Calling it a Day

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What would you do? I’m a nanny, I work days totaling 35 hours a week with one family and work evenings with another family 3 days a week. I like both families, but feel more of a bond with the morning family. They are good people. I took the second job because I needed to make more money for various reasons. Everything is on the books and both families know I’m working for another family.The second family has offered me more working hours. I would be working 40 hours for them instead of 15 weekly and days instead of evenings. They have offered to double my total take home income from both families.The extra money would help a lot, and the commute would be closer so I would save on gas. I’m just not 100% sold on leaving family number one.


N is for Nanny said...

Have you talked to Family #1 yet? You might want to let them know that you really enjoy working for their family, but have another opportunity and need to make an educated decision. Family #1 could want more hours or be looking at full-time programs for their kid(s), with the intent to let you go in the next couple of months. If Family #1 was moving and was not going to need your services, would you accept the offer from Family #2 or look for something else? On paper, it sounds like Family #2 is making a very generous offer, but it's important to enjoy one's work in any field. Do they offer you that as well?

Anonymous said...

They want to DOUBLE YOUR PAY and you have reservations? This does not compute.

If there are no red flags, go for the salary increase. Once you are with the second family full time, you may feel that 'bond' with them as well.

Nannyalicious said...

I've ran into a similar situation before. Personally, I valued the bond and love I feel towards my clients more than the pay increase and made my decision that way, but I think it really all boils down to what is more important to YOU at this time.

MissMannah said...

Need more info and you need to examine your feelings more. What is it about family #1 you like better? Is it simply because you were with them first so you grew closer to them? If so, then you may grow close to family #2 in time. Or do you feel kind of uncomfortable around family #2? There are a lot of factors to take into account. Also, if you decline to go to days for family #2, will they still allow you to do evenings? If not, can you survive off your regular 35 hours per week? Will this jump to 40 hours for family #2 be permanent? Otherwise, you might be back in this predicament all over again. Ultimately, this will be your decision, I'm just trying to give you some food for thought.

Just My Two Cents Just Now said...

Man...this is a tough call. Basically it is up to how much you like Family #1 and how loyal you are to them. It also depends on how much you really need the money now.

Me personally, if I would be okay financially w/the current set up, I would just stay w/family #1 since you seem so happy w/them. However, if you really really need the add'l income, then you have no choice but to take job #2 since ultimately you need to take your own needs into account.

Whatever you do OP, I wish you the best of luck. This is a tough call and make sure you think everything completely through before you make a decision.

NannyKim said...

The salary increase sounds nice, but it brings up a small red flag. Why would they offer to DOUBLE your salary for what you currently make at both jobs? This could either mean you are a fantastic nanny, they know it, and want to keep you, or they are going to expect much more from you than the casual couple nights per week you give them. While I dont know what you do for them, and what the relationship is, often times, a full time nanny with a family is expected to do much more work than a few nights a week sitter.
Also, if you decide not to take thier offer, they may possibly let you go all together and find someone else. Not to because they want to be rude, but it sounds like they are needing someone full time, and if you cant offer that, they will have to look for someone who can.
If you truly prefer family A, tell them you have recieved a better financial offer, but would love to continue on with them, perhaps they can offer you some extra hours to compensate for the income you make with family B, and then you could just work for the family you prefer.
Just make sure to get all the details, and a solid contract no matter what you decide to do. Trust your instincts, they are almost always right. Best of luck to you honey!

Aries said...

At the end of the day this is a job and would go with the better offer. BUT, make sure you give family #1 PLENTY of notice and maybe even possibly helping them find a new nanny. You could offer to sit occasional, depending on how close you are to them.

As for Family #2, although you claim you're not as close to this family, i think working 40+ hours will make it or break it, meaning, you'll get really close to this family after spending so much time working for them OR something could happen that makes you resent them and/or dislike the job.

But you're an adult, do you really need a bunch of strangers to tell you if you should or shouldn't take this fulltime position? I think you should be the one who figures it out. You know these people, we don't. You have to care for there children, we don't. You have to follow there rules, we don't, you have to travel to there houses, we don't..

Phoenix said...

Well this is a job. When a better opportunity comes along you need to take it. Maybe if you tell Family #1 what is going on they will offer more money to keep you. Just think a bidding war

♥ Amy Darling ♥ said...

I agree with NannyKim, if they are going to double your salary, what will they want in return? Household chores? Short notice availability? Your soul??!

I would weigh everything out very carefully first. Do not make a rash decision based on $$$ itself.

Good luck OP.