Nanny has Looked in Every Nook and Cranny

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Are there any super great books about how to be the best nanny, handle certain situations, etc? I've found two on amazon but I don't think they're in my local bookstores so I can get a look at them first. If not a book for nannies, are there any great parenting books that have been very helpful for any nannies out there? I'm always looking to get better at this and I feel like the only good advice I can find is from super nanny!


UmassSlytherin said...

Jo Frost from Supernanny has a great one. I think it's called Supernanny.

Amy said...

I personally love and have The Nanny Textbook. I also have Nanny to the Rescue and Nanny to the Rescue, Again. The latter two bring God into the mix, so if you're not religious then it's still a great resource but you have to just over-look the God-related parts. The Supernanny is good too. My favorite is The Nanny Textbook though.

Manhattan Nanny said...

I think nannies can learn a lot by reading parenting books. If the parents you work for are following the advice in a particular book, you certainly want to be familiar with it.
Discussing various books in an interview can also be a good way to decide if you are a good match. Do they admire The Tiger Mom (Chua), or *The Blessings of a Skinned Knee(Mogel)?

Some of the most popular to start with:
What to Expect the First Year (several authors)
*The Happiest Baby on the Block (Karp)
*123 Magic (Phelan)
The Attachment Parenting Book (William Sears has half a dozen books on various aspects of parenting)
Solve Your Child's Sleep Problems (Ferber)

* Some of my favorites
Happy reading.

MissMannah said...

I personally love the philosophy of Magda Gerber--her book Your Self-Confident Baby (technically written for parents) is my bible.

I don't really like 123 Magic, Supernanny or Dr Sears...but that is just my opinion. Try looking on their websites before buying the books and you might completely agree with the philosophies.

Amy said...

MissMannah, I dont like 123 magic or Dr Sears too much either, Supernanny is okay, but I only skimmed it because everything she talks about is in the Nanny Textbook which I've had for YEARS (there are newer editions).

To the poster:
Go to your local library and check out the books under parenting. That's where I've found a lot of great resources, especially for working with children with special needs. The books I really liked, I checked-out or even went to B&N to purchase.

Katie said...

I'm not a fan of any of those mentioned thus far especially Magda Gerber.

But I think it's good to read a variety of methods and develop your own. A mix bag if you will.

Education, psychology, child developmet, and parenting classes are good too.
Depending on where you live your library or local community college could offer courses free or at lowcost.

NEPDXNanny said...

I like "Nanny Wisdom" by Justine Walsh and Kim Nicholson. It's an easy read with lots of tips, and some yummy recipes too ;-)

Lauren said...

I'm a fan of Parenting with Love and Logic...

But also recommend you check out the book "Beyond Parenting Basics" - it is the INA's handbook for their credentials exam. Lots of basic child development stuff, but very informative too.

Raina Dawn said...

I really like the Love and Logic books. I have never read them, but I did do a few L&L workshops. It is great and pretty simple for both parents and caregivers!

Zoe said...

As a nanny, I loved 'Playful Parenting' by Lawrence J. Cohen, PhD. FUN ways to get kids to cooperate and communicate. Loved it.

LOL said...

I love the cute titles on this blog, very clever!

Anonymous said...

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