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I’m strongly thinking of moving to the east coast in the next few months (probably by September). I would be moving to the Providence, RI area. The suburbs of Providence. Can anyone tell me of good agencies in the area and the going rate for someone with 4 years of child care experience as a nanny for infants including multiples? I’d also take suggestions on places to live.


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Nanny here who lives in South Kingstown, RI (45 mins from Providence). I have 6 years of full-time nanny experience and I will tell you that it's VERY HARD to find a good, full-time position in RI. A lot of people only look for summer nannies or school year nannies. You probably won't find a position paying more then $15/hr. You'd be better off looking for jobs in Boston. I'm not aware of any agencies that work with nannies in RI but there are many that work with nannies in Boston.

N is for Nanny said...

I don't know of any agencies in RI, but I'd suggest calling some of the (better) ones in Boston, as they may have opportunities in the area. Many of them work with families a similar commute from the city.

While there seems to be a low tolerance for commuting on this site, I personally would consider it a viable one - usually a bit under an hour - and have friends who do it. Rates in Boston are higher enough than Providence, that it might be worth it for you to consider the commute in exchange for either increasing your total income or decreasing the hours you spend actually working. Going rate in Boston varies a bit by neighborhood, but I'd say you'd make at least $18/hr, probably $20/hr.

I haven't used either agency, but have heard good things about Beacon Hill Nannies and American Nanny.

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I am not sure if this is going to post twice or not but I will try again.

I am a nanny in Coventry, about 20 mins to Providence. I use Nanny Connection to find all of my nanny jobs. Rachel is the owner and she is amazing at helping you find a perfect match. She also stays in touch with you to make sure everything is going smoothly. I highly recommend her.

OP said...

Thanks for tips so far.
How reliable is the commute from Providence to Boston?

I heard winters are bad out that way.

DC nanny said...

I'm with Beacon Hill Nannies, and from my experience, they have plenty of positions that aren't actually in Boston. The only two working interviews I went on were actually in PA and DC. You might get lucky and find a job out in RI, or like the other posters said, find a job where you could commute. Winters in New England do tend to suck though, so that's always a factor to consider.

RI sucks said...

My advice is not to move to Rhode Island. It is an utter shit hole. ghetto. Crappy. Nasty.

But if you have your heart set on it, move somewhere nice in RI if you can afford it. Stay away from the city.

StrawberryShortKakes said...

Not to squash your dreams or anything but the commute from Providence to Boston is a nightmare. I live right in between the two cities and although it is a straight-shot right up 95, the traffic can be very unpredictable. I would suggest looking for a job off of 95 in Massachusetts, just over the RI border. Typically you can make more money in MA compared to RI but it is cheaper to live in RI.

bostonnanny said...

The commute in the winter will be a pain in the ass and dangerous if your not used to driving in snow. You will def need 4wheel drive and a lot of patience plus great time management.. I also have to agree that providence is a dump, your better off moving to Boston.

I'm with the American Nanny Company and I think they mostly stay within Boston but Beacon Hill Nannies branches out of state.

MissRI said...

I no i am a little late but thought i'd post incase you're still looking for infomation on rates in RI. As a lifelong resident or RI i must say that i agree with 'RI Sucks' about Providence. You might get some decent people in North Providence but South/East Providence has alot of Welfare/Gang/Graffiti/Trash spewed over streets type of people. But if you're living in Providence, I would look for people in Johnson, Newport, Narraganset(if you don't mind travelling a little), Warwick, Coventry and certain parts of Cranston.

A starting rate, ESP with someone with zero experience would be around $11/$12, Alot more if you have experience or multiples. It's all in where you look. DONT waste your time in South providence, you'll get nowhere. Look in areas with more middle/upperclass families. (Towns/Cities i stated above)

Someone with your experience caring for multiples or babies/toddlers should get atleast $15 (Give or take a buck..) Rhode Island is expensive. Ciggerettes for example are close to $9 a pack and has is rising to new lengths. So you can't sell yourself short no matter how desperete you are for a Job.

Look on Sittercity or Care. Also Google people looking for nannies in RI. Stay away from Craigslist if you can. You won't get far on that site.