Fair Rates

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Question A: How much do you think is a fair weekly rate to care for one 6 month old infant 10 hours a week. The schedule would never change.

Question B: How much is a fair hourly rate before taxes to care for 3 children under age 2? The exact ages are two 18 month olds and a 2 month old. The position is full time.


Bostonnanny said...

Depends on where you live.

Truth Seeker said...

OP this type of question would be difficult to answer unless we know what part of the US you reside in. Rates vary by area.

I live in San Diego, California and for A: I would charge $120 per week for a six month old if I was caring for him or her in my employer's home. Probably $50 if I was doing it out of my own home.

B: I think a good hourly rate for the three children under two would most definitely be at LEAST $15 per hour. Caring for three children under 2 is a HUGE job (been there..done that!) and it will sap all of your energy since it would be highly likely they would all nap at the same exact time.

Hope this helps out.

MissMannah said...

Agreeing with the two PPs that it depends on where you live. I live in Okie and get $12 per hour for 1 baby, $15 for 2 and $18 for 3. But I am definitely getting the HIGH end for my area, most other people around here get $8-$12 per hour.

PS: I think Truth Seeker means it is highly UNlikely they will all sleep at the same time. :)

Susannah said...

My rate is
$18 for 1
$20 for 2

$22 for 3

Add on more if they want household chores. I strongly advise you do not agree to taking on household chores for the position with 3 babies.

Where are you? said...

So depends on one the wage where are. Cost of living varies from state from state.

Mandy98824 said...

Heyyy I live in north NJ my rate is 12 for one kid 15 for 2+
Currently I am making 15 cash for 3 kids in a mothers helper position and I do the dishes and take out the trash
I have a ba in early childhood education and for around here I am being paid on the high end

Manhattan Nanny said...

In NYC, $15 an hour minimum for 1, $20-$25 for three. With 3 under 2, I would look for the high end of the scale.

nycmom said...

NYC: really depends on cash or off the books. Something like 85% or more of people pay off in NYC. Let's just do gross pay. $13-15/hr for one child. $15-17 for two kids. $17-20 for 3. Definitely higher on the range with 3 under 2yo!!

However, in NYC for ft positions, people pay a salary generally for 50 hours/week. I would say for 3 kids under 2yo, I would insist on $850 minimum gross.

SF: I'm still learning things here. So different from anywhere else I have been. Nannies get paid much more than NYC, roughly 25% more. Salaries are unheard of so it is hourly no matter what (more in keeping with the law anyway).

One: $16-18
Two: $18-22
Three: $22-30. At least $25/hr with 3 under 2.

But you also have to drive here, have your own car/insurance, and be fully legal.

UmassSlytherin said...

15 is on the low end for sure. OP, weigh in and tell us where you live.

fort lee said...

Yes, I live in North Jersey as well. I get about 15-16 per hour

Ditty said...

For one infant on a part-time basis I would charge $17-$20 an hour.

For three children under the age of 2 on a full-time basis, I would not work for less than $20 an hour. I think $22-$25 is reasonable, especially if you are paying on the books.

♥ Amy Darling ♥ said...


Those are very high rates.

Where do you live at?

BeantownNanny said...

I am in Boston and I make 17 an hour before taxes. One chid. For two I would charge 20.

yay said...

Location, location, location. If simply because living expenses are much higher in many places and the nanny needs the money simply to live.

1. Is there anything you want the nanny to do besides care for the children?

2. Do you require the nanny to have a vehicle? Do take into consideration that cars that safely support three children so young are rarer than those that don't. What I mean is, three seats in a back doesn't always translate to three car seats. These larger vehicles tend to consume more gas, making the nannies who drive them rarer. If you don't have a vehicle for your nanny to drive three children like that, than expect to pay more.

3. Do the children have any special needs or requirements?

For example, I would say a nanny caring for and transporting an autistic child in his or her car should be compensated more than a nanny caring for a normal child at home if only because (a) you want his or her car to be well maintained for your child's safety and (b) there are fewer nannies willing to care for autistic children than there are nannies willing to care for normal.