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What do you consider a toddler? It seems like the age gets extended every year. When I started out in childcare toddlerhood ended when a kid turned 3. Then it included 3. Now I see 4 year olds being called toddlers. Sometimes 5 year olds . What is going on?


Bilbil said...

I guess you could look at it from the standpoint of the literal meaning of "toddler", as in, toddle-ing around (early walking). So maybe as soon as the kid gets a handle of walking, running, jumping, skipping... They are no longer capable of toddling and therefore no longer a toddler!

Bethany said...

For me it's the time between your first birthday and your 3rd birthday.

I'm not buying that a 3 year old is a toddler even if that's what the "experts" now want us to believe.

nycmom said...

I definitely count 1-3yo. I'm on the fence about 3-4yo. Generally they aren't toddlers if they are other people's kids, but if they are mine, I like to hold on to those baby years : )

mamabee said...

I define a toddler as 1-3. Possibly 3-4, depending on the child, their maturity level, etc.

The little boy I currently nanny for is only about to turn 3 and I forget he is a toddler due to how bright he is. He's pretty much a surprise each day because he is unusually smart. I forget both of his parents work in the science field, however.

Phoenix said...

in my opinion a toddler is between 1 and 3

4 to 10 are kids

11 to 12 pre-teen

13 to 18 - hell on Earth

Dr. Juris said...

Bahahahaha, truth, Phoenix, although with how kids are developing nowadays, I'd place that age limit even younger--say, 10 or so. :)

Tales from the (Nanny)Hood said...

Toddlers are 12 months to 36 months old.

Preschoolers are 36 months to 60 months old.

School age kids are in kindergarten/aged 5 and up.

Just My Two Cents Just Now said...

In my opinion, a toddler is a child up to the age of three.

MissMannah said...

1-2 is toddler. 3-4 is preschooler.

Sticky said...

As a former Nanny and now a home daycare provider, I am accustomed to my states licensing guidelines, which are what I pretty much always went by anyway.

Infant is 0-12 mos
Toddler is 12-24 mos
Preschool is 24 mos- Kindergarten age
Then they are considered School Age!

Aries said...

Babies - 1 year an under
Toddlers - 2-3years
Young Children - 4-6years
Older Children - 7-11
Preteen starting at 12yoa

Teacher said...

I go by the state's definition of toddlers which is 15 months to 24 months.

A 2-year-old is not a toddler.


Once they're potty trained, they're no longer toddlers.