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This is a poll of sorts - my husband and I are looking into having a nanny. We'd like to know if many of you receive health insurance and vehicle to use on the job as part of your contract benefits.


Nanny J said...

I use my own vehicle while on the job and am reimbursed for mileage, but I would LOVE the opportunity to use someone else's car, haha.

Mainly because my car is older and has low mileage, but with constant use that won't soon be the case.

I don't receive health insurance, but if I wanted to I could receive extra income towards it. Currently that isn't necessary, but in the future I may take my employers up on this offer if it's still standing in the next few years.

Honestly I'm happy with 2 weeks paid vacation and PTO towards sick days, etc. I'd rather not end up with frivolous extras initially and end up with a nice bonus around the holidays, or a gift card for my birthday, etc.

But, I'm fairly easy to please as long as there is mutual respect and gratitude. :)

Penny said...

OP, I am glad to hear you are trying to find the best way to help be a good and fair employer. I feel that when it comes to job logistics it should be like any other job. Your nanny NEEDS to be paid on the books! You should have a start time and end time and days specified. I also feel especially your nanny should be a salary employee. However if your nanny works over the agreed work hours or days she should receive overtime pay. If your nanny is using her car expect to reimburse her for gas, she can keep track of it weekly and give you the total at the end of the week. You must pay her every week, waiting to be paid every two weeks can be tough on anyone. If your nanny is using your car make sure you add stipulations and expectations in your contract regarding the use of your car. 2 weeks paid vacation annually is fair, and sick days you and your nanny can decide what you both feel is fair. Providing health benefits is always a good idea. After all your nanny is human gets sick, breaks bones, and needs to stay healthy too. Just remember OP your nanny works hard to care for your child and nobody works because they are bored they work to support themselves so the "perks" are essential. You and your nanny might want to write up a contract that specifies job duties, hours, pay, etc so you are all on the same page and helps create a smooth easy working relationship. Good luck OP and keep us posted!

UmassSlytherin said...

check out nycmom's post in another thread: she outlined a really great contract for a nanny.

DC nanny said...

I get 2 weeks paid vacation, and 5 paid sick days. I also get health insurance (I have to pay part of that), dental insurance, the option to start a 401k (I haven't taken advantage of that but I should), and I use one of their cars during work hours.

une jeune fille said...

Good for you and your husband for wanting to have a fair employer- nanny relationship.

If you have her use your car make sure there's gas in it or you provid her with money/gas card to fill it.

With any family I work for

I expect
To be paid on the books
Overtime pay for hours over 40
2 weeks paid vacation ( 1 I choose 1 they choose)
Federal holdiays off & paid
5 additional days PTO
Employers to provide vehicle for transporting their children
My vacation time does not roll over to the next year, but often when I've been with a family a while they will add additional time.

With my current job I don't have health insurance. I am paid more to cover that expense.

In previous jobs I've had health & dental as part of my benefits. Some employes have covered it all others have paid a percentage of it.

Nan said...

My employers said they would pay 150 dollars toward health insurance but my plan is under that so they cover it all. Also yes they gave me a vehicle for my exclusive use on the clock and reasonable use off the clock. They also pay for gas and car insurance. I don't take advantage of the gas though-if I feel as if I've used it for more personal use that week than work related, I put gas in it myself.

OceanBlue said...

My family provides a car for when I'm with the kids. They make sure there is gas in it and give me a gas card just in case. They also have that car insured and keep carseats in it. They had the carseats installed professionally.

I pay out of pocket for health insurance so I have a slightly higher hourly rate.

Instead of $20/hr for the two kids I'm paid $24 /hr.

2 weeks paid vacation

10 paid personal days

Paid federal holidays

Day before & after Thanksgiving & Christmas off and paid

My birthday off and paid.

Should I choose to work those days I get paid at double my usual hourly rate.

Mandy98824 said...

Hi, the parents I nanny for provide me a car and pay all my meals

MandaJ said...

I receive two weeks paid vacation and there is no limit (within reason) for personal or sick time- I can choose whether or not I want to use vacation time for those times or be unpaid. But generally they are generous enough to pay me regardless of my request while I'm sick.
I also get a raise every 6 months to a year by about 50 cents.

Wendi said...

Wow....many of the Nannies that responded on here have great perks. I am assuming you all work full-time.

As a Nanny OP, I think it would be best to provide the Nanny w/a car if you can. Also, provide the gas too. If she doesn't already have a cell phone, you should provide one as well w/unlimited texting so you both can communicate during her shift.

I also agree that you should pay her weekly vs. bi-weekly. Nannies usually prefer this.

You sound like a great family who is already looking out for the Nanny before you actually hire her which is refreshing to see on this blog.

Hope you find a great one. There are plenty of us out here!!

Rhode Island Nanny said...

I work 35 hours a week caring for 8month old twins.

I get $20/hour

They pay for health & dental

I get 2 weeks vacation. They choose one I choose one.

I get paid federal holidays

I get 5 personal paid days.

I use my car for trannsport with the twins, but they pay mileage.

We only go out once a week to baby class.

In a few months when MB wants them to start more classes, I will be given a car to use with the boys.

Mrs. Billy Lamar said...

$20 an hour for two children??! Holy smokes Rhode Island Nanny, that is awesome. I live in Southern CA and would be happy to get $15 and hour.

☺ ☺ ☺

Amy said...

Hey Mrs Billy Lamar,
Where at? I'm in San Diego.

I work part time (weekends) for a family in coronado and make $16/hr for 2 children, I use my own vehicle, they reimburse gas (.55cent per mile). They also give me petty cash for outings.

I also work 35 hours (typically) for another family and make $16/hr for one infant. They provide a car for my use during work hours and have a bank card for expenses (gas, activities, outings, whatever...), they offered to pay part of my health insurance or to just give me the cash as a bonus every 3 months, off the books. I took the cash because my insurance is pretty reasonable. Vacation, I offered to only take it when they do as long as they give me one full week. They take a lot of vacations and I still get paid for those weeks/long weekends, so it's worked out well for me. (they are two dad's and I LOVE them and their baby).

Mrs. Billy Lamar said...


I live in San Diego as well!
I have NEVER made that much money for watching one or two children. You are very fortunate. I have worked for families in La Jolla, Del Mar, Carmel Valley, etc. and the most I get is like $12/Hr for these. I would LOVE to make that much money.

Can you recommend me the agency that you use? If you didn't use an agency, how did you find the positions you described?

Lucky you!!

Bostonnanny said...

Mrs billy Lamar,

I work in Boston and make $20 for two children plus benefits. I found my past three full time nanny positions on Craigslist. I am also signed to a local nanny agency where they are constantly calling me with job opportunities in the same price range or more. I have yet to go through them since I've always had luck on my own but they are affiliated with Harvard so the clientele is well off. I would find an agency that is affiliated with a Unversity and hospital.
I do have a question because I'm considering moving to Cali or Texas in a year, what is the going rate where you are and is it difficult to find nanny positions?

Nanny of One said...

Hello Nannies!

So glad to hear that so many of us are not being taken advantage of and are making a good living.

I get...
- A car for my personal usage; I am able to drive this car home on a daily basis as well as have unlimited and exclusive use of it.

- The family pays for the car insurance, work related gas, and car repairs, & up-keep.

- Two weeks paid vacation time (both of my choice). Often times I go over this time by a couple of days and that has never been discussed or acknowledge as an issue.

- Five personal/sick days.

- Use of sunny vacation homes.

- A great amount of trust with the child! (whom I take on overnight road trips etc).

- Annual passes to local theme park both for my personal usage and work usage.

- The child is registered in many community programs so I get time off during the day 2 hrs etc.

- Mother's Day, Birthday, Christmas gifts/bonus

- Tickets to local events (Wiggles, Plays, musicals, Cirque etc).

- Ability to take the child out and about with no questions asked.

- The family works around my school schedule.

- Unexpected paid days off when the family wants to spend time with the child (10 per year)

- Additional week off paid at Christmas time.

- This family includes my long term boyfriend at dinners, holidays, lunches etc.


I make take home $13.00 hr for one child @ 44hrs a week (but am often allowed to go home early paid).

I have been with this family for around 3 years, and adore them very much!

MW nanny said...

Hey Bostonnanny, what is the name of the agency you use? I work Metro west, live in Boston and I'm going to be looking for a new job soon. Thanks!

Bostonnanny said...

I'm with American nanny company but they have yet to place me since I find jobs on my own but they are nice. I would sign with beacon hill nannies tho, they have a better rep. You should also consider posting on local mom groups, of you screen well you could find a great job.

Their is also a nanny organization MAPN that I joined but haven't particated in any activities yet.

Phoenix said...

I don't know many people who provide health insurance to their nanny. But I think you should. Everyone should get that benefit in my opinion. I really find it unfair when they don't

nycmom said...

Nannies make higher rates in Boston and SF area. Both are closer to $20/hour. From personal experience, I can say that NYC is closer to $15/hr standard and San Diego $12-15.

It is greatly influenced by the availability of an illegal immigrant work force and whether the nanny needs to be legal (have a car and insurance, thus eliminating competition from the illegal immigrant population). Not trying to pass judgment one way or another, just presenting my observations and theories as to why wages skew as they do in those area.

Rhode Island Nanny said...

$20 isn't common in my area , but it's not unheard of.
But you really have to look for them .

Funny enough I've had better luck on Craigslist than with an agency.

I'e been able to find clients that want to be good to their nanny , and make it worth her while to stay around a long time.

N is for Nanny said...

I'm paid a competitive hourly rate, which I would classify as the upper end of our local range. I typically work 40 hrs/wk, and am guaranteed to be paid for 40 hrs/wk unless I request unpaid time off.

The family provides a car for me to use on the job, of which they assume all of the costs. I've had jobs where I use my car and am reimbursed gas/mileage, but I strongly prefer to use theirs. Even if I am being reimbursed, there's something about my entire backseat being filled with carseats (I avoided taking them out as part of one agreement was that they be professionally installed, so out meant having them put back in.) and snack residue. I've been offered the use of their car, like the time I mentioned that I was going to Ikea (it's much bigger than mine) but I have never used it off the clock.

I have been offered health insurance as a perk and think it's a great one to offer. I've held an individual policy for years and am very happy with it. If my employers were providing health insurance, I would expect to make slightly less. If I was employing a nanny, particularly for an infant, I would offer health insurance as part of my compensation package. It scares me how poorly some take care of their own health, generally due to expense!

I receive three weeks of vacation/personal time, one week of which must be taken consecutively and coordinated with the family. The other weeks I can split into individual days. If you are open to that (i.e. here a day, there a day) I would suggest stating so to the nanny - actually, I'd suggest that you state if you are not okay with that as well. Vacation time must be requested four weeks in advance. Please note that my sick days are lumped in with my vacation days - although obviously notice is expected to be minimal. This is the first family I've had who has limited sick days and has also let me use them as vacation days. I am obviously saving a couple of vacation days in case I get sick. They will pay out unused PTO.

For holidays, I am paid for: New Year's Day, Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving and day after, Christmas Day.

Nanny1 said...

I was just recently given a car to use to drive the kids I watch. I was using my own car, but it recently broke down and needed a few thousand $ of repairs and employers didn't want to help pay. So now employers provide the car. IF nanny uses her own car, gas definitely needs to be reimbursed but might I also suggest sharing some maintenance costs with the nanny (oil changes are more frequent, brakes, tires, etc) and/or car insurance. Especially if nanny is driving to and from schools for the kids everyday. Or you can do mileage reimbursement @55cents per mile. However, I will say that as a nanny, keeping a mileage log while on the go with multiple kids gets to be annoying. But it can be done!
Other than using their vehicle, I don't get many perks. Or overtime. If I don't work, I don't get paid. (ie holidays, vacations, sick days.) If I don't work and it's because of employers schedule, they arrange for me to make up missed hours within a couple weeks. A nanny friend of mine gets paid half of her salary for the days/weeks when her family is on vacation. For me, it always works out in the end!

Arizona said...

I have major carpal tunnel tonight so I'll make this brief. My "package" looks like this (Arizona):

$20/Hour (1 Infant)(On the books)

I use my own car - I receive a gas/mileage stipend and I can also use the family car if I want.

Health Insurance (Paid by family)

Gym Membership (Paid by family)

All travel - vacations (Paid by family)

All Holidays (Paid)

2-3 Weeks paid vacation and I can take any other time off...I never even use my 2-3 weeks though.

I can't think of what else...basically, a sweet deal! :)

I also receive bonuses, gifts, etc.

I've had GREAT experiences for every family I've worked for but I am REALLY picky! :)

I've received offers of condos, TV's, personal cars, etc.

I still vacation with my previous families on their dime.

Mrs. Billy Lamar said...

@Nanny of One and Nanny of 1: You guys have my dream job!! I am green w/envy as I type this!! ☺

@Bostonnanny: Unfortunately if you work in San Diego, you will be making much less than what you make in Boston. Like nycmom stated, there is a large illegal immigrant population here and many of them are willing to work dirt cheap which undermines the American Nannies from getting paid a decent wage. I am not a racist and am only stating a factual reason why rates in the area are so low. If you can make $15/Hr here, you are considered at the top end of the scale. I have been a Nanny for over 5+yrs and have NEVER met anyone who makes $20/Hr regardless of the number of children. Sorry to be such a Debbie Downer....perhaps you should stay in MA. I once spoke w/a former Boston Nanny at the playground and told her how much I made. She was so shocked, she told me that was peanuts compared to what she made in Boston. LOL.

world's best nanny said...

I've been getting $20+ an hour for sometime now

They pay full health, dental, and disability. The weekend nanny gets $20 an hour but no bennies.

They pick 1 weeks vacation
I am married with kids so I cannot travel with the family, the weekend nanny goes with them once in a while.

I pick my 2nd weeks vacation, they pay. The family does have nice condo in Waterville Valley, NH, they let me use it if I want.

I use their car. We used to ride the "T" but the mom got nervous with a rash of accidents they've had lately. So I take the "T" to work and use their car. I DESPISE driving in Boston traffic!

I get 4 paid sick days a year. I do not get state or federal holidays off (Ok I get xmas, thanksgiving off) New Years eve is celebrated at their house both my kids and husband attend. I do not get paid.

Lauren said...

World's BEst Nanny and Boston Nanny... I am also in MA and looking to start a support group of sorts: North of Boston Nannies. I will be working in Middleton come July and my friend is a FT nanny in Wilmington.

Email me if you want at



Lauren said...

Oh, and, I like American Nanny Company WAAAAY better than Beacon Hill Nannies! Far more professional!

Michelle said...

I currently have their car to use as part of our agreement. When my next anniversary comes I'm going to ask for health insurance to be covered

Bostonnanny said...

Hey Lauren,

I'm currently in Southie and although I can drive the kids, the baby is only 3months, so I try to stay local until the baby gets older.

What kind of support group are you trying to set up? Obviously I can't do playdates yet unless you can travel to the Boston area; however I might be able to meet up outside of work.

I said...

No health insurance, but I do get to drive their car during work hours. The tank is always full so I never have to worry about gas. I also get 2 weeks paid vacation and paid days off.

nannyD said...

Hi there!
I am in Boston as well and just accepted a position for 2 kids, 20/hr health insurance paid, 4 weeks vacation, all major holidays and 2 of my choice, PTO and sick time as needed, use of their car personally and professionally, pay for my cell phone bill (I also live in so room and board are included as well)
I just moved here and would love to connect with some other Boston Nannies!

world's best nanny said...

Hey! Any Boston area nannies want to get together? Here are a few we hang out

Kids Fun Stop 1580 VFW Parkway West Roxbury

Or Christopher Columbus Waterfront Park Atlantic Avenue, Boston, MA

Bicoastal nanny no more said...

Beacon Hill is the best agency on the planet...and I've used agencies from coast to coast. Even though Beacon Hill is a Bostan agency, they placed me in a $70Ka year job in Hawaii about 5 years ago. Never have I seen an agency advocate more for their nannies. They are also the most thorough agency I've ever used. They called ALL my employers, and I'd been a nanny for about 18 years at that point.