriving until December 2012). Hours are Monday-Friday 7:30AM-4:30PM. Our preference is to find someone who can work a flexible schedule during maternity leave and during the summer months. Full time opportunity available beginning at the end of August. If interested, please reply via email with a phone number and resume.

Characteristics we value in a nanny include:
-problem solver
-high energy
-awareness of child development

Years of experience are not required, although a willingness to learn and some experience is necessary. Driving is not required, however, it is preferred if you have your own car on the rare occasion you may transport our children somewhere. CPR certification or willingness to obtain is required.
Duties related to childrens care include:
Children & Parents laundry
Preparing all meals for children
Cleaning up after meals
Keep toys organized/clean
Load/Unload dishwasher
Vacuuming play areas
Maintain daily log
Baths every other day

Additional household duties:
Maintaining a clean home (all inclusive)
Run some errands
Grocery shopping
Meal planning with parents weekly/preparing family meals

We're a laid back family, looking to add another member who is reliable, fun, flexible, self-motivated and has a passion for kids! Hourly rate = $10.50/hour.
Submitted by MissDee. Thank you!
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Bethany said...

#1 adult babies freak me out possible more than anything in this world. *Shivers*

#7 I think is sort of cute,but I'm also a huge Mary Poppins fan. I'd apply if I were in the area just to meet them and learn more about what they're looking for.

MaryPoppin'Pills said...

#7 was definitely picked for it's "cutsy-ness"! ;-)

Laura said...

Number 1 just freaked me out... a lot. Some of these don't sound too bad, but the prices the parents are willing to pay is insane, and with the hours they're suggesting, getting another job to supplement your income would be impossible.

Teacher in a Combat Zone said...

OMG- DO NOT click on the link for #1. I do not think that I will EVER get those images out of my head. I'm actually creeped out right now.

The other ones-- seriously? I'm usually inclined to ignore the posts where parents are just offering an absurdly low amount, but when parents try to justify their rate because the job is "so easy" or "it's only 3 hours and the kids basically take care of themselves", I get ticked off. Please don't insult your prospective nannies by attempting to justify being a cheapskate. Oh, wait, no true nanny will accept a position that only pays $85 a week.

Beezus said...

Beverly Hill Nannies/Mannies premiers tonight lol. They all look so fake!

Wendi said...

Oohhh Chris...sounds like you have a baby sexual fetish. You freak! It's people like you that make people like me lock my doors @ night. Yuck!!

Love the Mary Poppins Ad. I think it is very creative and most definitely stands out from all the other Help Wanted ads. I see myself applying for that one. ♥

Again...the rest are cheapskate parents who try to justify their cheapness by stating either the kids can basically care for themselves (then why don't they??!) or that you are welcome to sleep there which = doing nothing at all.

I shudder to think who is going to apply for these ads. Probably someone like Chris (above.)

Just weird.

princess said...

I just cant wrap my head around this crap. In what world is that 4$/hr crap logical to anyone?!?!

MissMannah said...

The Baby Chris ad was in the personals section. I was almost flipping out when I read it because I thought he had posted it in the childcare section. But you know, whatever people want to do behind closed doors is fine with me as long as it is consensual.

Aries said...

Im trying to to figure out what #1 means by -i am open to ways i can repay the favor-. i wanted to barf when i read that.

TiredMissDee said...

I wonder how he was able to find diapers that fit his bottom? I wasn't aware of Huggies, Pampers and Luvs in adult sizes.

Lyn said...

I haven't even made it past the first one yet. Holy cow. . . Just, wow. I literally choked on the apple I am eating when I saw the pictures. Where do you suppose a bigger guy like him even FOUND infant themed diapers in his size? Are American babies really getting THAT fat? lol!

Oh Baby said...

I wonder how he was able to find diapers that fit his bottom? I wasn't aware of Huggies, Pampers and Luvs in adult sizes.

There is an entire profitable industry that caters to adult baby fetishists. They will provide you with adult-sized babyish diapers, pacifiers, bottles, bibs, footed sleepers, CRIBS, HIGH CHAIRS, BOUNCY SEATS, etc.

There is a TV series called "My Strange Addiction" where one of the people profiled was, in secret life, a full-blown adult baby. Her bedroom was set up as a nursery with all the usual baby stuff, except that it was adult-sized.

Bethany said...

Dear God! Why did I click on the pictures? My eyes!

Katie said...

1. Do adult babies go in the diapers, or do they simply where them around?

What happens to a person that makes them want to be treated like an infant?

2-6 & 8 Same old shameless cheap parents. Seriously $85 a week!

7. Darling!

Tina Marie said...

I am too scared to click on the pictures of #1. LOL.

Mistress Leigh said...

Katie said...
1. Do adult babies go in the diapers, or do they simply where them around?


To answer your question Katie, yes they use the diapers. I'm a fetishist myself (NOT into "infantilism", which is what this is called) but am a Domme, so I'm familiar with several different fetishes and what they entail.

An interesting link for the curious ones:

Nashville Nanny said...

awww... I love #7. said...

1.) When I had an in home family child care, I received about one call per year regarding adult babies. When they look in the child care section, they're looking in the wrong place. We all do child care for our own reasons, but none are to fulfill someones fetishes. I think this guy posted his ad in the adult section, I'm not sure. I'm too close to bed to click that link. I need my sleep. Lol

2.)$85 a week to drive to someones house & care for their toddler all morning & all afternoon, into the evening?? How can anyone survive on such tiny income? By law, they are required to pay their nanny minimum wage. And time and a half for overtime. Only a crackhead would work for that amount. Because even a job at fast food would pay more. This job will attract people who can't find work anywhere else. How scary.

3.)Of course she lost her last two nannies over "man trouble." What mature person would accept a job like that? The pay is insulting. The hours suck! She should be paying more bc the hours are so bad. Who would want to be @ someone elses house everynight & half of the time you're supposed to be sleeping. So your entire life is messed up. She needs to double what she is paying. If she can't afford a nanny, she should look into a home child care, with flexible hours.

4.)$1.80 an hour per child? Who cares if they are independent. They still need to eat, drink, be supervised & engaged in activities. If I cared for them, Id be spending more on food & supplies than Id make. I wonder what kind of people accept jobs like this? The pay is required by law to be minimum wage. How can they not know this?

5.)$100 a week full time, two kids? No way.

6.)How often will the children be there?? Cleaning jobs pay double than a nanny job, on average. Someone is cheap.


8.)Errands, grocery shopping, meal planning & the parents laundry are NOT child care related duties. $10.50 an hour??? Hell no. With a newborn & a toddler, they need to pay $20 an hour & hire someone else for the NON-child related duties. And what's with the daily log? It sounds to me like they want a slave!

Seriously!!! said...

#4... Are you kidding me right now?!?!? This is seriously real?!?! TEN DOLLARS A DAY!!!!! What planet do you live on????? That won't even cover the gas to get to and from the job!!!! Omg!!! That's $3 an hour?!?! Gee, thanks for your generosity! Here, let me help you reword your ad: "looking for a babysitter to sit on her behind for a few hours. Please, pay no attention to the children, just text away on your phone and computer and I'll give you a whopping $10 for it!!!" That's quality care right there!!!! Let's take bets on how often that parent will even be home by 2pm!!! No, mom will come home at 5pm then hand you a $10 bill. Awesome...

AllergyRiddenMissDee said...

Must Be Crazy: You said exactly what I was thinking when I read the ad. I posted a response to the ad, and can't find it. In reponse, I got called an idiot by someone I am guessing who is the parent and op of #8. Between all the things they think a nanny does (they haven't a clue) when will their children spend time with the nanny?

Seriously: I was going to apply for number 4, only when I read $10/day, I didn't open my email. Doesn't matter how old they are or not-I work with children in the same age group and that doesn't mean they don't need an adult around or guidance.

♥ Amy Darling ♥ said...


Clicking on the link for number one may cause you to either lose your appetite and vomit uncontrollably for the rest of the day or go blind in both eyes.


Eww....I wish I could take back the last two minutes and skip over that blue link.