L.A. Agencies

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Question: Has anyone had a good experience with LA nanny agencies? if so which do you think are the best? and lastly, would you rather find a job through an agency or through connections? I just had two people contact me asking if I'd work for them... and I'm just not sure if I should take one of those positions or wait until I get a job through an agency. And, truly lasting, how do you pick which job is best for you? It's such a huge thing to decide on.


Pro nanny said...

Agencies are good but so are word of mouth, even website adds. My first job, through Craigslist was excellent but you need to ask the right questions and demand the right benefits. Energy and vibe is extremelly important.

Nanny J said...

I'm not from LA, but I use Craigslist,, Sittercity, and local 'mom' blogs (the one around me is called 'urban mama').

The local mom blogs will yield the highest amount of responses that know WHAT they are looking for and have good offers, but my current family (offered contract, pto, and taxes paid) I found through

Bicoastal nanny no more said...

Agencies are sort of a waste. But the popular (not necessary good as in they advocate for you, or try to make great job fits) ones in LA are Elizabeth Rose, Westside Nannies, Lexington Nannies, and Nannies Unlimited. If you have never nannied, none of those agencies will work with you, though.

LA is not the easiest place to nanny, either. Lots of big egos wanting to pay off the books for far less than they should ($15 an hour in this city???? Hell no). And industry families sometime try to entice you with the "perks" of the job, but those perks come with a steep price tag.

Good luck on your search.