Employing an Expiration Date

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Hi everyone, I have a quick story and question! About a year ago I babysat for a family whom I thought was very interested in hiring me. At no point in time did the mother mention that it was a trial run or anything, but I sat for them once, and then never heard from them again.

Flash forward 3 months later and she sends me a text message that says "Hello ___, this is ___'s mom, I have a proposition for you. Call when you get a chance." Initially, I couldn't even remember who she was, but then it all came back to me. I thought the text was totally out of left field, and honestly a little rude, so I ignored it. About two weeks later she sends me the same text and I responded very nicely stating that I was already employed by another family and thanked her for her consideration. My question is, how long is a normal length of time to wait for a family to get back to you about employment? A day? Three days? A week? And also, how long is TOO long for a family to get back to you? Personally, I think one probably knows if a potential nanny is the right fit for your family the second she/he walks in the door. That connection is either there, or it isn't. What are everyone's thoughts on this one?


la said...

She probably had a couple people in mind before you that did not work out. You were probably her second or third choice. I'm sorry if that sounds mean. It was not meant to be offensive.

This sort of thing has happened to me before. I interviewed for a family and didn't hear from them for Weeks. Then I get a call on Sunday saying "hey! You got the job! See you tomorrow!"

paper plate said...

Yup, I agree with the above poster.

No insult intended, but they probably went with someone else who didn't work out, and you were their back-up plan.

It doesn't need to be something negative -- a job offer is a job offer. I you need the work, accept it and don't take it personally.

Just My Two Cents Just Now said...

I agree that she probably had another Nanny, but things didn't click so she contacted you. This isn't necessarily a deal-breaker in my book, so if you really need a job now, I would look into it.

SeattleNanny said...

I agree with the above posters that being second choice does not make it a deal-breaker, however I think what you are picking up on here is a big red flag in regards to MB's communication style and tact. I think it is really rude to invite a candidate to your home and never let them know either way. It is a cop out in my opinion. I am sure they liked you but decided to go with someone else. That is fine, but if she wanted to have you as a back up option, she should have communicated with you more during your interview process.

MissMannah said...

The big red flag to me is that this mom thinks it is perfectly acceptable to communicate via text. It is not. Text is unprofessional and I would never accept a job over a text. If she wants you to call her back, she should have called you first. I actually prefer email for this sort of communication because I like to have a paper trail, but that's just me.

Getting off that subject, yes I agree with previous posters that she probably had one or two other nannies in mind that didn't work out. I once had a mom wait a full YEAR to email me with a job offer. I had to go through all my junk mail trying to figure out who the hell she was.

Binghamtonnanny said...

This is something that bugs me to know end. I've gone on a few interviews and heard nothing at all, or been called months later to see if I'm still available. It is just common courtesy to give someone a yes or a no. If you don't want me, that's fine, but don't leave me hanging!

Susannah said...

as other's have said you were her second or third choice. It's not an uncommon thing.

♥ Amy Darling ♥ said...

I think that communicating via text is a very convenient way for people to keep in touch. Especially in awkward situations such as this one.

I communicate via text with all of my families.

However, I do agree that hiring someone via text is kinda weird. However in this day and age, I may just be "old school." LOL.

MissMannah said...

That's my whole point, Amy. This shouldn't be an awkward situation, the mother made it such. Of course I agree with you that text is an easy way to keep in touch, whenever my MB isn't at home, I text her updates all day long.

Daria said...

This happened to me too. I went to an interview for a family living on Wall street in May and I never heard from them again. In september when I had found another job they emailed me asking me if I was still looking for a job. I wasn't, but even if I was I would not want to work for them because I think it is rude not telling me I didn't get the job. When a family is not interested they just drop the ball, then after a few months they think it is ok to pick it up again and continue like nothing happened.

nycmom said...

Her approach was unprofessional and I doubt she would make a good employer.

I am a firm believer in replying to potential candidates initial contact, after interview, and after work trial within a few days at most. I recently did a date night sitter search and sent a short reply to everyone who applied (unless they sent me a one line "application") even if I felt it was not a good fit.

But I gotta tell you the poor communication goes both ways. I actually had closed interviews and decided to interview one last person simply because she had the courtesy to reply to my note saying I was no longer interviewing in a polite and appropriate way -- which none of the many others did.

As an employer, I do NOT think you can tel if someone is a good fit as soon as you meet them. I think you can rule some people out in the initial interview. But a good fit takes a work trial and a little time too IMO.

Phoenix said...

what I think happened is they had a trial run interview with you and they did the same thing with other people. Then they hired someone else to be their nanny and 3 months later something happened and that nanny quit or was fired and then they wanted you back

♥ Amy Darling ♥ said...

Considering how high gas prices are in my area (CA) plus the old adage "Time is money..." I think it is rude when I take my time to drive to someone's house, interview for over an hour, play with the kiddos, etc..then never hear from the family ever again.

After all I do, c' long does it take to type out an e-mail or text and say, "Thank you for taking the time to meet with us...however we have decided on another candidate. Best of luck in your search!"

That sentence took me a mere 15 seconds to type.