Dear future live in nanny extraordinaire! - We are looking for a terrific nanny to watch our cute and adorable little [boy's name removed] 9 a.m. - 5 p.m. M-F starting July 1st or sooner in exchange for a discounted rent of $1000. We have an extremely predictable schedule and back-up babysitters so nights and weekends would be completely yours! (part time career interests/academic et al!) We have a fully furnished, private bedroom in a garden duplex on [cross-streets removed] available for our soon to be Nanny! More about us: We are a happy couple living in a great duplex, garden apartment on the Upper East Side. We are a successful working couple involved in commercial real estate, and the arts and are out the door at 8 a.m. and home around 5 p.m. Love to cook (lasagna and enchiladas are favorites) and out and about during the weekends. We would only need someone during the weekdays, so your weekends and night would be yours. We enjoy our favorite wine bar, fresh flowers, and a tidy home. More about your new place!: The bedroom is large (18x12) with private garden access and free wireless Internet access, a walk in closet, large living room, kitchen and true two floors. All utilities included. More about your responsibilities: take the bean outside! :0) Play with him in the grass! Make him happy! Also we would need occasional help with (groceries, pick up dry cleaning etc). Look forward to hearing from you! Sincerely, [parent names removed]
Submitted by Anonymous Reader. Thank you!


Susannah said...

What salary is being offered that would cover that rent?

Never heard of a live-in having to pay rent.

Also they include almost nothing about their little boy. We don't even know how old he is.

Lyn said...

They want their live in Nanny to pay rent? For reals? I'm not even sure I was able to absorb much else in the ad after reading that first fact.

Bethany said...

i've never hear of a live-in asked to pay rent! That jumped out at me and $1000. WTF?

I also wonder what salary is being offered.

Why do we know nothing about the kid. Not even his age is mentioned.

The only thing they want is a nanny to play with the kid inthe grass alo wtf?

So many questions

OhhPlease said...

So you would be working for them for no salary AND paying them for rent? Is that correct?? Wow!

nannytothree said...

if you are with their kid from 9-5 every day, when are you supposed to work to make the $1,000 to cover rent? You'd have to work evenings and weekends at a second job, and in that case, you might as well work at two jobs that PAY, and be able to afford rent somewhere else!

nycmom said...

It is NYC on the UES. The post is confusing, but I think it is a one bedroom full-duplex garden apartment with all utilities included. Assuming it is in a brownstone, it would rent for $2500-$3500 depending on condition and sq ft. +cable, internet and electric (?landline) = $300-700/month depending on AC usage. We had an old brownstone in Murray Hill, no renos in 30+ yrs when we bought, and the 1.5 bedroom/1 bath walkups were renting for about $3000 and considered a steal.

Any other Manhattan residents want to estimate so we can fine tune it?

Let's take the middle and say about $3500/month in rent for that place. They are asking $1000 so basically paying nanny $2500/month or $600/week for 40-45 (they say both 8 and 9am start times) hours with one child, no real housekeeping mentioned, but some errands.

Honestly, that is a pretty decent deal all around. The problem is that most single nannies aren't going to choose/afford to rent a $3500 apartment on the UES and have no income! So this family either has to allow nanny to live with her spouse/family or the place has to be able to split to a roommate situation paid directly to nanny.

I think the weekend pitch implies they assume this nanny is also going to work a separate ft weekend job and earn cash from that. Again, the numbers aren't bad if I am doing the math right, but the practicality doesn't work unless they are very flexible with how nanny handles her own apt (and throw in open fridge policy, cell phone and metrocard).

luckoftheirish said...

They want someone to work for them full time & to PAY them. Obviously they can not afford a live in nanny & should find another cc arrangement.

luckoftheirish said...

The request for the nanny to grocery shop & pick up dry cleaned clothing is a red flag. Its not cc related & I would never ask someone Ive hired to care for my child to run errands for me! This ad is so off, I had to respond...twice.

Anonymous said...


Live-in nanny situations cannot be added up so neatly. It doesn't matter how much they would be able to make in rent for the apartment. They are not renting it. They are looking for a live-in nanny, which is for their own convenience. It's not the nanny's fault that real estate is expensive on the UES. It's not her choice that the family lives there. It's their choice. Their choice to live in one of the most expensive places in the US (if not the planet). Their choice to look for the convenience of live-in help rather than renting out the living space. Their choice to be stingy cheapskates.

nycmom said...


ITA. Which is why I said the numbers sound fair, but the practicality is unrealistic. I was running the numbers for those not familiar with NYC rentals just to give a sense of what the parents are likely thinking.

I agree that it is a bad choice for any nanny unless the family gives them the discretion to have a roommate who pays nanny directly or nanny has a spouse/kids (esp in NYC this could mean rare and wonderful access to a great, FREE public school) with a spouse who works. I doubt the family envisions either so I doubt this will happen for them.

MissMannah said...

IF (pretty big if there) this really is a nanny apartment with separate living area and separate kitchen, I would totally do this. Also IF I could bring my husband, because who else is going to pay that rent? Nycmom is right, this is a great deal IF it is what it seems. But I have my doubts and think the parents just have a screw loose instead.

Aries said...

Alethia I agree with your comment (Although that wasen't what NycMom was getting at.).

It might be a nice apartment, it might be alot cheaper but it is the Employers apartment an S/he can throw you out anytime they want. I wouldn't want that. They said 'in exchange for' which leads me to believe the $1,000 rent is the deal and no weekly payments/salary. Also they are very detailed in explaining the apartment but mention nothing about allowing you to bring your own family/children. You'd think they would too draw in even more people but they don't so i'm assuming they don't approve of that whole senerio.
They go on to mention they're successful' but want you to play with there child in the grass an make them happy but dont mention outings or placing to bring him. The only 'outings' they mention is groceries an dry cleaning, etc. A Nanny would not be able to save money with this job. Would have a horrible time keeping up with the rent, never mind car payments or even money for daily living.

Basically they tried to make it look very appealing but failed, imo.

Phoenix said...

I don't get it. They want their nanny to pay rent? If they don't pay her?

They are a couple of dumbasses