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I've seen this nanny for about 3 years on and off with various charges. Yesterday however, was the last straw. This nanny is about 28-35, about 5'4, with shoulder length brown wavy hair. She is typically dressed in baggy jeans and jersey like tops. Her charges vary between a boy with long blonde hair, a little boy about 2 with short dark hair, and another little boy about 4, also with blonde hair. She plops her charges on the computer and sits on her phone for hours. I've seen her charges ask for help many times only to be ignored.

Yesterday she was with a little boy which I assume to be about 3 years old. He had dirty blonde hair and was wearing a blue dinosaur shirt. He didn't know how to play the Elmo computer game and was not very interested by it in the first place and asked repeatedly to get up and play with the puppet basket and stage. This nanny ignored him completely and when he went to get up from his seat, she stood up behind him and blocked him in! This boy literally sat there staring blankly at the computer screen for about 20 minutes. He eventually said he wanted to leave, began to cry, and finally she picked him up and left in a huff. If this was an isolated incident I may have brushed it off as a very bad "off" day for the nanny, but I have seen her do this many times, with many children.


♥ Amy Darling ♥ said...

The more I read these sad sightings, the more my heart breaks for these helpless kids. My God...this poor kid must have such a miserable time at the library. The Nanny probably takes him just so she can tell her bosses, "Oh I took your son to the library today!"

It saddens me to think if this Nanny treats this little boy like this in a public place, then what in the world goes on behind closed doors? This kid's day must be a nightmare.

I hope and pray that someone recognizes this shoddy Nanny and reports her so that no child will have to be treated like this child was.

Shame, shame, shame.....!!!!!!

OceanBlue said...

I'm confused OP , how many charges does she have?

For the record I do agree this is a bad nanny.

Manhattan Nanny said...

It sounds like she either can't keep a job, or she is doing casual babysitting for several different families. Let's hope it's the later, so at least the poor kids are only with her for a short time.

OP here said...

Not sure exactly how many charges she has but I've seen her with several different children over the years. I only take my charges to library every two weeks or so, but she always seems to be lurking there.She isn't very friendly so I've never said a word to her, but she doesn't like to observed that's for sure. She's given me a death stare on more than one occasion.

OceanBlue said...

Thanks for explaining

Yikes! She doesn't seem to be very happy.

I can't help but feel sorry for people like that.

She needs help before she seriously hurts someone.

Anonymous said...

Op I also nanny in the sayville area and always bring my charge to the library. I don't think I've ever seen this nanny before but I will surely keep an eye out now. I'm curious what day/time do you usually see her?

MissMannah said...

OceanBlue, why would you feel sorry for this nanny or suggest that she needs help? Nothing in her behavior suggests she is depressed or disabled in any way. From what I can see, she is simply lazy. You also said someone might get hurt, but I'm willing to bet she is also too lazy to be abusive. I can imagine she sits the kids on the computer at the library and then in front of the TV at home while she's on the phone the whole time. Then when the parents get home, she puts the phone away and gushes about what a great time they had together at the library. People like this disgust me and give me a bad name, but they certainly do not earn my sympathy.

MissMannah said...

give us nannies a bad name* not give me a bad name. LOL

ericsmom said...

Mannah you stated:
You also said someone might get hurt, but I'm willing to bet she is also too lazy to be abusive.

How does that make sense?? So you are assuming if someone is lazy more likely they will not be the type to abuse a child? Where is the logic in that...

OceanBlue said...

I feel bad for her because she seems unhappy and she's taking her unhapiness out on the kids she cares for.

That's sad to me.

OceanBlue said...

I also feel badly for the kids.

Nicole said...

"Too lazy to be abusive?"

There simply is no logic in that statement Miss Mannah. What were you thinking when you wrote that????

Dr. Juris said...

If she's too lazy to watch them, then that's committing abuse. You don't have to actively abuse a child for it to qualify as abuse: neglect is classified as a type of child abuse, and can be just as, if not more, damaging as direct blows.

OP said...

Anonymous said...
Op I also nanny in the sayville area and always bring my charge to the library. I don't think I've ever seen this nanny before but I will surely keep an eye out now. I'm curious what day/time do you usually see her?
I have seen her mostly around 11:30 but the other day I took my charges around 4 and she was there. I looked today to see if she was listed on in area, but who knows. A lot of people don't use a picture.

Nanny Jenn said...

I wholeheartedly agree with you Dr. Juris, I don't see how someone who is lazy cannot commit abuse.

Sad that someone would say that on this blog.


UmassSlytherin said...

I think this nanny is lazy. I think she is a crappy nanny.

Neglectful is a strong word. Abusive is a strong word. I think this sounds just like a lazy nanny.

Good siting, OP.

Reginald said...

If you don't feel joy at teaching a child how to play a game, you shouldn't be a nanny. This nanny clearly has no interest in the child's well being. Thanks for reporting this!

NCmom said...

So many people stand by and do nothing when they see a child being neglected/abused. Maybe their just afraid of getting involved. Thankyou OP, for posting this. Hopefully the parents will see it and fire that horrible nanny.

MissMannah said...

Oh come on guys, yall know perfectly well what I meant. Ocean Blue said "she could seriously hurt someone" and I was pointing out that that was an exaggeration. I am basing this off what the OP wrote about the nanny. She is lazy, not abusive or neglectful. I highly doubt she would still have jobs if she was hurting her charges. It seems like word gets around her town that she's a good nanny because OP has seen her with several different charges.

UmassSlytherin said...

I agree with miss mannah. Lazy does not necessarily mean neglectful.

I think this nanny is crappy. but abusive? No.

Heather said...

I don't know about you guys, but I think the fact that the Nanny actually blocked her charge is pretty abusive to me.

If she acts this way in public, then I shudder to think what she does to this poor child when no one else is around.

ericsmom said...

I was thinking the same thing Heather. If she is shitty in public, I can imagine alone in the house.

Truth Seeker said...

Good point guys....imagine if the Nanny is behaving this way in a public place where there are lots of adults present. Then imagine how she must act when there is NO ONE present!!

I have a hunch that this child is at least susceptible to being abused and could be in danger.

I can hear Missmannah laughing at me, but this is my gut instinct on this.

MissMannah said...

I am not laughing at you, but I am scratching my head in confusion. How is blocking a child in a chair considered abuse? Smacking him on the head and calling him an idiot would be abuse. Letting him fall out of the chair and bust up his knees and not doing anything about it would be neglect. It is true, we have no idea how this nanny behaves at home, and all evidence points to her being sub-par...but that does not lead to abuse or neglect. I am thinking she is one of these "do as little as possible" type of people. She will fix the boy a snack, but make him eat it in front of the TV so she doesn't have to talk to him. That is not neglect or abuse, but it is bad nannying.

♥ Amy Darling ♥ said...

Miss Mannah:

I think you would have a much different perspective on this if this Nanny was watching YOUR precious child. I hardly doubt you would cast her off as just a "bad/lazy Nanny."

Just sayin'......

anon nanny said...

I think Amy Darling makes a good point, Missmannah. It does seem like your downplaying what this awful nanny did! And what she did WAS neglectful!

MissMannah said...

Amy, that's the problem with most of yall. You are unable to read a situation objectively. Emotions always tend to get involved and thus a public outcry occurs.

Anon, I did say many times this is an awful nanny and I definitely believe she should be fired and should switch careers. But I already gave a few examples of what REAL abuse/neglect is. The example in the OP is not.

Phoenix said...

It is not worth anyones time to feel sorry for people who are sad. That is their world, their problem. Feeling sorry or pity is a useless emotion.

The nanny here seems to just not like kids. I don't like little kids and I probably would have done this very same thing. Which is why I don't go around little kids or even pretend I like them. I won't even babysit anymore. Hell I don't even like my freaking chihuahua. I took her stupid pink toy away today to be mean. The point is if this nanny treats kids like that she shouldn't be around them. All she is doing is pissing herself off and making herself miserable and that is her own fault.

As far hurting the kids. Not likely, I agree that she sounds like she is just lazy. Those are not the same things.

Oh wait, shit! They are the same! I just got out my 'Over-reactive, jumping to conclusions, judging off nothing, and being just plain ass ignorant how-to book for the average day emotional female' I am really trying to learn how to be this way but even after reading this how-to book I just can't seem to do it naturally yet. LMFAO

Kelly B. said...

A Nanny takes her charge to the library yet does not let her participate in anything fun and that is not neglect, but just laziness??

Miss Mannah, you are off your rocker!!!!

Such an enabler.

MissMannah said...

Taken from my state's DHS website:

"Neglect is the most common form of abuse seen and may have long-term effects. Neglect is failing to provide adequate food, clothing, shelter, supervision or medical care. Parents must provide adequate supervision, care, guidance and protection to keep children from physical or mental harm. Parents must also provide appropriate treatment for children's problems. Children will have minor injuries during childhood. When accidental injuries are frequent, they may be the result of neglect.

Neglect includes exposing a child to illegal activities, such as:

Encouraging a child to participate in drug sales or theft
Exposing a child to parental drug abuse
Encouraging a child to use drugs or alcohol"

You people need to bone up on your vocabulary lessons, it appears. Either that, or thank your lucky stars you have never seen a true case of abuse or neglect.

You don't know the definition of "enabler" either because it is "one who allows" and I clearly stated multiple times that this is a BAD nanny.

Phoenix said...

Thanks Mannah!

Yup lazy not neglect.

Cool people: 1 point (us)
Dumb people: zero

i'm having fun today :0)

MissMannah said...

I can tell you've been bitten by the silly bug today. :)

UmassSlytherin said...

I don't get why some people are not getting miss mannah's point.

I am sure Miss mannah would not hire a lazy nanny to care for her kids. Furthermore, I am willing to bet that her opinion would not change if it were her kids: I doubt Miss mannah would accuse someone of being neglectful or abusive if it were not the case. those are pretty accusatory words to throw around, and i would never consider an adult who is a bit grumpy to be an abuser.
that's just wrong. talk about drama queens on here. geez.

1234 said...

It's great to see the three weird sisters are well.

Does it hurt to be so ignorant and stupid?

I guess we know what sort of behavior UMASS accepts from her daycare employees and what sort of nanny Mannah( grump at the baby all day long do you? probaly not as mum is their to watch you) is, we already know Phoenix cusses out her son.

Bethany said...

This is indeed a bad nanny sighting!

I can see both sides of it .

While I can't say for certain she's an abuser lock her up & throw away the key. I do see why people could see her repeated behavior as a possible symptom of someome who is abusive in the stereotypical sense and not just lazy.

Either way I hope she is found out and fired and she realizes that nanny work isn't her niche.

OP said...

Whether or not this was "neglect", it was still a bad nanny sighting.
No pettiness on my post please.

MissMannah said...

1234, I find it rather ironic that you are now choosing to use abusive language at this very time we are trying to specifically identify abuse. "Does it hurt to be so ignorant and stupid?" Saying this to someone is verbal abuse, there's no two ways about that, no gray area. And how in the world do you know what sort of nanny I am? Have you set up nanny cams inside my employer's home? That's a little creepy of you. You just said that I'm "probably not" abusive because the mom is at home, but I've worked with 5 families before this one and all of them had WOHPs and I never felt the need to abuse the children. Maybe it is because I am a good nanny...though you are the type of person who once she gets a convoluted idea in her head, you're never going to let it go, so why do I even bother?

OP, I apologize for all the pettiness going on in this thread. I agree with you that this is a bad nanny sighting and thank you for posting it.

Katie said...

It hurts because it's true. You constantly demonstrate a complete lack of basic comprehension, Mannah.

You should apologize for the pettiness that you started.

I'm honestly tired of the manipulative games you and the others play.

Assine/sarcastic comment. Act confused when people call you out on your shit. Realize you are getting nowhere so you act confused.

Lather. Rinse. Repeat.

MaryPoppin'Pills said...

Time out, Ladies... please.

OP has requested for the arguing to stop on her thread.

Let's respect her wishes.