Pizza Place on 72nd St. - Upper West Side, NYC

bad nanny sighting 5
Upper West Side, NYC - Thursday April 5, 2012 about 5pm. In a pizza place on 72nd street, just east of the subway station.

Two children, one in stroller. White kids, dark brown hair. Older kid was wearing navy blue striped t-shirt, layered with navy blue long sleeved shirt beneath, and light up shoes.

Nanny is with a friend. They are both African American. Nanny has chin length hair. Wearing a pink t-shirt, red belt and a black hoodie with rhinestones. Other woman is in black parka, jeans and beige shirt.

Nanny threatens and yells at the older kid, and mostly ignores the younger one in the stroller, while she orders pizza. She is abusive. Kid yells back at her. As things begin to heat up, an older couple engage the kid and introduce him to child they are with. Things calm down at that point. Thank you.


nc said...


It might help if you had included the kids' gender as well...

Bethany said...

About how old are the kids?

What were they yelling about?

How was she yelling?

Was she yelling like speaking very firmly & telling the kid to straighten up or was she just being nasty?

Nanny J said...

So Tired Of Those Who Think They Are Better said...
How the fuck is this a bad nanny sighting?

Because the woman was yelling and THREATENING a young child? That's how. Also, ignoring a younger child.

NannyPants said...

"So Tired"- chill out. I'm so tired of those who come on here and criticize everything that is posted.

OP-could you be more specific? You say the nanny was abusive..was it physical?

Phoenix said...

wow. why throw around the f-bomb? I am one of the nastiest creatures to walk the Earth and I don't use that word unless it is warranted and there is no reason to use it for this sighting at all.

That being said, I too am curious as to what the nanny was yelling about. Sometimes adults get frustrated when children are misbehaving and they lash out at them. That doesn't make it right but I can understand why in certain situations a nanny would scream at the kid.If she was doing it for no noticable reason then that is even more otta line